The 25 Body Type Diet

Are You Hurting Yourself without Realizing It?

"Oh, I would never intentionally hurt myself," you say. "Why would I do something like that?" But you obsess over losing that promotion, munch out on sugary snacks or drown your sorrows a little too hard. Lack of sleep and insufficient fuel will make any of us cranky. If you're not feeling well, either physically or emotionally, it's a pretty sure bet you're treating the ones around you like less than they deserve. If your spouse and coworkers give you a wide berth when you pass through, it may be your mood is affecting your environment in ways you never imagined.

Here are some of the ways some of us self-inflict physical or emotional distress without realizing it:

1. Eating all the wrong foods for all the wrong reasons.
Sure, digging in to that luscious peanut butter cup ice cream is the ultimate comfort food after a long day. But have you thought about how that temporary satisfaction is affecting your system? Indulging in your private ice cream orgy stimulates your adrenals, giving you an instant buzz ... but causes you to crash a couple of hours later.

When you're feeling stressed out, pay special attention to your type's eating plan. If you know you have to eat something to feel better, munch on a body type-friendly snack or drink herbal tea. A few minor changes will help you rediscover sanity and keep your body in balance.

2. Beating yourself up with negative thoughts.
Let's face it. We all make mistakes and none of us is perfect. If you want to live for the future, you'll need the freedom that comes with letting go. If you can even slightly change your situation, take the action immediately. Baby stepping toward your goal is a perfect answer. If you're feeling overwhelmed by mental chatter, make a list of your supposed "failures," verbally release them and ceremoniously throw them into an open flame (imaginary or real). Why hold on to past failures when you can visualize future successes?

If you want to veer clear of negativity, make a list of the positive things you did or received this week and focus on your success. Was your boss thrilled with your report? Put that on the list. Did you lose five pounds? Pat yourself on the back. Your old negativity will diminish and you will find yourself feeling better than you ever thought you were.

3. Letting anger control you
Times of national tragedy bring one important point to the forefront: Life is too short to hold grudges. How much energy and time are you spending every day feeling out of sorts and resentful? Did that car cutting you off really make you mad? Is your mother's upcoming visit giving you hives? If you're feeling anger toward a person or situation, bring it to your attention, discover the "other side" of the emotion, and release it. Holistic techniques like essential oils, yoga and vibrational therapy will also help you transform your anger into forgiveness.

4. Staying in unfulfilling or destructive relationships.
Life is too short to be miserable. If you're with a friend or partner who sucks you dry like an emotional vampire, it's time to pull back and quickly plan your emotional escape.

Some relationships are harder to let go than others. You may be entrenched in an addictive, albeit comfortable, relationship. Or you may find you can't let go of another person no matter how hard you try. If that's the case, Vibrationals, specially formulated homeopathic essences, can help you learn the lesson you need to learn to change or let go of your relationship without dealing with another person's "stuff."

5. Using alcohol and/or a drug addiction to make yourself feel better.
There's a fine line between a glass of wine to relax and a few bottles of wine to feel better. If you're slipping into an addiction, or using alcohol as self-medication, you may want to consider seeking professional help.

You can learn to support your body, rather than harm it. When you're able to clear your internal issues and bring your body and emotions back into balance you can and will approach others with peace and harmony.

How wonderful to have a tool that facilitates me shifting from "fixed" to "fluid and open" within seconds! Being adaptable to the moment is one of the major keys to creating what we want in life. I now have an Adaptability clay diffuser on my desk at my private office where it continually diffuses naturally into the air. Also, because I drive a lot, I keep the one ounce spray in my quick remedy travel bag.

Nedrra L., President, YATO Enterprise