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The 25 Body Type SystemTM

Body typing systems are typically viewed as diet programs. My 25 Body Type SystemTM is more of a complete individualized personal support program. The Profile booklets for each body type have been described as a “user’s manual for my body”. They highlight how unique each body type is from the others. So what does the 25 Body Type System teach you about yourself?

Physical Characteristics – “Body Shape”

Body shape is not a new concept to body type systems. However with 25 body types instead of three or 4, physical characteristics are described in much more detail. For example, the Adrenal and Lymph body types would both be considered “mesomorph” body types – strong and athletic, naturally well-defined musculature, and gains muscle easily.

However the mesomorph body type easily gains fat as well as muscle. While this is a true for the Adrenal body type, the Lymph body type is often more concerned with trying to gain weight – often by building muscle mass.

Weight gain areas are specific to body type as well. The Gonadal and Pancreas body types would both be considered “hourglass” figures in the common body shape system used by the apparel industry. However the Gonadal body type is rarely prone to excess weight gain, while the Pancreas body type easily gains weight – in a solid, not a “flabby”, way.

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Different body types respond differently to exercise as well. The Adrenal and Heart body types are both “mesomorphs”, and both easily gain muscle mass with exercise. However while the Adrenal body type easily shows muscular definition, the Heart body type has a layer under the skin which hides muscular definition.

Different body types also prefer different times of day for exercise, and different types of exercise. For more – see “Exercising Right for your Body Type”.

Proper Nutrition vs. Dieting

Crash diets don’t work because they are designed to manipulate the body’s feast-famine cycle – but when a diet ends, we usually gain the weight back, plus some. And there is no single diet that fits all body types.

As a nutritionist, I created the 25 Body Type System from the aspect of how to properly nourish each body type, rather than how to trick it into temporary weight loss. My goal was a practical meal system that can be implemented. When a body receives appropriate nutrition, energy and stamina levels are improved and food cravings stop. Weight management also becomes much easier. Metabolism is improved and digestion issues decrease.

I’ve found that a key difference between body types is the best time of day to eat certain foods such as fruit – which in addition to being a whole food is also very high in sucrose, which can elevate blood sugar levels. The Pituitary body type should consume most of the day’s calories by 2:00 PM, avoiding protein and carbs at dinner. The Adrenal body type can do salad for lunch, while the Lymph body type should focus on protein for lunch and save the vegetables for dinner.

For each of the 25 body types, I provide food lists identifying the most and least supportive foods. Sample menus are also contained in the Profile booklets. I also discovered interesting specifics per body type. For example olive oil, which is considered universally healthy, is not good for the Blood body type; the same is true for almonds, which are not supportive for the Pineal and Thalamus body types.

Personality Profile

Invariably, the greatest surprise when people receive the Profile booklet for their body type is the personality profile. Each body type has unique innate characteristics – how we interact with others, what motivates us, and how we operate – how we view and react to the world and life.

These characteristics can be identified as mental/emotional, and physical/spiritual, and the body types are shown in their respective quadrants here:

I have also found that people sharing a body type also share certain Core Emotional Issues – recurring challenges to overcome. Although we all experience the full range of emotions, I found that certain emotions are a consistent and recurring theme for specific body types – until resolved. I wrote Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils as a self-help book for working through these emotions so that they become strengths instead of stumbling blocks.

Discovering Your Body Type

The easiest way to discover your body type is with my online body type test. There is a separate test for women and men. After the test you’ll receive an email with the 60-page Profile ebook for your body type, including food lists, sample menus, the personality profile, weight management guidelines, Core Emotional Issues, and other key information specific for your body type.

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