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Body Type Vibrationals
for strengthening your dominant and recessive traits
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Body Type Vibrationals
Conscious people recognize that others are in our lives in order for us to learn something from them. We attract others in order to help us see, experience and integrate our subdominant, recessive or underdeveloped aspects.

Yet people tend to carry excess unresolved issues that can cloud the lesson(s) at hand. Vibrationals are specially formulated from plant essences and gem stones to stimulate your own innate wisdom and intelligence, to provide a clear focus on the main reason that person is in your life.

My 25 Body Type System identifies core emotional issues that present challenges for growth, typically related to life lessons, for each body type. To help accomplish this growth through experience in relationships we attract others of specific body types. Using the Vibrational for those body types helps to attune us to the lesson at hand, which also improves those relationships. In turn this helps to improve your relationship with Self.

For more information on the Body Type Vibrationals, see the May 2018 Newsletter.

Choose the Vibrational for your body type's quadrant, or the quadrant you are growing into:

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