The 25 Body Type Diet

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15 or 50 Minutes of Exercise Designed For Your Body Type

Ever pick up an exercise video, check out the front cover and think, "Look at those people. I don't look like that. This tape can't possibly help me." Or worse, you buy the tape and hate it. It's too advanced and you can't keep up. Or it's not hard enough. It's not fun. And besides, who has an entire hour to exercise every single day anyway?

Or maybe you've purchased an exercise video, worked out regularly, but found it wasn't giving you the results you wanted, i.e., a flatter tummy, relief from lower back pain, more energy. There's a reason your exercise routine may not work for your body type. Most fitness videos exercise your upper abdominals and ignore your lower abdominals. If you have weak lower abs, your muscles aren't strong enough to engage your entire abdominal wall. That's why you still have a lower belly paunch after hours of sit-ups or experience constant lower back pain.

Great news! There is a fun, easy, proven safe and effective exercise program that will strengthen your body's core muscles, i.e., your lower back, pelvic floor and abdominals. Based on years of chiropractic and fitness research, Dr. Carolyn Mein developed the exercise video Core Fitness, a powerful and pertinent way to target your core muscles. It consists of Pilates-based exercises combined with the Fitness-Fun-Ball and it's designed to successfully target your lower back and abdominals. Finally, a practical exercise video that will reap the results you want.

People with lower back pain can learn how to relax their spine and tighten their upper abs. Others can tone their lower abdominals and flatten their stomach. It's safe for all fitness levels and body types, easy and actually fun. How could an exercise program with a move called "The Hula" not be fun? Best of all, you can exercise when you have the time. If you're short on time or you actually have an hour for a longer, targeted workout, either way the program is fully adaptable. Follow along with exercises specifically targeted for your body type.

The Core Fitness video features fitness expert, Beth Levy. Ms. Levy has an extensive background in Pilates-based exercise techniques and developed programs for world-class health spas. Both Dr. Mein and Ms. Levy gently lead you through each exercise. You'll feel toned, tighter and more energetic in no time. You can enjoy noticeable results in just 5 minutes a day - and you'll have a great time doing it!

Discover your Body Type in minutes

I travel extensively throughout the world, eating many meals on airplanes and in restaurants. Following my Stomach body type diet has eliminated my allergy attacks and minimized my jet lag. I am now able to maintain my weight without feeling deprived.

Pepe Romero, Classical Guitarist