The 25 Body Type Diet

A Tasty Way to Take Your Vitamins

And Sweeten Your Foods

Multivitamin ads are everywhere, from your favorite magazine to every other television commercial, to the sidebar on your email entry page. A variety of companies promise the same thing. Your body will easily absorb their specialized vitamin and mineral formula. You'll feel better. You'll be healthier.

How can you really be sure?

Most minerals found in multivitamin formulas are merely mined from the earth and placed into capsules. Plants convert minerals from the ground to get the nutrients they need. Humans however, cannot absorb minerals directly. We absorb them through eating plants or consuming animals which have eaten the plants. The problem is our soil is dangerously depleted of necessary nutrients. Even if you do eat your fruits and veggies and enjoy a balanced diet, you still won't get the minerals you need.

If you're taking a mineral supplement in pill form, your body may not be receiving what it needs. And that can be a costly mistake. Without necessary trace minerals and amino acids, your body can't build cells. Harmful free radical scavengers are dumped into your system. This negative energy stealthily roams around and your overtaxed body doesn't have the necessary resources to fight back. The net result is fatigue, illness, and even disease.

If your multivitamin formula isn't working, there is an alternative. Re-Vita® contains all 22 amino acids and trace minerals; it supplies the missing component you need to manufacture cells. Nutrient-rich spirulina, a main component of Re-Vita, processes minerals into an easily-absorbable form your body can use. People with sensitive systems can also benefit from Re-Vita's complete source of minerals. And best of all, Re-Vita tastes great!

Do you have a sweet tooth? Re-Vita is an innovative sweetener as well as a supplement. Available in chocolate, butternut, vanilla and berry flavors, it only takes one tablespoon to give your body what it needs. Unlike conventional supplements, Re-Vita works your way, as a meal or as a supplement.

Here are some flavorful ways to take your vitamins using Re-Vita:

  • Add 1/8 teaspoon of the chocolate flavored Re-Vita to your coffee to neutralize negative effects
  • Use berry flavor Re-Vita instead of syrup on pancakes, waffles and French toast
  • Drizzle vanilla or berry Re-Vita over yogurt for a delicious treat
  • Pour butternut Re-Vita over squash and genuinely enjoy your vegetables

Delicious Nutritional Liquid ConcentrateRe-Vita LiquaHealth

Delicious concentrated liquid loaded with key nutrients

For many years I followed Weight Watchers, which allowed me very little fat in my diet. I struggled with my weight and craved carbs all the time. Dr. Mein showed me the importance of carbs and good fats for my body type. Now eating is easy, the weight stays off, no more constant food cravings, and my cholesterol dropped 100 points! Thanks to you, Dr. Mein, for making a huge change in my life!