The 25 Body Type Diet

Stop Starving Yourself!

Why Weight Loss Diets Do More Harm Than Good

Tired of riding the weight loss rollercoaster? Oh sure, after a few weeks you see some weight disappear, but you're constantly hungry, crabby and tired. Even worse, the second you start eating "real food," you gain the "lost" weight right back.

There's a reason diets don't work. When you reduce your caloric intake, your metabolism slows or comes to a screeching, grinding halt. Instead of naturally burning calories and staying in balance, your body thinks, "Who knows when I'll eat again? I'd better store this food for later." Ever gain weight the moment you went off your diet, even when you thought you were "being good?" That's your body packing fat for a future diet famine.

Each time you start a "weight loss" diet, your body fat is the last to go. The first casualty is your glycogen stores, which are changed into simple sugar when your body needs energy. After your glycogen is gone, your system begins to cannibalize itself, feasting on high-quality muscle cell protein for energy. If you've ever experienced a "fasting high," that's your body munching your muscle cell protein.

Your fat cells, filled with toxins and excess hormones, are actually the last to be tapped. It takes a lot of energy for your body to clean house and dump toxic debris - and it can't do so with limited nutrients and minimal calorie counts. Additionally, when your fat levels are too low, hormonal problems can set in, causing PMS, weight gain and adrenal exhaustion.

Reaching your ideal weight means maintaining balance. In order to clean fat cells and burn fat you must consume a diet adequate for your body to perform normal day-to-day operations. If you give your body the calories and specific foods it needs, your body will achieve balance and start shedding those unwanted fat cells.

You actually can eat a complete meal for your body type without having to worry about counting calories or miniscule meal portions. Sticking with an eating regimen that is right for your body type will minimize disease and illness, increase your energy and stabilize your weight at appropriate levels.

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For many years I followed Weight Watchers, which allowed me very little fat in my diet. I struggled with my weight and craved carbs all the time. Dr. Mein showed me the importance of carbs and good fats for my body type. Now eating is easy, the weight stays off, no more constant food cravings, and my cholesterol dropped 100 points! Thanks to you, Dr. Mein, for making a huge change in my life!