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A Conversation with a Thymus Body Type

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Imagine yourself surrounded by soft jazz, cushy chairs and hot mocha espressos. You've just entered your favorite cafe - and you're there to curl up, relax, and eavesdrop on the latest! This is no ordinary cafe with ordinary conversation. Each one of our Body Type Dialogue stories illustrates how the different body types think, react and deal with each other. You may read a story about a Heart man gushing over a cute latte-drinking Adrenal girl. Or, a Thyroid man may be discussing his marketing budget with his Lymph supervisor. Wherever the conversation leads you, you'll come away with a better understanding of the 25 Body Types, and learn how they may react in real-life conversations.

We hope you enjoy these whimsical stories and they help you gain a deeper understanding of the 25 Body Types.

After the waitress had set their places and taken their lunch order, Linda continued, "I think I've talked enough now. What about you? What brings Edward to the Body Type Cafe?

"I'm the manager at the Savings and Loan across the street. I've been interested in trying this place since it opened, but I'm not very adventurous when it comes to eating, so this is my first time here. I read a favoraUe review and saw the lunch special, so I figured it was a safe bet. I'm glad you showed up when you did though. It didn't look like the manager and I were going to come to any kind of compromise."

"Glad I could be of help. Blood body types are into harmony. It agrees with them when people get along."

Edward gave her a quizzical look.

"You're not familiar with the 25 Body Type System, are you?"

"Haven't got a clue." Edward grimaced in mock disappointment.

"Well, you're in luck. I happen to be totally up on the subject. Hmm... If I were to venture a guess." Linda squinted her eyes and looked Edward up and down in the silly, exaggerated manner of an inspector. "Let's see. Tall, not very adventurous. Hmm... Manager type; probably used to getting your own way. How am I doing so far?"

"Right on!"

"Hmm, I'd have to say you were a Thymus Type."

"Ah, thymussaawhat type?"

"No, really. The thymus gland acts as a sensor inside our body to monitor and protect us from outside threats. If it detects any unknown protein, like a bacteria or virus, it zaps them. It's purpose is to maintain the status quo. Anything it finds inside the body that doesn't belong there is perceived as a threat and aggressively dealt with. Thymus Body Types tend to have a similar disposition. They value a constant, stable environment. What's tried and true appeals to them more then what's new and different. Does this sound like you?"

"Wow, that's uncanny. Now that you mention it, that sounds a lot like me. Maybe there's something to all this body typing stuff."

"Works for me. You might even want to spend a couple of bucks on the way out and use the Typing Kiosk to confirm my guess. But tell me, why do you think that describes you?"

"Gee, do I have to?" Edward tried to sound funny but couldn't hide the seriousness in his tone.

Sensing his discomfort, Linda replied with a cheery, "Of course not. Let's talk about something else."

"Well, actually I'd like to tell you, it's just that... Well I... Okay it's about my wife. I mean my ex-wife..., I just have a hard time.."

Linda interrupted, "Really, you don't have to talk about it if you'd rather not."

"No, I'd like to... I was just thinking about what you said about being into status quo andbeing a maintainer of things. I think I'm a lot like that. In fact, at work it's what I excel in. They just love me there. But in my marriage...." Edward shook his head slowly from side to side. " I think that's a big part of what broke it up."

"Gosh, I'm sorry to hear that. I didn't mean to bring up something painful."

"It's been six months. I should be over it by now. I have a hard time talking about things close to me, but for some reason I feel very comfortable with you. And that was a whole other problem with my wife. She said I never would share my feelings. I don't know. I cared for her a lot but when I tried to show her by helping her, she thought I was being bossy."

As Linda listened she thought obviously she hit a sore spot and perhaps it was time to change the subject. "Well you said it works great at work."

"That's the thing. At work, they like the fact I'm a take charge kinda guy. They know when I say

I'll do something, it'll get done and that I have the energy and stamina it takes to make it happen.

I run the most efficient, profitable and by the book operation in the whole chain. I'm not a yahoo, changing things all the time trying to turn a quick dollar. No, I'm steady and dependable. I work with the system the company uses and little by little I make improvements. I get results, without disruption, without risk. " Edward laughed, "Steady Eddie, they call me."

Linda mused to herself, Born leader likes to be the center of attention and motivated by a job well done. Eddie here is sounding more like a Thymus every minute.

"Am I boring you? I'm totally hogging the conversation."

"No, not at all. I think what you're saying is very interesting. It sounds like you're quite the star at work."

"Like I said, they love me. I can do no wrong. I've won half a dozen awards and I've only been there three years. Sometimes it's almost like a high to go to work." Edward's self assured smile suddenly turned downward as did his eyes. "It's just that my wife never appreciated what I tried to do for her. It seemed like the harder I tried help her the unhappier she got."

"When we first got married, things were great. We pretty much agreed on everything. You know, she took care of the house and I did the finances and stuff. It was perfect but after awhile she wanted to start changing things. Not because there was a real good reason to, but just to do something different, I guess. She wanted to change banks. She wanted to get a different car. She even wanted to switch our bedroom with the den. I mean strange stuff."

"At first I tried to patiently explain why what she wanted to do wouldn't work, but she wouldn't listen and after a while she would get angry. She'd start to cry and say I didn't care about her and all I wanted to do was control her."

"Uh huh", Linda nodded .

"I couldn't get through, so after a while I just put my foot down. I didn't even discuss things any more. Whatever I thought was best for us, I just did it. I thought she'd appreciate my decisions when she saw how they worked out, but everything just seemed to get worse. She started arbitrarily changing anything she could. I'd go for a fork and the silverware drawer was different. She started buying different soap, toilet paper, coffee, everything!"

Linda became a little uncomfortable as anger started to creep into the tone of Edward's voice. She nodded her head as he spoke, anxious for a chance to interject.

"It's as if she was trying to think of every way she could to get my goat." Edward paused and then softly said, "and I guess she finally did." Linda detected sadness in his voice as Edward's words trailed off.

The anger was gone from the tall, bank manager's tone. "I was used to getting my way at work, and the fact is, most of the time I did know what was best and she just couldn't grow up enough to see it. I wasn't willing to risk letting my wife have the final say."

"The only thing I didn't have the final say in was whether or not we stayed married. I'm as loyal as they come. I would have stayed with her forever. You know through sickness and health, richer and poorer and that. I always tried to do the right thing. The thing that was best for us even if she couldn't see it. But she decided she wanted a divorce. I tried to talk her out of it", Edward shrugged his shoulders, "You can see how well I did."

Linda thought she saw a small tear form in the corner of Edward's eye, just before he nonchalantly rubbed it, as if flicking a bit of dust from his eye.

Just then the waitress returned with their orders. "Perfect timing," Linda thought to herself. She tried to imagine what it would be like to keep a conversation like the one she just heard bottled up inside for six days no less for six months. She was moved that this man was able to open up to her and talk about some of these things which were obviously so important to him.

"This food looks delicious." Edward started and then paused, "I suppose I must sound like a jerk, huh?"

"Not at all. You sound like a real live, regular person to me."

"Thanks. You're very kind. But maybe I should learn more about this Body Typing stuff, so I can change and be more easy going the way you seem to be."

"I think you're right about the learning more about yourself part. I'm not so sure about the changing part though. Perhaps to become more accepting of who you are instead. If you can be honest and open about who you are, then you will attract people into your life who appreciate the way you are and won't want to change you."

Edward laughed out loud, "Well that would be agreeable for a Thymus Body Type, now wouldn't it? Not having to change."

Linda's mouth broke into a wide smile as she replied, "Sounds like steady Eddie's getting it already.

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