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Releasing Emotional Patterns

Tired Of The Same Old Relationship Issues?

Perhaps you're afraid someone you love will leave you. Or you'll fail at whatever you try. Time after time, your same fearful emotional patterns creep back into your consciousness. And you really don't know why.

Have you "worked on your issues" and tried to move on? Of course you have. You've acknowledged the emotions, allowed the feelings, talked it over, under, around and through, and understand the problem. But nothing seems to keep you from repeating the same scenario.

There's a reason it's so hard to change. Deep seeded emotional patterns are embedded in the cells of the body. Your cellular memory holds all your entrenched patterns ― mental, physical and emotional; no wonder they're difficult to release! Each body type comes with core issues compounded by strategies learned in childhood. The goal is to locate the underlying emotion, learn the lesson is has to teach you and then release the cellular pattern.

The secret to accessing cellular memory is your sense of smell. Healing emotions through smell is not a new discovery; in fact, it is based on early Egyptian healing practices. Ancient Egyptians used specific essential oils for emotional healing. After careful research, this ancient healing technique has been modified into a contemporary solution.

Remember how your old record albums would skip and repeat lyrics due to a deep scratch or groove? Your emotional patterns form a "groove" in your brain, making deeply seeded patterns hard to break. Reprogramming your brain using essential oils will enable you to erase old emotional patterns and repair emotional grooves. You'll finally hear your own music instead of skipping to the same emotional tune over and over.

Essential oils are specially distilled plant essences. They hold vibrational frequencies which gently shift emotional patterns. Smelling specific essential oils releases cellular memory; placing the oils on your acupuncture alarm points accesses these patterns on their deepest level, i.e., the limbic system of your brain. By feeling the emotion, experiencing the other side of the emotion and finding a "way out," you can successfully reprogram your DNA, thereby releasing the pattern from cellular memory.

Imagine yourself seething with anger: Your boss frustrates you, your spouse irritates you; you end up behind yet another slow driver. To release the emotion of anger, you will want to place the essential oil(s) on the acupuncture alarm points where anger is held (which happens to be the liver). To start healing, you'd first feel your anger and bring it into conscious awareness. Next, you'd look at the "other side" or positive emotion (in this case, laughter.) Finally, a positive statement verbalizing a "way out" ("my direction is clear") will shift you away from an undesirable emotional state and open the way for your solution.

Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils is a comprehensive book offering step-by-step directions for releasing and healing deeply rooted emotional patterns. Discover where your emotions are stored and how to access them through the alarm points, along with the essential oils you need. Wouldn't it be wonderful to dump those old patterns once and for all!

How wonderful to have a tool that facilitates me shifting from "fixed" to "fluid and open" within seconds! Being adaptable to the moment is one of the major keys to creating what we want in life. I now have an Adaptability clay diffuser on my desk at my private office where it continually diffuses naturally into the air. Also, because I drive a lot, I keep the one ounce spray in my quick remedy travel bag.

Nedrra L., President, YATO Enterprise