The 25 Body Type Diet

Points of Connection

How Will You Embrace Life Today?

We all want to achieve the same basics - personal freedom and empowerment, physical health and healthy relationships, spiritual understanding. So how do we really know how when there is such a plethora of information directing us every which way? Accomplishing a self-actualized, harmonious state of being seems practically impossible in this hectic, wired world.

Not really. Not if you look within, not if you discover and listen to your own body type. Your body type is a powerful mirror reflecting your true motivations. Each of us has specific personality traits based on our unique body type. Once we acknowledge our body type's unique traits, we can build on our strengths, overcome our weaknesses and develop other aspects of our self. Much like a road map, our body type guides us in the right direction and helps us stay firmly on course.

Each of the 25 body types is comprised of four basic personality traits - mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. You are born with two dominant or strongest traits, called your Points of Connection. They are physical/mental, spiritual/mental, physical/emotional or spiritual/emotional and are deeply embodied in your cellular structure. The goal is to connect with and integrate the opposite points.

While we operate from all traits, we have two that we express easily and naturally and two that we spend our lives developing. The easiest way to develop recessive traits is to be around people whose dominant traits are opposite of yours. The down side of being around people who are opposite of you is that they don't think like you think. This gives rise to conflict until both parties have developed their recessive traits enough to appreciate them as strengths when expressed by the other person.

When you're tired or stressed, these points are the areas you rely on most heavily, the ones you identify with most. Once you have determined your dominant traits, review how they are being expressed in your life. Is there one that is overactive, meaning it needs to be relaxed and calmed down? Is there a complementary trait needing to be strengthened? The challenge is to fortify, integrate and balance all four traits.

Identifying your body type provides validation of your inner knowledge. You can learn what really motivates you, resolve old issues and revive your innate self-esteem. It can make the difference between "really living" and "merely existing."

Discover your Body Type in minutes

In general, my health has improved in every way. Since I feel better physically, my attitude is better. I'm finding it easier than ever to maintain my weight or even lighten up. Thanks!

Doretta W., Encinitas, CA