The 25 Body Type Diet

The 25 Body Type Diet

How to Lose Weight for Your Body Type

You are defined in many ways – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – by your body type. Your body has a dominant organ, gland or system which controls how your body digests and metabolizes food and where you gain weight. This organ, gland or system also directs your basic personality.

Your body type is evident from birth and remains constant throughout your life. Knowing your body type and how it functions best is comparable to having an owner’s manual for your body.

Dr. Carolyn Mein has discovered 25 individual body types with unique dietary and nutritional needs, forms of exercise, and even distinctively different personality traits. Your individual body type determines the most appropriate lifestyle for keeping yourself healthy and at peak performance through the caring ways nature intended.

Your body type can be determined online in minutes with the body type test. You will receive your Body Type Diet & Profile right away – an ebook with over 60 pages of nutritional information specific to your body type.

Your body type is easy to determine based upon weight gain patterns and simple questionnaires. The books and booklets available on this website make it fun. Determining your own body type is a playful process of recognition or elimination.

The psychological profiles accompanying each body type significantly assist with our understanding of our own emotional patterns. Acknowledging these very real differences between ourselves and others enables enhanced, more tolerant relationships. Knowing the body types of those closest to you renders a better understanding of their motivations and preferences. Ultimately, the body type even reveals insights about life lessons and purpose.

Discover your Body Type in minutes