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February, 2024

Is Your Partner Compatible with You? | Valor and SARA Essential Oils for Preparing for a Relationship

January, 2024

Achieving Personal Fulfillment in 2024 | Oregano Essential Oil for Releasing Fear of Completion | The Balanced Body Type

December, 2023

Roots Essential Oil for Releasing Unresolved | Improving Relationships with the Personality Profiles | The Adrenal Body Type

November, 2023

Resolving Your Core Emotional Issues | Blue Tansy Essential Oil | The Thyroid Body Type

October, 2023

Introducing Divine Release EO | What's In Your Personality Profile? | Thymus body type

September, 2023

Eating Right for your Body Type | Sacred Angel Essential Oil | The Thalamus Body Type

August, 2023

Chakras and Emotions | 3 Wise Men Essential Oil | The Stomach Body Type

July, 2023

How to Detoxify Safely and Easily | Clarity Essential Oil for Releasing Guilt | The Spleen Body Type

June, 2023

How Much Sugar is OK? | Workshop July 15th | Oils Lookup Has Been Updated

May, 2023

Getting the Most out of Vegetables | Ylang Ylang Essential Oil | The Pituitary Body Type