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February 10, 2023
Issue No. 116



Hello Readers,

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, this month's newsletter has a relationship theme.

Do you sometimes feel you keep dating the same person with a different face, over and over, like Groundhog's Day? Here is how to Break the Relationship Rut.

Roses have been associated with Love and Romance for millenia. Rose essential oil can help transmute Fear of Intimacy into Trust.

Are you known for being strong-willed and persistent? Is listening to others an adventure for you? Do you like to connect people with each other? Take the quiz below to see if you might be a Nervous System body type.

Emotional Wisdom with Essential Oils, a 12-week intenstive course taught by LeeYen Anderson and myself, begins March 22.

I have added a new feature to Oils Lookup. Now you can do a "reverse lookup" - begin with the way you want to feel, the feeling you wish to increase in your life, and you can lookup the emotional patterns that are blocking you from achieving your goals.

As always, I hope and trust that these newsletters help you enjoy a happier, healthier life.

Health and Happiness,
Dr. Carolyn Mein
In This Issue:

Breaking the Relatonship Rut

Are You a Nervous System Body Type?

Rose Essential Oil

Emotional Wisdom Certification Course
Begins March 22, 2023

By popular demand, LeeYen Anderson and I will be offering our 12-week intensive online course “Emotional Wisdom with Essential Oils” beginning March 22, 2023, for a third time. This is the penultimate course on “Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils”, encapsulating 40 years of my research and career.

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How To Break the Relationship Rut

Do you sometimes feel you keep dating the same person with a different face, over and over again? Do you leave one relationship, only to discover the same characteristics appearing in the next person, you date, then the next? Once you begin to notice the pattern, you can begin to understand and address it.

Your Parents and Your Partner

Our first relationships in life are with our parents. As children growing up, about 70% (typically) of our interactions are with our parents – they are our biggest influence.

Usually, our relationship with our same-gender parent influences our relationship with ourselves. Our relationship with our opposite-gender parent influences our dating and partnering relationships.

Most people can readily identify which parent they had the greatest difficulty with during childhood and as teenagers. And yet, we often end up dating someone with the same characteristics – the same way of treating or interacting with us. Whether that pattern is abusive, neglectful, dismissive or something else, the old adage “we end up marrying our parent” is a truism.

Conflict with a parent arises because we chose that parent before birth for a specific life lesson we intended to experience. Lessons repeat in life until learned. If we didn’t learn the lesson at home, as adults we attract mates to continue the lesson.

Body Type and Compatibility

Time and time again with my own patients I have seen the cycle of “relationship rut” play out. What I have found very interesting is that the same body type keeps showing up in these scenarios.

One patient had trouble with her father, who was a Stomach body type. The conflict continued into her adulthood. She had a string of relationships with men who eventually manifested the same troublesome characteristics that caused the conflict with her father. Not surprisingly, these men all turned out to be Stomach body types as well.

The solution isn’t as simple as dating a different body type – because people with the “problematic” body type will continue to appear in our lives – a new boss, a roommate, or some other person in a role in our lives that’s difficult to avoid. Life will ensure we confront the lesson, one way or another.

The problem isn’t the body type itself – it’s about integrating qualities from that body type. This means integrating the strengths of that body type, while learning to release the emotional reaction to those traits that trigger us.

Each of the 25 body types has a distinct personality. We as humans tend to assume that others think, react, express and are motivated the same way we are – and often assume “something is wrong” with others who don’t. When we are able to integrate the strengths of that person's body type and no longer react to the unwanted traits – then we have learned the lesson of that body type.

Overcoming the Relationship Rut

So, what to do? How can we assimilate the lesson and begin to attract relationships for enjoyment rather than life lessons?

To gently integrate the traits of other body types, I developed a Vibrational for each of the 25 body types. Vibrationals are homeopathic remedies made from natural substances including plants and gem stones. They help to improve our relationships with ourselves and others.

Many of you are familiar with the role of essential oils in releasing emotional patterns. Essential Oils focus primarily on the physical and emotional bodies, then filter into the mental and spiritual bodies. Vibrationals begin with the mental and spiritual bodies, then work with the physical and emotional.

Vibrationals are drops that you can take before bed to process the emotions in your dream state, or if you want to consciously see what emotions or issues come up, sip throughout the day. Take the entire bottle, which lasts about a month. If it becomes too intense, take a break.

When you take the Vibrational of the body type of the person you’re having difficulty with, you become attuned to their body type’s personality on a deep level. This produces an amazing shift in the relationship where it becomes more harmonious. As you integrate this at a deep level, the relationship either dissolves or becomes more harmonious.

If you are able to identify that your “difficult” parent is the same body type as these partners you’re attracting, you may choose to begin with the Mother/Father Genetics Vibrational first. That will have a more powerful effect because it’s beginning with the relationship that was the root of your relationships. Then move onto the body type Vibrational. I recommend taking only one Vibrational at a time.

For more about Vibrationals:

May 2018 Newsletter - Body Type Vibrationals
June 2018 Newsletter - Quadrant and Acuity Vibrationals
July 2018 Newsletter - Chakra Vibrationals
November 2019 Newsletter - Vibrationals and Relationships

Couples taking the Vibrationals for their body type as well as their partner's comment on how much better the relationships have become. This Valentine’s Day, I wish you the very best in your own relationships.

Don't know your body type yet? Take the test:
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Are You a Nervous System Body Type?

