The 25 Body Type Diet

The Lung Body Type

Lung Body Types are mild-mannered, sensitive and caring with strong nurturing qualities

Lung body type diet, characteristics and personality traits

Lung body types have a straight torso with broad shoulders, and can attain muscular definition with exercise. Medium bone structure. Weight gain begins in waist and upper hips (women and men), with little or no gain in thighs or abdomen.

Are You a Lung Body Type?
You Might Be, If ...

  • You are naturally creative, imaginative, and good with your hands
  • You are sensitive, kind, and generally care about the well-being of others
  • You strive for peace in your relationships
  • You are emotional – but also practical and grounded
  • You love to nurture others or be nurtured
  • Nurturing or helping others provides your greatest sense of fulfillment
  • Your strength is your ability to communicate and express emotions in a safe, constructive or positive manner
  • You can simplify and communicate complex subjects to others

Celebrities with a Lung Body Type include:
Cameron Diaz, Matt Damon, Harrison Ford, John Denver, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Chrissy Tiegan, Mel Gibson, John McEnroe, David Spade, Gary Young

Lung Body Type Diet & Exercise Overview

Foods - Best fat sources include olive oil, macadamia and pine nuts, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds.  Milk aggravates the lungs.  Peppermint tea aids digestion and assimilation.

Meals - Ideally, heavy breakfast with protein, moderate lunch emphasizing vegetables, and a light dinner without fruit.  Sodas and carbonated beverages tend to inhibit oxygen uptake.

Exercise - Exercise calms the mind and oxygenates the body.  Increase oxygen intake through exercise and deep breathing.

A partial list of Unsupportive Foods for the Lung Body Type include: Milk, flavored yogurt, ice cream, buckwheat, whole wheat including wheat bran or germ, wheat breads and crackers, and english muffins; artificial sweeteners such as Equal or Nutrasweet, mayonnaise, margarine, regular or diet sodas, french fries, fried foods

Lung Body Type Personality Overview

The Core Emotional Issues of the Lung Body Type are Rejection, Abandonment, Stubborn

I am sensitive, caring, idealistic, even-tempered, and mild-mannered. I am emotionally aware of the feelings of others. I like to systematically think things through before acting. I like to feel sure of my choices before acting, and am not considered spontaneous. I am naturally creative as well as practical. My imagination and skills allow me to translate abstract ideas into physical forms. I can express through drawing, sculpting, design or construction. I have a good sense of rhythm and timing, and can express through music or dance. I have a strong need to nurture or be nurtured. I value relationships more than personal achievements. I may lose touch with my own needs when rescuing others. It can be difficult to let go of relationships. I am idealistic and strive for peace in the world as well as in my own relationships. I am persistent and loyal, always looking out for the “underdog”. I prefer work that is methodical over work that requires quick decisions and responsibility or risk that involves other people.

I give life to my world by expressing positive, supportive emotions. I am nurturing and creative. My strength lies in my ability to shift emotional energy – for example, I can turn hurt into creativity. This allows me to express the energy of negative emotions in a safe, constructive or positive manner. I respect my emotions and use them as an indicator rather than as a response. I can use my emotions to move into a greater richness and fullness of life, which enables me to excel at making the most of each moment. I am mild-mannered and emotionally expressive. I am physically creative and expressive, especially in music and dance. I am good with my hands. Nurturing – either being nurtured, or nurturing someone else – provides my greatest sense of fulfillment. Being emotionally sensitive, I may have a tendency to project a hard outer shell, or to shut down and withdraw, when feeling powerless or inadequate. The need for self-expression motivates me to access my creativity, which is often linked to music or physical ways of nurturing those around me.

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