The 25 Body Type Diet

Steering Clear of Sugar Cravings

How to Drive Those Sweets Thoughts Away

Ever finish a big delicious meal and think "If I am so full, why am I even considering that piece of cherry pie?" You valiantly try to concentrate on something else, but the desire just won't go away. You really, really, really want a piece of pie. You have to have it. You'll find room somewhere in your overly stuffed stomach....

Wishing away a sugar craving is like trying to stop at one potato chip. The harder you try, the more you focus on it, the stronger the desire becomes. And it is especially hard to stop cravings when you're on a diet. Every time you're feeling "denied" of your favorite sweet or fatty food, a craving starts up. That's your body saying you aren't getting the calories and fat you need to stay healthy.

Food cravings usually involve the need to stimulate your dominant gland. When your body is stressed, or if you aren't getting the nutrients you need, your body will crave foods it knows will provide you the greatest stimulation and the biggest energy boost. For instance, Adrenals know about the lure of salty peanuts and gooey chocolate when they're feeling tired. If you repeatedly give in to your food cravings, however, you'll exhaust your dominant gland and place undue stress on your system. That translates to weight gain, feeling unbalanced and fatigued - the very things you want to avoid!

So what's the answer? When sweet cravings are dominating your thoughts, check your diet and increase your dense protein.

The adrenal glands are designed to provide energy for the body. Unfortunately, because of the amount of stress we're exposed to, most of us suffer from some degree of adrenal exhaustion. When you give your adrenals the dense protein they need (like chicken, turkey and fish), your sweet cravings will disappear.

It's easy to increase protein for your body type. Simply read the dietary requirements for your body type and determine how much dense protein your body needs. Then, staying within your recommended protein range, slowly start eating more protein and see how you feel.

For instance, if you're a Thyroid and you're trying to lose weight, your recommended dense protein amount is 20-30% of your total calories. If 20% of your diet is filled with chicken, eggs or turkey, try increasing your dense protein intake to 25%. You'll eliminate those cravings in no time, and those luscious after-dinner desserts will seem much less tempting.

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For many years I followed Weight Watchers, which allowed me very little fat in my diet. I struggled with my weight and craved carbs all the time. Dr. Mein showed me the importance of carbs and good fats for my body type. Now eating is easy, the weight stays off, no more constant food cravings, and my cholesterol dropped 100 points! Thanks to you, Dr. Mein, for making a huge change in my life!