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How to Tone Up While You're Sitting Down

If you sit in front of a computer all day, you know what it's like. No matter how ergonomic and comfortable your chair is, you're still sitting. And if you slump while you sit (and who among us doesn't), your back and shoulders turn into a huge, knotted mess. Within the hour, your back starts to clench with that familiar dull ache and the stiffness makes it hard to move when you first stand up.

Believe me when I tell you there is actually a way to strengthen and tone your muscles while you're working in front of the computer or at your desk. You can tighten your tummy, reduce your lower back pain and improve your posture - all while sitting! The Fitness Fun Ball is an effective and easy way to tone up while you're sitting down. More ideal than a conventional chair, this brightly-colored ball gently targets and tightens your core muscles, i.e., your pelvic floor, lower back and abdominal muscles, tightening your tummy and relaxing your spine.

If you're a "slumper", you're in luck. It's almost impossible to slump while you're sitting on a Fitness Fun Ball. With every movement, you're constantly readjusting your spine and improving your posture. It really couldn't be easier. You can use the Fitness Fun Ball while you're watching TV. There are no moving parts except you bouncing around and toning up while you move.

Here's a sample of the simple, fun exercises you can do with the Fitness Fun Ball:

  • Easy March - a great exercise for your lymphatic system. Simply sit on the chair and gently march your feet up and down for approximately five minutes.
  • Alphabet - a challenging exercise for stimulating balance and strengthening the stomach muscles. Simply sit on your Fitness Fun Ball and trace the letters of the alphabet with your foot.
  • Shoulder Rolls and Side Bends - a relaxing way to release tension and invigorate your spine. Roll your shoulders backwards and forwards and carefully bend to the side. This calming exercise is a blissful break in your day.

How wonderful to have a tool that facilitates me shifting from "fixed" to "fluid and open" within seconds! Being adaptable to the moment is one of the major keys to creating what we want in life. I now have an Adaptability clay diffuser on my desk at my private office where it continually diffuses naturally into the air. Also, because I drive a lot, I keep the one ounce spray in my quick remedy travel bag.

Nedrra L., President, YATO Enterprise