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Imagine yourself surrounded by soft jazz, cushy chairs and hot mocha espressos. You've just entered your favorite cafe - and you're there to curl up, relax, and eavesdrop on the latest! This is no ordinary cafe with ordinary conversation. Each one of our Body Type Dialogue stories illustrates how the different body types think, react and deal with each other. You may read a story about a Heart man gushing over a cute latte-drinking Adrenal girl. Or, a Thyroid man may be discussing his marketing budget with his Lymph supervisor. Wherever the conversation leads you, you'll come away with a better understanding of the 25 Body Types, and learn how they may react in real-life conversations.

We hope you enjoy these whimsical stories and they help you gain a deeper understanding of the 25 Body Types.

Looking around the room, Marsha was surprised by the number and variety of people signed up for the Body Type Cooking class. She felt excited and a little nervous, like the first day of a new school when she was a child. "This is going to be fun," she thought.

"Who is joining us for the first time today?" Marsha and several others raised their hands in response to the teacher’s question. "Oh, this is very nice. I am so happy you have come to learn to cook the Body Type way, which is really many different ways. But you will find out soon enough. Please, why don't you each stand up and tell us a little about yourself."

Marsha didn't hesitate and stood right up. After all, coming from a military family, she was no stranger to introducing herself. Besides, opportunities to meet others, to learn or to grow, always filled her with a positive kind of energy. "My name is Marsha. I’m an Intestinal type. I live right here in the neighborhood with my parents. I have a six year old girl who just entered first grade. I want to learn more about helping others follow a Body Type lifestyle, and I thought learning to cook for Body Types might be a great way to help me get started in the field."

The class responded to her introduction with an enthusiastic round of applause. "Gosh, this is a nice group," she thought.

As Marsha listened to the other introductions, she noticed a young woman, perhaps 19 or 20, with features remarkably like her own, looking at her from across the room. "I wonder if I know her from somewhere," she thought.

"Okay, group. Let's find a partner for the new students. Rick, why don't you pair up with Beverly, and Marsha, you can work with Veronica." The instructor pointed across the room towards the woman who had been looking at her, who then got up from her seat and headed toward Marsha.

As she neared Marsha, the young woman reached out her hand and said, "Hi, I'm Veronica. I'm pleased to meet you."

"Marsha. And the same to you.”

"Well,I guess we're going to be partners. I'm glad because I’ve been working with two others for a while and it gets pretty crowded at the work table with three. I'm happy he picked you."

"Well, thank you. I'm flattered," Marsha replied, not knowing what else to say. "I noticed you looking at me. Do I know you from somewhere?"

"I don't think so. I'm sorry if I was staring. It's just that I think you are so beautiful."

Marsha could feel herself flush, "Well,thank you again. That's very sweet of you to say. You’re a very nice looking young woman yourself."

"Oh, you don't have to say that. I know it's not true."

"You're kidding, right? Of course you are!" Now it was Veronica's turn to blush but before she had a chance to respond, the instructor asked everyone to assemble at their work stations so he could begin the lesson.

As the instructor began his lesson, Marsha was lost in consideration of the exchange she had just had with Veronica. "Gosh, it sure feels good to be complimented, even if it's not exactly true," she thought. "I know better than to be swayed by my feelings. Brian taught me that. That man could have anything he wanted from me when he started with his charm. That's why I married him. That's why I stayed with him even when his drinking got out of control, and he started to get mean. That's why I'd still be with him if he hadn't left me. I wonder what she wants from me. Why does she think I'm so pretty. She's prettier and younger than I am. And why would she say so. I've never known anyone who would say something like that to someone they didn't know.”

Marsha felt a gentle push on her shoulder. "Earth to Marsha. We're supposed be starting an outline of a meal plan."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I was daydreaming. Okay, I'm ready."

For the rest of the class, Marsha and Veronica worked on outlining a full meal. Marsha found the young woman to be bright and creative, and she enjoyed working with her. Although she preferred to work alone, she thought the plan they produced together was probably better than if she had done it by herself, and she was happy with the collaboration. Toward the end of class, while everyone was cleaning up their work areas, Veronica asked, "Would you like to stop by the coffee bar on the way out for a cappacino?"

Marsha hesitated. She still didn't know the why of Veronica's earlier comments, so she considered declining, but with no evidence to the contrary, she decided to stay open. "Oh, that would be great. I like to have a little snack every couple of hours between meals. It helps me keep my energy up."

Making their way out of the classroom and through the main restaurant area, they stopped in the coffee lounge and settled into a booth facing the atrium. After the waitress had taken their order, they both sat quietly looking into the beautiful inside garden for several minutes until the waitress returned with their coffee and snacks.

Veronica started. "What kind of job are you looking for?"

"I'd like to work in the Body Type field. I have benefited so much from modifying my lifestyle to incorporate these ideas. I'd like to help others benefit, too. It was just by accident that I found out about it. My husband left me, so I came to stay with my parents. One afternoon when I was feeling unhappy and kind of depressed, I dropped my little girl off at preschool and went on a long walk around the neighborhood. That's when I saw the Café. I just walked in and had a meal. I really liked the food and learned a little about the concept from the menu. The next time I came in, I used the typing kiosk out in the lobby, and I purchased some of the support materials. After that, I really started to get into it.

“So I want to share this information with others. I need to support myself; I'm afraid I depend too much on my family for support. I want to move out and get on my own. My little girl is in school during the day now, and mom will babysit her in the afternoons, so this is a good time to get a job and maybe even start my own business. How about you? Why are you in the class?"

Veronica seemed a little embarrassed and smiled as she answered, "I've finished high school and my parents are bugging me to go to college or get a job. Because I'm a little overweight, my sister suggested I learn about Body Type cooking. She's been into it for a couple of years. She's very beautiful, just like you."

All at once, Marsha understood, and she quickly reprimanded herself for having been so suspicious. But this would have to wait, she decided, because this young person needed her to be understanding and positive. “It sounds like you miss your sister."

"I really do. She went back East to college two years ago, and she thinks she might get married and live there. Then I'll probably never see her.” Veronica looked down into her coffee cup and said, "I guess that's why I just couldn't stop looking at you in class, and why I wanted to be your partner." Her voice started to trail off and break just a little. "You remind me a lot of my sister. She was my best friend, and I miss her very much."

Marsha moved forward in her chair so she could put her arms around Veronica and hold her. She envied this young woman’s ability to be so frank with her feelings and share them openly with a relative stranger. Sharing feelings had always been uncomfortable for her, and that was one of the major things she hoped to change in her own life. As she held her, she wondered for a moment which of them really needed the comforting.

"It's all right, Veronica. I can't be your sister, but I'm sure we can be friends, and I know we're going to make the best darn team in the whole cooking class."

Veronica looked up and smiled through her tears, "I'm sorry. I feel so silly." Marsha handed her a napkin, and as she wiped the mascara off her cheek and blew her nose, she said, "Sometimes I feel like such a big baby."

Marsha smiled and thought how much she admired this big baby, and how much she appreciated the gift she had been given in her new friend’s tears.

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