The 25 Body Type Diet

Keeping that Monday Morning Resolution

How to Successfully Start (or Restart) Your Diet

If you're like most of us, every Sunday night we resolve to start our diet "in the morning," but Monday morning comes and we're rushing to get out the door. We either grab a sugar laden solid or liquid while driving through Starbucks, or skip breakfast altogether. By lunch time we're starving, figure we've already blown it, and head for the vending machine or the fast food intercom.

It is possible to stick to your dietary resolve with a little pre-diet planning and some paradigm shifting. These six tips will help you stay on track and ultimately assist you in successfully modifying your eating habits:

1. Start slow. Have you ever thrown yourself into a regimented diet plan only to experience dietary "burn out" a month later? The trick is to slow down and allow your body time to get used to your new eating pattern. Start your diet by committing to one good-for-you-meal each day. One healthy meal appropriate to your body type will make a noticeable difference and encourage you to change other eating habits for the better.

2. Eat food you actually like. Just because rutabagas are recommended for your body type doesn't mean you have to like them. Or even eat them. Choose foods you enjoy, foods that make your body feel energetic. If you're gagging down every meal or feeling wholly unsatisfied, you will head for those leftover GodivaTM chocolates in no time.

3. Set sensible, realistic goals. We're not all Size 2 body types. Don't set yourself up for failure by setting unattainable goals. Start small to gradually achieve your desired weight. Consider it a permanent plan, not a "quick fix figure" for bikini or reunion time. Celebrate the slightest accomplishment to keep you going and compliment yourself daily!

4. Stop "rut eating." You may love tender, flaky chicken strips or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but you shouldn't eat them every single day. Your system requires a variety of foods to activate its variety of digestive enzymes. Overuse of an enzyme can cause it to break down and cease functioning. If your body isn't getting what it needs, it will start squirreling away fat.

5. Listen to your body. Ever eat something when you know you'll pay for it later? Your body's telling you "don't" loud and clear because it wants to support you. Once you experience what it's like to feel really healthy, you'll be able to "hear" when your body is out of balance and know how to fix it.

6. Get support. Reaching your ideal weight and optimum health takes discipline. Ask for support from friends, family, coworkers, or a caring cyber-community. You'll have a built-in support system to build around The 25 Body Type System.

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