The 25 Body Type Diet

Common Myths About Exercise

Truth or Fiction?

Sit-ups will give me a flat stomach.

The majority of body types realize no benefit from sit-ups. They focus on your upper abdomen, assuming you have the strength to integrate the entire abdominal wall. If you have weakness in your lower abs, your muscles won't have enough strength to engage your entire abdominal wall and your stomach bulge will stay.

One exercise video fits all.

Only true if it is the CORE FITNESS video developed by Dr. Mein. Once you have discovered your body type, you can successfully target your workout and obtain the results particular to your wants and needs.

There is no easy way to incorporate exercise into my lifestyle.

You can easily incorporate exercise into your lifestyle by using a fitness ball as a chair. The weakest point of the body is the pelvis which results in weakness of the lower adbominal muscles and low back pain. Sitting on the ball forces you to use your pelvic and lower abdominal muscles. This improves posture, reduces wrist problems, and stimulates cerebral-spinal fluid movement, resulting in increased alertness and mental clarity.

Exercise requires a gym or a step aerobics class.

Your body is designed to move. The best exercise is whatever you will do, from ordinary activities like walking, swimming, dancing, running, or bike riding to yoga, pilates or calisthenics. We have an abundance of choices to access the fresh vitality that comes with physical movement.

When strength training, quantity and speed are the best way to build muscle.

Most fitness experts now believe the best way to build muscle is to do the exercise very slowly. Instead of speeding through 50 crunches, it's better to do only 10, at a snail's pace. It works because it reduces your temptation to let momentum, rather than your muscles, do the work. It really is about quality over quantity. And it's safer because when you minimize momentum, you minimize injury.

All exercise programs are equal.

Depending on your body type, the specific role of exercise in your well-being, the area of focus and the appropriate exercises will make all the difference in achieving the results you desire.

Being fit is a matter of brute strength and increased muscle mass.

Real strength and fitness come from an integrated, full-body experience, a vital connection between mind, body and spirit. Combining the breath-focused movements of yoga with the force and grace of Pilates will strengthen your physical body. By tapping into your inner reserves of power through meditation, you can learn to carry yourself more confidently, move with more agility, and rediscover a wellspring of energy.

I'm too tired to exercise.

Exercise is invigorating and generally results in a recharging. You need to expend energy to get more of it. Managing your energy is a very personal process, largely dependent upon your body type and its attendant diet.

Exercise has to be vigorous to be effective.

Research has verified that brisk walking just two and one-half hours per week diminishes the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease. Exertion and profuse sweating are not characteristics of a martial art such as Tai Chi, which emphasizes coordination and focus, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, and builds strength while reducing stress.

The best time of day to exercise is early morning.

It depends on your body type, which also determines the best time of day to eat your most substantial meal.