The 25 Body Type Diet

Exercising For Your Body Type

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there really a way to strengthen and tone my muscles while working in front of the computer?

Yes! You can tighten your stomach, reduce your lower back pain and improve your posture while sitting. The Fitness Fun Ball is an effective and easy way to tone up while sitting down. Better than a conventional chair, this ball gently targets and tightens your core muscles and relaxes your spine with every movement.

Is there a fun, easy exercise video that doesn't take an hour a day?

Yes. Based on years of chiropractic and fitness research, Dr. Mein developed the CORE FITNESS exercise video. It's a powerful way to target your lower back, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. A short, mini-workout will get you out the door in 15 minutes.

Why isn't my exercise program giving me the results I want?

Most exercise programs target the upper addominals, benefiting body types with strong lower abs. If your lower abs are weak, your muscles won't have enough strength to engage your entire abdominal wall. That's why you still have a lower belly paunch after hours of sit-ups or why you experience chronic lower back pain.

Why is stretching recommended before starting to exercise?

Stretching before exercising is essential. Muscles that haven't been loosened up can tear or pull more easily. You'll want to spend at least 10-15 minutes doing a combination of stretches. It's also important to stretch for several minutes after exercising to relax muscles which may have tightened. This will also diminish post-workout soreness.

How do I get rid of an after-baby belly?

To flatten the tummy, you have to work the entire area, i.e., upper, lower and side abdominal muscles. Old-fashioned sit-ups won't do the trick. Also, remember to breathe correctly by swelling the stomach on the inhale and contracting it on the exhale.

What's the best way to keep your body flexible, strong and injury-free?

In my experience, Pilates. Developed by a physical therapist to rehabilitate bedridden patients, Pilates is a combination of stretching and breathing movements designed to strengthen the body's core abdominal and spinal muscles, relieving the stress on joints.

What are the best forms of exercise for strengthening core muscles?

The martial arts, dance and Pilates focus on integrating movements which strengthen and tone muscles.

If different body types require different diets, do exercise requirements vary as well?

Yes, different body types require and respond differently to vigorous exercise. For certain body types, it is essential to to their well-being; for others, vigorous exercise is beneficial and among a third group, it is primarily supportive of their overall health.

Will any off-the-shelf exercise video do?

Depending on your body type, you will want to adapt your exercise program accordingly. Most exercise programs target the upper abdominals, benefiting body types with stronger lower abs. If your lower abs are weak, your muscles won't have enough strength to engage your abdominal wall. Consequently, you'll still have a lower belly paunch after hours of sit-ups or you'll experience chronic lower back pain.

In addition to physical strengthening, what are some other benefits of exercising?

Exercising activates your immune system. The presence of helpful antibodies makes you less susceptible to discomforting ailments or disease.

Is there any way to incorporate exercise into my eight hour a day desk job?

For starters, stand up 2-3 times an hour by taking a walk through the office or getting a drink of water. Thanks to this wireless world, you're no longer chained to one spot. When the phone rings, stand up and start pacing. The human body is designed to move. It keeps all the systems of the body functioning at an optimum level.

Is it true that writing "exercises" can work out buried emotions?

Writing is one of the most effective "exercises" for releasing feelings. It incorporates visual, auditory (inner voice) and kinesthetic senses. Writing connects the emotions (heart) with the expression (hand/physical) as the nerve branch which supplies the heart also supplies the hand.