The 25 Body Type Diet

Self Awareness and Attaining Your Ideal Weight

Discover and Clear the Core Issues Attendant to Your Body Type

So, what's your "issue"? Did you snicker at the question? "Issue," you think, "I've got tons of issues. Which one do you mean?"

If you've read Different Bodies, Different Diets you're aware that your body type houses consistent personality traits and dietary needs. Did you know that your type also harbors specific emotional core issues you need to recognize and clear? Silently influencing your decisions, your core issues affect how you approach life, dictate your fears and desires, and even affect how you gain or lose weight.

Extra weight is often associated with emotional issues. If you've had problems achieving dietary success, working on your emotional issues with essential oils will facilitate your diet process. For instance, the Gallbladder body type's core emotional issues are "fear of repeating the past, frustration, resentment and fear of letting go." To use the essential oils to clear these issues, first smell the oil "Forgiveness" then place the oil on specific alarm points (explained in the book Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils). You'll first feel your core issue and bring it into conscious awareness. Next, you'll look at the "other side" or positive emotion (in this case, awareness). Finally, a positive statement verbalizing a "way out", for example, "I learn from all of life's experiences", will shift you away from an undesirable emotional state and help you clear your core emotional issues.

The comprehensive book Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, offers step-by-step directions for recognizing your emotional patterns and shifting your patterns with essential oils. Armed with a greater level of awareness, you can start breaking the patterns binding you and start leading a balanced emotional and physical life. You're essentially worth it!

Discover your Body Type in minutes

I know how thankful I have been to have the body type diets for my kids. Simon's health has radically improved and I can't imagine where Katie would be (my kidney type) if I were giving her nightly protein. Amazing how accurate the whole system is!

Jane B., Denver, CO