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Having Fun with Exercise ... Really!


When you’re five years old, you exercise all the time. Between zooming around the playground and climbing the monkey bars, you tone muscles at a natural pace. And, most importantly, you’re having fun.

When you’re in your early 20s you visit the gym and enjoy the Pilates and other exercise classes. As you get older, move up in your carreer and begin raising a family, finding time to exercise becomes more and more difficult. In a fit of physical fitness guilt, you become the “weekend warrior”, working out furiously one or two days a week and enduring the sore muscles the next three.

Good news. While researching effective exercise solutions, I made an interesting discovery. Integrated movement stems from the core muscles of your body. The martial arts, dance and Pilates focus on integrating and strengthening those muscles. If your lower abs are strong, you move from your core. If they are weak, you move primarily from your limbs and are more susceptible to injury.

That's where the Fitness-Fun-Ball comes in, an easy, enjoyable way to access your core muscles. This oversized, air-filled ball is perfect for every body type. Specific, easy-to-do exercises offer your muscles an additional toning challenge. If you suffer from a lower tummy paunch, the Fitness-Fun-Ball will help target and tone your lower abdominals. If lower back pain is your problem, simple exercises will help you relax your lower back and strengthen your abs. You'll finally get the results you've been wanting as well as improve your posture.

For a complete exercise program using the Fitness-Fun-Ball, including a 5-minute workout, the video, Core Fitness, will teach you specific strengthening techniques. Or, exercise while you watch television. Just sitting on the Fitness-Fun-Ball is exercise! Go ahead and bounce around. Twist along to your favorite song. Each slight movement is strengthening your core muscles, toning and firming your abs and lower back. Exercise hasn't been this natural in years.
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After a severe exposure to toxic materials, I experienced panic attacks, hair loss, food intolerances, light and sound sensitivities, heart arrhythmia, tinnitus, major depression, and insomnia daily for over two years. Every day presented a major challenge just to commit to staying alive. When I'd almost given up, I learned of Dr. Carolyn Mein. I found her to be not only a skilled and dedicated professional but a caring partner and guide through the process of recovery. I have emerged from a life of nightmare to one full of joy, appreciation, and possibility. I went from feeling 90 years old to feeling 35. My advice if you're experiencing less than optimal health? Beat a path to Dr. Mein's door!
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