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The 25 Body Type System and
Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

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January, 2023Tips for Making Healthful Smoothies | Gary's Light Essential Oil | The Medulla Body Type
November, 2022How to Achieve Proper Hydration | Harmony Essential Oil | The Lung Body Type
October, 2022Superfoods for 2022 | Purification Essential Oil for Releasing Anger and Rejection | The Liver Body Type
September, 2022How to Resolve Emotional Blocks with Essential Oils | Sandalwood Essential Oil | The Kidney Body Type
August, 2022Can You Be A Healthy Vegan or Vegetarian? | Palo Santo Essential Oils | The Intestinal Body Type
July, 2022The "One Collection" Essential Oils and the Emotional Patterns They Clear | Practitioner Certification Workshop
June, 2022Releasing Jealousy with Lemon Essential Oil | How to Identify and Release Your Core Emotional Issues | The Heart Body Type
May, 2022New Resources for Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils | Young Living Convention Workshop | Humility Essential Oil
April, 2022Non-Dietary Factors in Weight Gain & Retention | Lemongrass Essential Oil | The Gallbladder Body Type
March, 2022Is Breakfast Important? | Envision Essential Oil | The Eye Body Type
February, 2022The Principle Behind Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils | Sage Essential Oil | The Brain Body Type
January, 2022Navigating the Cold & Flu Season | White Anglica Essential Oil | The Blood Body Type
December, 2021How Do I Know Which Foods Are Best For Me? | Myrrh Essential Oils | The Balanced Body Type
November, 2021Decoding Your Personality Type | Valor Essential Oil to Release Conflict | Are You an Adrenal Body Type?
October, 2021Weight Gain: Causes and Solutions | New Essential Oils for Clearing Emotions | The Thyroid Body Type
September, 2021Releasing Stress | Clarity Essential Oil | The Thymus Body Type
August, 2021Surviving Air Pollution | New Essential Oils for Clearing Emotions | The Thalamus Body Type
July, 2021Effective Ways to Disinfect | Lemon Essential Oil | The Stomach Body Type
June, 2021Keeping Your Frequency High in Challenging Times | Cedarwood Essential Oil | Are You a Spleen Body Type?
May, 2021Your Personality Profile | Abundance Essential Oils for Attracting Joy | Are You a Skin Body Type?
April, 2021Control - Understanding and Balancing | Peace & Calming Essential Oil | The Pituitary Body Type
March, 2021Healthy Detoxification | Sacred Mountain Essential Oil | The Pineal Body Type
February, 2021Creating Successful Relationships | Forgiveness Essential Oil | The Pancreas Body Type
January, 2021A Wellness Tune-Up to Start 2021 | Frankincense Essential Oil | The Nervous System Body Type
December, 2020Finding New Direction | Hyssop Essential Oil for Transmuting Burdened into Relief | Holiday Gift Ideas | The Medulla Body Type
November, 2020Return to Bliss with Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil | The Lymph Body Type | Lemon Essential Oil
October, 2020Healthier Living with the 25 Body Type System | Lemongrass Essential Oil | The Lung Body Type
September, 2020Creating Harmony | Harmony Essential Oil | the Liver Body Type
August, 2020Essential Oils for Uncertain Times | Thieves Essential Oil for Transmuting Uncertain into Focused | The Kidney Body Type
July, 2020Fruit - Is It REALLY Good For You? | Excite Essential Oil for Transmuting Spent into Vitality | the Intestinal Body Type
June, 2020Exercise Right for your Body Type | Idaho Grand Fir Essential Oil for Transmuting Unsupported to Secure | the Hypothalamus Body Type
May, 2020How to Resolve Core Emotional Issues | Trauma Life Essential Oil Transmuting Exploited into Empowerment | the Heart Body Type
April, 2020Antidotes for Cabin Fever | Live Your Passion Essential Oil | the Gonadal Body Type
March, 2020Surviving the Coronavirus | NEW - 2020 Edition: Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils | Transformation Essential Oil
February, 2020Create a Loving Relationship | Fennel Essential Oil for Transmuting Refusal into Expansion | The Eye body type
January, 2020How to Succeed with your New Year's Resolutions | Motivation Essential Oil for achieving Resolutions | the Brain body type
December, 2019Tips for Managing Holiday Stress | Clarity Essential Oils for Releasing Emotional Stress | The Blood Body Type
November, 2019Improving Your Relationships with Vibrationals | Higher Unity Essential Oil for Releasing Escape | The Balanced Body Type
