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Vibrationals - Mother Genetics and Father Genetics
Harmonize your body's vibration to improve your relationship with Self and with Others
Mother - Father Genetics
Conscious people recognize that others are in our lives in order for us to learn something from them. We attract others in order to help us see, experience and integrate our subdominant, recessive or underdeveloped aspects.

Yet people tend to carry excess unresolved issues that can cloud the lesson(s) at hand. Vibrationals are specially formulated from plant essences and gem stones to stimulate your own innate wisdom and intelligence, to provide a clear focus on the main reason that person is in your life.

While in utero and during infancy, we pick up emotions, attitudes, and perspectives from our parents and their genetic lines that we collect and adopt as our own. Some of these we would like to keep, while many of these can be hindrances to where we want to be in life. Father Genetics and Mother Genetics bring to your awareness where these patterns came from and allows you to consciously decide if you want to keep them, adapt them, transmute them or simply release them.

For more information on the Mother / Father Genetics Vibrationals, see the May 2018 Newsletter.

Which relationship would you like to harmonize? Select Mother Genetics or Father Genetics:

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