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A Conversation with a Heart Body Type

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Listen in on the Body Type Dialogue!

Imagine yourself surrounded by soft jazz, cushy chairs and hot mocha espressos. You've just entered your favorite cafe - and you're there to curl up, relax, and eavesdrop on the latest! This is no ordinary cafe with ordinary conversation. Each one of our Body Type Dialogue stories illustrates how the different body types think, react and deal with each other. You may read a story about a Heart man gushing over a cute latte-drinking Adrenal girl. Or, a Thyroid man may be discussing his marketing budget with his Lymph supervisor. Wherever the conversation leads you, you'll come away with a better understanding of the 25 Body Types, and learn how they may react in real-life conversations.

We hope you enjoy these whimsical stories and they help you gain a deeper understanding of the 25 Body Types.

"Hi, do you mind if I join you?"

"Go right ahead."


"I'm just curious. You seem to have such a magnetic personality. What's your body type?"

"I'm a Heart body type."

"I just seemed really drawn to come over and talk to you. Does being a Heart type have anything to do with that?"

"Sure. Hearts are one of the body types that inspire people to embrace them. They are known by an approachability that is hard to define but, in person, is easy to recognize."

"That's fantastic. Oh, by the way, my name is Tony."

"Hi, Tony. I’m Claudette."

"All I know about the heart is that it's a pear-shaped organ that pumps blood throughout the circulatory system. The contractions of the heart muscle are completely self-stimulated. The heart regulates the flow of blood throughout the body."

"That's pretty good, Tony, but what you don't know is that just as the heart governs the blood flow, Heart body types regulate the beat and flow of their environments. I bring my own rhythm to my surroundings. I can walk into a room and create harmony or discord within a group. I'm able to cause conflict if I so desire. My approach can be quite subtle, especially when I'm in a new setting. First, I like to get in step with what is going on, then I decide whether or not to shift the beat of the environment. I possess the natural ability to influence the moods of those around me. It just comes with the territory."

"Wow, that's fascinating. How about some characteristics of the Heart body type?"

"Hmmm. Characteristics. Let's see. Well, to start off, as you recognized earlier, without putting forth any special effort to do so, I make others feel at home with me. I'm soft, gentle and giving, I project sensitivity and caring. I'm supportive and generally easy to be around, and my home and family are very dear to me."

"You sound like a wonderful person, Claudette."

"Why, thank you. I am happy with my good qualities, but that doesn't mean I'm per-fect. I do, in fact, tend to worry about everything!"

"Are you the type of person to make waves when dealing with others?"

"Not really. I'm not aggressive, but rather more passive and accommodating by nature. I enjoy external approval and acceptance, and on the extreme side, I'm frequently in need of it. To answer your question, I'm also more conforming or conventional. I tend to be more comfortable going along with the customary, rather than doing anything that would cause me to be conspicuous."

"What other characteristics distinguishes Heart body types, Claudette?"

"They're typically soft, gentle, and giving people. Women Heart types are often more rounded, with heart-shaped faces like mine. The men and boys are like teddy bears. They're fun, huggable and non- threatening."

"How would you describe Heart type behavior?"

"I'm responsible and reliable, as you'll find with most Heart types. I'm easy to talk with, and I encourage others toward greater emotional expression. I have a strong nurturing nature, and I'm affectionate and like to touch and be touched."

"I wonder, what's it like if you are living with another Heart type?"

"It can be either really good, or really unpleasant. We often represent opposite poles if living together. Heart types may be introverted or extroverted. They express positive or negative emotions: harmony or chaos, balance or destruction. As children, particularly boys, they exhibit contrary energy."

"What do you mean by contrary energy?"

"Well, for instance, Heart men may use their softness as a camouflage, especially when worried. In fact, worry is their defense. It's an attempt to control their environment and assure safety."

"Do you find that, as a Heart type, you enjoy being social?"

"Yes, of course. But, surprisingly, I'm somewhat shy and cautious. I prefer to allow others to advance toward me first. I'm reluctant to approach someone. I just feel more comfortable when they approach me."

"That's so strange, because you don't seem shy at all. In fact, I find you to be very open and easy to talk to. You let yourself be far more vulnerable in your communication than I would be comfortable with myself. You come across as being very sociable."

"That's just my nature. I do like to converse with others, and since people are naturally drawn toward me, I am comfortable with being invited into a conversation or activity rather than instigating one. Once invited to speak though, you'll find it difficult to stop me."

"How about your career? Do you like to work with others?"

"The jobs I've enjoyed most have been those where I was working as part of a team. I've been told that my restrained approach with others serves me well. I generally function best as part of a team, and I conscientiously carry out projects decided upon by management or my supervisor. Although my talents permit me to perform a variety of tasks, I’m typically more comfortable in middle management rather than executive positions. While at work or regarding anything I do, I often derive greater satisfaction from the success of my efforts than from the financial rewards that my success may earn me. I do, however, tend to struggle with perfectionism. I'm usually too hard on myself, which results in being overly involved in performing tasks correctly. That can be a cause of considerable stress for me, stress that is really not necessary."

"Claudette, besides being too hard on yourself, what other challenges does your personality present you?"

"As I mentioned earlier, worry is the big one for me and all other Heart types. Hearts are professional worriers. They've got it down. They'll worry about big or small problems. If something isn't a problem, they'll worry that it will become one. I find myself getting apprehensive and even mentally fatigued from mulling things over so much."

"Why worry so much, Claudette?"

"Worry is simply an effort to manage my surroundings and my highly emotional nature. Luckily, there is a remedy for all this worry."

"There is? So how do you break out of that negative mental loop?"

"I just need to get all that energy out of my head and get it moving by going for a walk or listening to music. It helps a lot to get grounded."

"Do you ever worry about what other people think about you?"

"Of course. Heart types are especially sensitive to criticism. They are often insecure and seek perfection in their work in order to prove themselves. The primary challenge for me is to learn self approval. By learning to validate myself I can cease looking to others for acceptance."

"I've noticed Heart types have many positive qualities. For instance, you relate well to those around you. What else can you tell me about your strengths?"

"That's easy, I'm loving and responsive, and I relate well to those around me like you mentioned. Harmony is important to me as a positive expression. I'm adept at communicating concepts and ideas, and I have the integrity and loyalty to honor my commitments and obligations.”

"Thanks for sharing all that with me, Claudette."

"My pleasure, Tony. Now how about you, what makes you tick?”

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