The 25 Body Type Diet

The Intestinal Body Type

Intestinal Body Types have an open approach to life, as constant new experiences are vital to their continued growth and expansion

Intestinal body type diet, characteristics and personality traits

Intestinal body types have a solid body covered with a soft layer that covers muscle, hiding muscular definition. Prone to "double chin". Weight gain begins in entire abdomen and upper legs (women), or entire abdomen including rolls (men).

Are You an Intestinal Body Type?
You Might Be, If ...

  • You are constantly looking for new experiences
  • You have a strong desire to do everything right
  • Your basic nature is gentle and very emotional, but you can be outspoken and direct
  • You internalize uncomfortable - situations but have a strong need to “clear the air”
  • New experiences are vital to your growth – if you don’t expand mentally, emotionally or spiritually, you expand physically (weight gain)
  • Your primary response to life is emotional – but you don’t always trust your emotions

Celebrities with an Intestinal Body Type include:
Martha Stewart, Bill Gates, Tom Hanks, Cybill Shepherd, Matthew Perry, Suzanne Somers, Angela Merkel, Winston Churchill, Amy Schumer, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan

Intestinal Body Type Diet & Exercise Overview

Foods - Emphasize squash, legumes and foods in combinations, as in casseroles.  Avoid breads as they contain yeast, eat whole grains instead.  Rotate foods and food combinations.  Insufficient protein results in sugar cravings and hunger.

Meals - Make lunch your largest meal, with cooked vegetables, although raw vegetables may be eaten with protein, such as a Caesar salad with chicken.  Raw vegetables are best at dinner.  Balance cooked and raw vegetables.

Exercise - Best time to exercise is when your energy is the highest, between 11:00am and 4:00pm, for 20 minutes to an hour, 5 days per week.  Exercise relieves emotional stress and aids digestion.

A partial list of Unsupportive Foods for the Intestinal Body Type include: Tuna, raw pumpkin seeds, iceberg lettuce, apricots, orange juice, maple syrup, saccharin, artificial sweeteners such as Equal or Nutrasweet, margarine, mayonnaise, orange or raspberry sherbet, diet sodas

Intestinal Body Type Personality Overview

The Core Emotional Issues of the Intestinal Body Type are Abandonment, Not good enough, Rejection, Despair, Criticism

I am sensitive, extremely emotional, gentle, loving and compassionate. Relationships are extremely important to me. I tend to internalize things, but have a strong need to clear the air. I have high standards and self-expectations. I am very capable, orderly, responsible, methodical, and attentive to detail. This supports my strong desire to do everything right. I am a free spirit, unconventional, and rarely traditional. My imagination lends itself to daydreaming. I’m inspired when around positive people. My inspiration comes from within. I am good at motivating others and providing support. I enjoy working with others, yet prefer to figure things out on my own. I can be very creative and unlimited when developing new solutions. I am intellectually curious and enjoy mental stimulation. I tend to thoroughly research a matter before arriving at a decision.

I am a discerning person who is initially open to new ideas. I approach life with openness, taking everything in and then releasing whatever isn’t appropriate for me. This often leads to a thorough analysis of everything new and a prejudice against anything similar to something already analyzed in the past. While my initial response to life is emotional, I generally don’t trust my emotions, so I gather as much information as possible in order to make a logical decision. New experiences are vital to me: if personal expansion doesn’t occur mentally, emotionally or spiritually, I will tend to expand physically through weight gain. Expansion is absolutely essential to me. Restriction can motivate me to change, forcing me out of an untenable situation into an unknown physical, mental world. Then I can truly expand, taking in new experiences and creating an environment which is truly peaceful to me.

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