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Boost Your Self-Esteem the Body Type Way

Conscious Re-Creation!

If you're following The 25 Body Type System, congratulations! Your self-esteem is soaring by the minute. And it's not just because you're looking better. You’re also learning new things about yourself, clearing those emotional issues best left behind with the "old" you.

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, here are three wonderful benefits to identifying your body type:

1) You're identifying your dominant traits
Each of the 25 body types includes four basic personality traits — mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Two of these traits are dominant and are called your Points of Connection. Your unique Points of Connection, either mental or emotional and physical or spiritual, are deeply embodied in your cellular structure. These are traits you identify with most and the ones you most rely on when you're tired or stressed.

Once you have identified your dominant traits, you’ll want to take some time to consider how you are expressing them. You can decide to respond rather than react, capitalize on a particular strength, or focus on improving a weakness. A minor shift in your perspective is all that’s needed to calm your mind, control your emotions and deal with situations more effectively and successfully.

2) You're discovering and clearing core emotional issues
Did you know that your body type carries identifiable core issues you’ll want to recognize and clear? These core issues actually hold tremendous power over you. They affect how you approach life, dictate your fears and needs, and even affect how you gain or lose weight. The good news is that as you learn more about your body type and its motivations and desires, you can start uncovering some of these core issues, conquering them once and for all.

3) You're living a more mood-balanced life
Listening to your body (now that you’ve found help knowing what to look for) has you successfully eating the “right” foods at the “right” time for your digestive ease. Your energy has improved and the days of feeling sick and tired are disappearing. Your mind is clearer and your moods are much more stable. Your cravings have lessened and “comfort” eating is diminishing. You’re ready to tackle challenges for the first time in a long time. You are finally feeling genuinely good about life.
Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

A Self-Help Guide to Your Emotions

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How wonderful to have a tool that facilitates me shifting from "fixed" to "fluid and open" within seconds! Being adaptable to the moment is one of the major keys to creating what we want in life. I now have an Adaptability clay diffuser on my desk at my private office where it continually diffuses naturally into the air. Also, because I drive a lot, I keep the one ounce spray in my quick remedy travel bag.
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Nedrra L.
President, YATO Enterprise
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