October, 2019Releasing Troubled with Kunzea Essential Oil | The 25 Personality Types | The Adrenal Body Type
September, 2019Oils Lookup On-The-Go | Release Bullied with Celebration Essential Oil | Thyroid Body Type
August, 2019NEW - Essential Oils Lookup On-The-Go | Losing Weight for your Body Type | Live Your Passion Essential Oil | Thymus Body Type
July, 2019Lemon Essential Oil for Releasing Entitlement | Summer Family Dynamics | The Thalamus Body Type
June, 2019Kids and Body Typing | Harmony Essential Oil | The Stomach Body Type
May, 2019Marriage Saved with Body Typing | Dragon Time Essential Oil | 2019 Edition of Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils
Apr, 2019Releasing Emotional Patterns - 2019 Edition Released | Teen Suicide: Causes and Solutions | Stress Away Essential Oil
Mar, 2019Ylang Ylang Essential Oil | Environmental Detox with Pure-Light | Why Are There 25 Body Types? | The Pituitary Body Type
Feb, 2019Attracting Your Ideal Relationship | 4-Part Webinar Series | Peace & Calming Essential Oil | the Pineal Body Type
Jan, 2019Navigating Flu Season | Australian Blue Essential Oil | Sage Essential Oil | Pancreas Body Type
Dec, 2018How to Manage Holiday Stress | Releasing Anger with Purification Essential Oil | The Nervous System Body Type
Nov, 2018Peppermint Essential Oil | How to Choose Your Best Career | Is Turkey Good for Me? | The Medulla Body Type
Oct, 2018The Basis of the Personality Profile | Release Essential Oil | The Lymph Body Type
Sep, 2018How to Discover and Resolve Your Core Emotional Issues | Lavender Essential Oils for Releasing Abandonment | The Lung Body Type
Aug, 2018New Emotion: Unforgiveness | Easy Environmental Detox with Pure-Light | The Liver Body Type
Jul, 2018Releasing Fear with Sandalwood Essential Oil | Chakra Vibrationals | The Kidney Body Type
Jun, 20183 Wise Men Essential Oil | Vibrationals | The Intestinal Body Type
May, 2018Vibrationals | Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil | The Hypothalamus Body Type
April, 2018Copaiba Essential Oil for Detoxification | Detoxification - How to Incorporate into your Lifestyle | The Heart Body Type
March, 2018The DASH Diet (and Your Body Type) | Valor Essential Oil | The Gonadal Body Type
February, 2018Can You Be a Healthy Vegetarian? | Present Time Essential Oil | The Gallbladder Body Type
January, 2018Top 10 Superfoods for 2018 | Release Essential Oil | The Eye Body Type
December, 2017Inner Child Essential Oil | Healthy Holiday Sweets (Recipes!) | The Brain Body Type
November, 2017Turkey - Is It Good For Me? | Harmony Essential Oil | The Blood Body Type
October, 2017EMOTIONAL CHALLENGES - Releasing Them For Good | Forgiveness Essential Oil | The Balanced Body Type
September, 2017What's Your Personality Type? | Valor Essential Oil to Release Conflict | The Adrenal Body Type
August, 2017Exercise Right for your Body Type | Lemon Essential Oil to Release Sadness | the Thyroid Body Type
July, 2017Is Body Type Hereditary? | 3 Wise Men Essential Oil for Releasing Inferiority | The Thymus Body Type
June, 2017Significance of Core Emotional Issues, Identifying and Resolving | Peppermint Essential Oils to Release Fear of Failure | Thalamus Body Type
May, 2017Breakfast - How Important Is It? | Releasing Control with Peace & Calming Essential Oil | The Stomach Body Type
April, 2017Why Some Couples Who Fight Last Forever | Clarity Essential Oil for Releasing Guilt | The Spleen Body Type
March, 2017What's In a Name? (Everything!} | Lavender Essential Oil | The Skin Body Type
February, 2017How to Assess Compatibility in your Relationships | Ylang Ylang Essential Oil | The Pituitary Body Type
January, 2017Men: Achieve Your Ideal Physique | Sacred Mountain Essential Oil to Release Fear of the Unknown | The Pineal Body Type
December, 2016Stress - What Causes It and How To Release It | Sage Essential Oil | The Pancreas Body Type
November, 2016Delicious and Healthy Turkey Recipe | Frankincense Essential Oil | Nervous System Body Type
October, 2016Why Eat Celery? Delicious, Nutritious Celery Soup Recipe; the Medulla Body Type; Peppermint Essential Oil
September, 2016Personalizing Recipes for your Body Type; the Lymph Body Type; Lemon Essential Oil
August, 2016Watermelon, Canteloupe, Casaba Melons - Are They Good for Me? Harmony Essential Oil; the Lung Body Type
July, 2016Different Bodies, Different Types; Purification Essential Oil; the Liver Body Type