Nervous System Body Types are generally quite verbal with good integration and common sense

Nervous System body type women range in height from petite to very tall, with small to medium bone structure. They are average-to-long waisted with straight-to-defined waist (hourglass shape). They have a high forehead, and face is long or oval, often coming forward at the chin with square or firm jaw, indicative of determination. Initial weight gain is lower body (apple shape), in the abdomen, upper thighs, upper hips, middle back and waist.
Nervous System body type men range in height from average to very tall with medium bone structure. Shoulders are even with or moderately broader than hips. Usually have a full head of hair, hair loss is frontal as a high forehead or a "V". Thighs and calves are thin-to-average. Solid abdominal musculature with moderate ability to attain abdominal muscular definition. Initial weight gain as a thickening around the waist.
Pictures of Women's Body Types Pictures of Men's Body Types

Celebrities with Nervous System Body Type include Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Phelps, Jim Carrey, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sandra Bullock, Don Knotts, Michael Jordan, Snoop Dog and Van Jones

You might be
A Nervous System Body Type if you check at least 12 boxes ...
blue_checkbox.png I am strong-willed and determined – sometimes perceived as abrasive
blue_checkbox.png I am direct, intense, take-charge and somewhat forceful
blue_checkbox.png I have an abundance of nervous energy that I manifest through a myriad of activities
blue_checkbox.png I am gregarious and outgoing, but can be reserved when appropriate
blue_checkbox.png Listening to others is an adventure for me
blue_checkbox.png I am curious about what others know and how they do things
blue_checkbox.png I am happiest when passing information from one person to another, or connecting people based on their needs, desires and interests
blue_checkbox.png I tend to express my viewpoints forcefully and with emotion
blue_checkbox.png I thrive on a lot of activity and I like to get things moving
blue_checkbox.png I have a strong physical presence and mental focus
blue_checkbox.png I tend to be a perfectionist and overdo
blue_checkbox.png I tend to do things myself rather than delegate
blue_checkbox.png Movement is vital to my sense of well-being – I thrive on activity and love to be on-the-go
blue_checkbox.png I am organized and logical, and abhor chaos
blue_checkbox.png I am quite verbal with good integration and a grounded perspective

Nervous System body types can lose weight by reducing grains and sugars (including fruit), and consuming most of the day's food by 2:00 PM.

The Core Emotional Issues for the Nervous System body type are Anger, Control, Victim and F--- You.

Don’t know your body type yet?
Determining your body type is easy using my online body type test:

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Discover your body type to learn what to eat and when, how to manage your weight without unhealthy dieting, how to increase your energy and stamina, and how to end food cravings forever. You’ll also learn the best type and time for exercise, and receive a detailed personality profile.

Women's Body Type Video womens_bt_video.jpg Men's Body Type Video

To learn more about the Nervous System body type, see previous newsletter articles about the Nervous System body type.

How Would You Like To Feel?

How would you LIKE to feel?

I am pleased to announce that I have added a new feature to Oils Lookup – a “reverse lookup.”

Oils Lookup already provides the clearing procedure for emotional patterns, transmuting them to the “other side”, or the higher vibrational aspect of the emotion (for example, Anger transmutes into Laughter.)

Now you can select the emotion you would like to experience more of, like Laughter (the “other side”), and Oils Lookup will show the emotions that can be transmuted into it. One or more of those emotions will relate to your current experience – clear those emotions to expand the feeling you’re seeking.

I hope you find this new feature useful, and as always I’d love to hear what you think about it.

Try Oils Lookup

Rose Essential Oil
Transmutes Fear of Intimacy

Revered for thousands of years as a symbol of love and romance, the rose is considered the queen of flowers. Roses are a symbol of love when presented as a gift.

Rose Essential Oil stands out from the crowd with its sensual aroma that allures you to its high-frequency notes. Its fragrance creates a peaceful, loving, nurturing environment and sets the mood for romance. Diffuse it gently, as its fragrance is strong.

It can be used to release Fear of Intimacy, transmuting it into Trust. The way out is “I am in tune with my direction”. What is intimacy? “Into-Me-See”. Intimacy is trusting someone to see you and know you, trusting they will accept and love you.

It also beautifies the skin, promotes the appearance of an even skin tone, and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Applied topically, it beautifies the skin and leaves it delicately perfumed with a sumptuous aroma. Try a scrub for an extra-rosy glow to your skin by mixing 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 tablespoon coconut oil, and 1 drop of Rose essential oil. Steer clear of the eyes and mucous membranes.

Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use.

Less concentrated forms of Rose essential oil can be found in:
  • Skin Ointment – Young Living makes a skin ointment that includes Rose essential oil. This soothes and deeply hydrates skin with premium botanicals and pure essential oils such as Rose, Tea Tree and Ylang Ylang. Apply to lips, cuticles, elbows, knees and other dry skin areas.
  • Joy Essential Oil Blend – this blend of botanicals includes Rose, Geranium, and Ylang Ylang. This wonderful floral blend is used to clear several emotions – anxiety, disappointment, grief, incongruency, judgment, and miserable – transmuting them into confidence, freedom, happy, real, regard, and (not surprisingly) joy

Oils Lookup

Emotional clearing patterns for over 560 Emotions using over 170 Essential Oils are now at your fingertips on your phone, tablet and computer


Try Oils Lookup

Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils - 2020 Edition

NEW - The 2022 Addendum includes all new emotions and oils added to Oils Lookup since the 2020 Edition was released













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