The 25 Body Type Diet

What Are Vibrationals?

Attracted To The Same

You swore you'd never get involved with someone like that again! They devastated you emotionally, you never really communicated, and it ended painfully. Maybe he/she was the love of your life or a dear friend you thought you could trust, or the "boss from hell" who unleashed pain 40 hours a week.

You break up, part ways and set out to find a new relationship. And by golly, you get involved with the same type of person again - same play, different players. It's not like you planned it. There's just something about that particular person that makes you stand up and take notice. Something makes you think, "I have got to know this person better." In the meantime, friends and family roll their eyes: "she's exactly like his old girlfriend, and the one before that."

Each of the 25 body types enjoys unique strengths and experiences similar challenges. Some types think first, feel later. Others react emotionally before their brain kicks in. Each body type, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, strives for balance. We are all constantly striving to harmonize our dominant and recessive traits.

Relationships allow us to access other parts of ourselves. For example, the Thyroid body type's strengths are spiritual and intuitive. Part of their life experience is to develop their emotional and physical aspects. To see how these other aspects are expressed, they attract people who naturally possess different traits. That's why we keep choosing the same "type" over and over again. We need to integrate that particular body type's specific strengths in order to develop those traits in ourselves.

There's an easy way to capture the essence of your lesson without dealing with another person's negative stuff. Vibrationals are specially formulated homeopathic essences which hold the vibrational frequency of each body type. Rather than sifting through another person's challenges to find the traits you want to experience, the vibrational for their body type provides the frequencies you want to incorporate into your being. Once you have learned what you need, your unhealthy relationship will change, or you will be able to let the relationship go and move on.

Mother - Father GeneticsVibrationals - Mother Genetics and Father Genetics

Harmonize your body's vibration to improve your relationship with Self and with Others
Body Type VibrationalsBody Type Vibrationals

For strengthening your dominant and recessive traits
Quadrant VibrationalsQuadrant Vibrationals

For Integrating your Core Dominant and Recessive Aspects

I know how thankful I have been to have the body type diets for my kids. Simon's health has radically improved and I can't imagine where Katie would be (my kidney type) if I were giving her nightly protein. Amazing how accurate the whole system is!

Jane B., Denver, CO