June, 2016The Reason Your Diet Makes You Feel Like You're in Withdrawal; Idaho Tansy Essential Oil; the Kidney Body Type
May, 2016How to Achieve and Maintain your Ideal Weight without Dieting; Lavender Essential Oil; the Intestinal Body Type
April, 2016The Principle behind Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils; Sandalwood Essential Oil; Hypothalamus Body Type
March, 2016Humility Essential Oil; Water and Hydration; the Heart Body Type
February, 2016Release Essential Oil; Gonadal Body Type; Achieve and Maintain Optimal Health
January, 2016Forgiveness and Lemongrass Essential Oils; Minecraft; Motivation; the Gallbladder Body Type
December, 2015Envision and PanAway Essential Oils for Releasing Overwhelm and Fear of Emotions; The Eye Body Type
November, 2015SARA Essential Oil; Peace and Calming Essential Oil; the Brain Body Type; Chakra Harmony DVD
October, 2015White Angelica and Harmony Essential Oils; Dietary Guidelines; the Blood body type
September, 2015Purification Essential Oil to release Rejection; the Balanced body type
August, 2015The Adrenal Body Type; Myrrh Essential Oil
July, 2015Weight Problems and Solutions; Sacred Mountain Essential Oil to Release Injustice, Fear of Speaking Out, and Related Emotions; the Thyroid body type
June, 2015Healthy Desserts for all Body Types; Valor Essential Oil to Release the Fear of Losing; the Thymus body type
May, 2015How to Cope with Environmental Toxins; Peppermint Essential Oil to Release Failure; the Thalamus Body Type
April, 2015Eat Right for your Body Type; Peace and Calming Essential Oil to Release Fear of Losing Control; the Stomach body type
March, 2015How Important is Diet?; Clarity Essential Oil to Release Guilt; the Spleen body type; Whiten your Teeth
February, 2015What Does it Take for a Relationship to Last?; Overcoming Criticism and Abandonment; the Skin body type; the Chakra Harmony DVD
January, 2015Is Your Diet Right for You?; What is the Fear of Wisdom?; the Pituitary body type; Tone your Core
December, 2014How Essential Oils Release Emotional Patterns; Sacred Mountain Essential Oil; NEW EDITION FOR 2015: Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils; the Pineal body type; Holiday Gift Ideas you can Feel Good about Giving
November, 2014Enjoying Holiday Eating without Weight Gain; Essential Oils: Understanding Betrayal; the Pancreas body type; Give the Gift of Body Typing
October, 2014Eliminate Toxins you can Control; Frankincense Essential Oil; the Nervous System body type; Miracle II Soap
September, 2014Healthy Tips for Back-to-School Lunches and Snacks; Peppermint Essential Oil; the Medulla body type; Body Type Quick Reference Cards
August, 2014Dairy - Is It Good for Me?; Lemon Essential Oil; the Lymph body type; Protect your Skin from Summertime Sun
July, 2014Is a Gluten-Free Diet Right for Me?; Harmony Essential Oil; the Lung body type; Protect your Skin from Summertime Sun
June, 2014What are GMOs?; Peppermint Essential Oil; the Liver body type; Products for Detoxification
May, 2014Improving Relationships with Body Typing; 3 Wise Men Essential Oil; the Kidney body type; Book Sale: Different Bodies, Different Diets
April, 2014How to Grow through Core Emotional Issues; Purification Essential Oil; the Intestinal body type; Healthy Springtime Cleaning with Miracle II Soap
March, 2014How To Know What to Eat; White Angelica Essential Oil; the Hypothalamus body type; Springtime Refreshment
February, 2014Getting the Relationship of your Dreams; Abundance Essential Oil; the Heart body type; Vibrationals
January, 2014One Diet Does NOT Fit All; the Release Essential Oil; the Gonadal body type; the Fitness Fun Ball
December, 20137 Tips for Enjoying the Holidays without Compromising your Diet; Managing Holiday Stress; the Gallbladder body type; Lemongrass Essential Oil; Beyond Toothpaste
October, 2013How to Conquer Sugar Cravings; the Brain body type; Core Emotional Issues and Life Lessons; Lavender Essential Oil; Protecting Yourself from Cell Phone EMFs
September, 2013New VIDEOS; Back-to-School Family Meal Planning Tips; the Blood body type; Is Salt Good or Bad for Me?
August, 2013Announcing Kindle version of Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils; Can you be a Vegetarian?; the Balanced body type; Re-Vita as a refreshing summer beverage
July, 2013Introducing the online body type test; keeping summer berries fresh; the Adrenal body type; 3rd Rock Sunblock
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