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The Stomach Body Type

Stomach Body Types have passion and intense mental focus which enables them to accomplish their goals

Stomach body type diet, characteristics and personality traits

Stomach body types have strong, solid bodies with high stamina, and often slender legs. Strong, square jaw, often with thin lips. Men able to attain torso muscle definition, and prone to grey hair early. Weight gain begins in lower abdomen, waist, upper hips and thighs, and back (women), or abdomen and waist (men).

Are You a Stomach Body Type?
You Might Be, If ...

  • Your passion, physical stamina, and intense mental focus enables you to accomplish your goals
  • You have an exceptional ability to step in and take charge
  • When you give someone your focus, they experience the feeling of being embraced
  • When dealing with a problem, you often talk it out, either alone or with others
  • Your communication is precise, articulate and strong – and others listen when you speak
  • You trust your intellect over your feelings and opinions, and are slow to consider new ideas
  • You are very social and enjoy public recognition for your accomplishments
  • You have a strong desire to please others, which ultimately boosts your self-worth

Celebrities with a Stomach Body Type include:
Elizabeth Taylor, John Wayne, Richard Burton, Julia Roberts, Jillian Michaels, Vince Lombardi, Mark Wahlberg, Condoleeza Rice, Carrie Underwood, Vladimir Putin, Steve Wynn, Chuck Norris, Kevin Spacey, Michelle Obama, Kevin Costner, Melania Trump, Keifer Sutherland, Britney Spears, Bono, Mahatma Ghandi, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump, Paula Abdul, Anthony Hopkins, Jay Leno

Stomach Body Type Diet & Exercise Overview

Dietary emphasis - Focus on protein and vegetables.  Salads are best at dinner, before or with the main course. 

Meals - Avoid fruit in the morning, have a light-to-moderate breakfast.  Lunch and dinner are moderate-to-heavy.

Weight loss - To lose weight, restrict bread, avoid fruit, reduce dairy, avoid snacking, eliminate caffeine and avoid alcohol, as it inhibits weight loss.

Exercise - Aerobic exercise enhances feelings of well-being and relieves stress, lifts depression, and can be a means of self-expression.

A partial list of Unsupportive Foods for the Stomach Body Type include: Ice cream, kelp, parsley, cherries, coconut, artificial sweeteners such as Equal or Nutrasweet, mayonnaise, margarine, diet sodas

Stomach Body Type Personality Overview

The Core Emotional Issues of the Stomach Body Type are Abandonment, Control, Victim, Conflict, Inferiority, Stubborn

I have a strong mental orientation to reality. I prefer to intellectually grasp a situation before taking action, but I can be impulsive. My communication is precise, articulate and strong, and others listen when I speak. I trust my intellect over my feelings and opinions, and am slow to consider new ideas. When dealing with people, tasks or situations, I focus my total energy on them, igniting my passion to experience things more intensely. This is especially true in lovemaking. Challenge motivates me to succeed in seemingly impossible tasks. I am very social and enjoy public recognition for my accomplishments. I have a strong desire to please others, and responses from others can boost my self-worth. I often do something because of how I think others will respond.

My passion, intense mental focus, and physical stamina enable me to accomplish my goals. I have an exceptional ability to step in and take charge. When I give someone my focus they have the feeling of being embraced. I focus on what’s in front of me, which allows me to ignite my passion and truly live in the present moment. When dealing with a problem, I often talk it out, usually with myself or someone else, chewing the data until I have sufficiently digested it. I make my best decisions after I have thoroughly processed the material. My passion brings vitality to everything I undertake, which is especially apparent when expressed through music and dance. I love a challenge – any challenge will do, as my ultimate sense of fulfillment comes from accomplishment. My desire to please opens the door for emotional sensitivity. Connecting with my spiritual side focuses my tremendous mental and physical energy.

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