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Muscle Testing Demystified

A Valuable Decision Making Tool

You are craving a particular food so badly you have to have it, no matter what. Or maybe you're craving a food on your "rarely" food list (like hamburgers for the Thyroid body type). Or the bacon and eggs benedict on the buffet looks delectably divine (although you're a Spleen who needs to stay away from ham). You’re rationalizing, "If I'm craving it, my body must want it, right?” So you indulge.

An hour later, you find you’re feeling tired and miserably bloated. Your "must-have” food did not agree with your body and you’re suffering the consequences. You become annoyed with yourself and your lack of discipline. There’s no need to beat your self up. There is a solution. Muscle testing will help you readily discover the foods you really need at a given moment, as well as which foods you should avoid on a given day. By using the biophysical and mechanical links between muscles, joints, nerves and organs, muscle testing allows you to identify your specific food requirements and body imbalances. And you can definitely try this at home!

Muscle testing allows you to communicate directly with your subconscious (which controls your internal bodily functions) to discover the exact foods your body needs. To think about how this works, consider how the emotion "anger" (which is subconsciously generated) makes you feel. Chances are you experience an intense physical response. Your heart beats faster. Your breathing is shallower. Your body physically reacts to a psychological event. Muscle testing is similar in that it provides physical cues to your subconscious state. By utilizing specific muscle testing techniques, your body will instantly let you know if a particular food is beneficial or harmful to your system.

You can easily integrate muscle testing into your daily life and even learn how to muscle test your friends. Say you really want lasagna, but you want to muscle test yourself to make sure it will agree with you. You can test yourself with body movement. Find a strong indicator muscle (the muscles most commonly used are the shoulder muscles, the chest and arm muscles or the back muscles) and check its ability to remain strong in the presence of the lasagna. You don't actually have to eat the food first; place a bite in your mouth. If your muscles test firm under the pressure, the food has a beneficial effect on your body. When your muscles test weak, the food is harmful for you. It's that simple!

If you're new to muscle testing, the Muscle Testing booklet will provide further information about how to successfully muscle test yourself and/or others. You can also use muscle testing while relaxing yourself with essential oils. Muscle testing can be used to determine emotional patterns which are causing you to express the "at worst" traits of your body type. Learn how to release them with the booklet, Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, available at the online store.
Muscle Testing Booklet
This fascinating booklet introduces readers to the time-proven technique of muscle testing.Communicate with your body by finding a strong indicator muscle (typically shoulder, chest, arm or back) then check its ability to remain strong in relationship to different stimuli. The body is always in perfect alignment with the subconscious, so i ... More ...
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How wonderful to have a tool that facilitates me shifting from "fixed" to "fluid and open" within seconds! Being adaptable to the moment is one of the major keys to creating what we want in life. I now have an Adaptability clay diffuser on my desk at my private office where it continually diffuses naturally into the air. Also, because I drive a lot, I keep the one ounce spray in my quick remedy travel bag.
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Nedrra L.
President, YATO Enterprise
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