The 25 Body Type Diet

How to Discover Your Life Lesson

Making All The Difference In Your World

Do you have a fear of failure you can't shake no matter how hard you try? Do feelings of guilt steep within your psyche, leaving you feeling drained and confused?

Each one of the 25 body types holds a specific life lesson. For instance, the Pineal type strives "to express wisdom." The Skin type craves "to receive unconditionally." Generally there is a negative emotional pattern blocking the lesson. Instead of "expressing wisdom," a Pineal may constantly fear the unknown, choosing safety over opportunity. And rather than "receiving unconditionally," a Skin may feel afraid of criticism, avoiding growth rather than feeling "pain for gain."

There's a reason your "stinkin' thinkin'" is so hard to change. Deep seeded emotional patterns are firmly embedded in your cellular structure, making them tough to break. Clearing a deep pattern requires bringing the lesson to conscious awareness and fully understanding it, essentially learning the lesson. Emotions stored in the glands can be accessed through the acupuncture alarm points and the limbic system accessed through smell. Essential oils hold vibrational frequencies that can shift patterns. Using them on the acupuncture alarm points sends the frequency directly to the specific organ; smelling the oil releases the pattern from the limbic system of the brain, thus providing direct access to the body's cellular memory.

Releasing emotional patterns requires:

1. identifying the pattern that is linked to the emotion;

2. understanding the pattern, i.e., the opposite side of the emotion;

3. learning the lesson by discovering the way out of the situation;

4. clearing and reprogramming the pattern in the body's cellular memory, i.e., changing DNA; and

5. releasing the pattern from the memory held in the limbic system of the brain.

Clearing emotional patterns with essential oils is very gentle. Changes are often subtle because the body is able to release the programming in the same way it came in, one step at a time. The length of time is immaterial. You move at your own pace. Learning how to shift from the negative to the positive emotion makes the changes permanent. You will find yourself responding to situations rather than reacting. There is often a sense of inner peace, deep relaxation, or an opening, allowing your body to breathe.

Discover your Body Type in minutes

In the last several months I have begun to work with the methods you present in your book on healing emotional patterns with essential oils. Right from the beginning I had big breakthroughs in areas where I have been stuck for years. Thank you for the energy and dedication you have put into making your knowledge and methods available.

Claire C., Lumberton, NJ