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Battling the Bulge

Different Bodies, Different Exercises

Do you have a tummy bulge, no matter how many sit-ups you do? News flash! The majority of body types realize no benefit from sit-ups. The old, familiar sit-up focuses on your upper abdomen, assuming you have enough strength to integrate the entire abdominal wall. If you have a weakness in your lower abs, your muscles won't have enough strength to engage your entire abdominal wall and your tummy paunch will remain. If you've ever had to hold your head up and use your neck muscles while doing sit-ups, you probably fall into this category.

Twenty-two body types typically have a weakness in their lower abdominal muscles and a flat or average back. Only three types, Lymph, Gonadal and Kidney, have an abdomen made for sit-ups, with strong lower abdominals and a sway back. That means the rest of us are simply sweating instead of getting the washboard-abs we deserve for all the effort.

What's worse, since many fitness trainers are Lymph or Kidney types (with lower abdominal strength), they figure upper abdominal exercises will work for you too. Instead of an exercise targeting your weak area, they often recommend the abdominal exercises that work for them, the ones which strengthen the upper abdomen. Even most fitness videos exercise your upper abdominals and ignore your lower abdominals.

Not to worry. You're not stuck with your tummy bulge forever. The Core Fitness exercise video is based on years of chiropractic research and Pilates-based exercises which allow you to discover the exact exercises beneficial to your body type. For example, if you're one of the three body types with a sway back (Kidney, Lymph or Gonadal) you can learn fun, effective exercises like The Hula and The Walkout. These exercises help strengthen your upper abdominals while relaxing your lower back. If you're one of the 22 body types who want to strengthen their lower abdominals, try the Core Fitness exercises like the Pelvic Press, Pelvic Lift and the Log Roll to target your lower abs.

Core Fitness features the Fitness-Fun-Ball, an easy, enjoyable way to target your lower abs (even while you're working in front of the computer). Your level of fitness is immaterial. You can safely perform these exercises whether you're reentering the workout world, or even if you're a seasoned athlete. Whether you have a flat back or a sway back, you can learn specific exercises to flatten your lower abdomen, reduce or prevent lower back pain, strengthen your body's foundation, and improve your posture. Sit on the ball and skip the sit-ups.
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Weight has been a problem all my life. I even gained weight just eating salad. In six months on Dr. Mein's program, I lost 40 pounds. Not once during this time did I feel I was starving. As a Pancreas body type, I learned to eat at the right times, rotate my foods and include variety in my diet.
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Darlene S.
San Diego, CA
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