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June 8, 2018
Issue No. 60


Dear Readers,

Many of you are already aware that essential oils assist the emotional and physical bodies, then filter into the mental and spiritual bodies. Last month I introduced Vibrationals, which start with the mental and spiritual bodies. This month I introduce Quadrant Vibrationals and Acuity Vibrationals.

Intestinal body types need continual expansion through new experiences. This month we look at what's unique about the Intestinal body type.

3 Wise Men Essential Oil can be used to release Despair and Fear of Love. This month we take a close look at its various uses.

As always, I hope and trust that these newsletters help you enjoy a happier, healthier life.

Health and Happiness,
Dr. Carolyn Mein
In This Issue:

Quadrant and Acuity Vibrationals

The Intestinal Body Type

3 Wise Men Essential Oil

Life Illuminated - Full Day Conference

Featuring Dr. Carolyn Mein Presenting:
Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

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Sunday June 17, 2018
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Life Illuminated - Full Day Conference

Featuring Dr. Carolyn Mein Presenting:
Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

And several other speakers on Conscious Living and Wellness topics

Saturday July 7, 2018
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM CDT

Sheraton DFW Airport Hotel
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Quadrant and Acuity Vibrationals

In last month’s newsletter I introduced Vibrationals. While Essential Oils assist the emotional and physical bodies, then filter into the mental and spiritual bodies, Vibrationals begin with the mental and spiritual, then filter into the emotional and physical.

There are groups of Vibrationals which serve different purposes. Last month I presented the Body Type Vibrationals. This month, we’ll explore two more groups – the Quadrant Vibrationals and the Acuity Vibrationals.

What Are The Quadrants?

We all demonstrate certain dominant traits from birth. These traits indicate a propensity for responding to the world in four ways – emotional or mental, and physical or spiritual. We all possess these traits to varying degrees. They define a chart with 4 quadrants:
  • Mental & Spiritual
  • Physical & Mental
  • Physical & Emotional
  • Spiritual & Emotional.

We each belong to one of these four quadrants, corresponding to our dominant traits or strengths. Your dominant trait will be either mental or emotional. To determine which one is strongest, look at your initial response to something, is it mental or emotional? Do you think first and then check in to see how you feel? Or do you get a gut response and then think about it?

Your other dominant trait will be either physical or spiritual. What is more real to you: what you can see, feel and touch (physical), or ideas and concepts (spiritual)? Are you more connected with the earth and ground or sky and air? Physical relates to physical evidence, while spiritual is intuition and impression.

Generally, as we have more life experiences, we tend to develop our non-dominant traits, so when answering this question, refer back to your initial way of being.

Each of the 25 Body Types begins life with a specific balance of these traits, which can be represented by the quadrants chart below. Those closer to the center are innately more balanced between all the traits, while those further from the center will naturally demonstrate that dominant trait in a more pronounced way.

For example, the Adrenal body type strongly relies upon a physical / mental approach to life, while the Lymph body type demonstrates the same traits but with more balance towards the emotional / spiritual quadrant. Not surprisingly, the Balanced body type is located near the center of the four quadrants. Meanwhile, those having the Heart body type, which is positioned well out into the emotional / spiritual quadrant, approach life very differently from the Adrenal body type, which is positioned in the opposite corner of the quadrants chart:


To better illustrate how these quadrants translate into different characteristics, click any of the body types below to read more about that body type’s personality:



Adrenal Balanced
Lymph Brain
Medulla Eye
Nervous System Hypothalamus
Spleen Pineal
Stomach Pituitary
Thymus Thalamus



Blood Heart
Gallbladder Intestinal

What Are Quadrants Vibrationals?

The Vibrational for the quadrant your body type is in helps you become more connected with your dominant traits and solidify these traits within your being. The Vibrationals are subtle with profound cellular shifts. By taking them at night before bed, your subconscious is able to do the processing in the dream state. If you are curious, you can add 10 drops of the Vibrational to water and sip it throughout the day, allowing the shifts to come to conscious awareness.

A good sequence for taking Vibrationals is to start with Mother or Father Genetics – begin with the parent you had the greatest difficulty with when you were growing up. Once you have finished the first one – which takes about a month – you are ready for the other parent. You could then do the Vibrational for your body type.

Next you can take the Vibrational for your quadrant. If you have an Eye body type, your quadrant is Mental & Spiritual. Once you have finished Mental & Spiritual, take either Physical & Mental or Spiritual & Emotional, then follow it with the other one. Finish with your non-dominant traits, the quadrant diagonal from your body type – Physical & Emotional, for the Eye – this allows you to integrate these traits into your being, enabling you to be more compassionate and understanding of people who are opposite you.

What Are Acuity Vibrationals?

There are 4 Acuity vibrationals: Emotional Acuity, Mental Acuity, Physical Acuity, and Spiritual Acuity. The Acuities enhance the qualities and assist you in further developing these traits. For example, if you feel you are not in touch with your emotions, take the Emotional Acuity Vibrational. To further enhance your spiritual connection, take the Spiritual Acuity Vibrational.

Vibrationals are a gentle way to make profound cellular changes, allowing you to bring more harmony into your life. Life is fun, so make the most of it and enjoy.

Don’t know your body type yet?
Determining your body type is easy using my online body type test:

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Are You an Intestinal Body Type?

Do you find that you expand physically (weight gain) when not expanding mentally, emotionally or spiritually through new experiences? Do you have a strong desire to do everything right? Are you gentle and very emotional by nature, with the ability to be very outspoken and direct? Then you may be an Intestinal body type.


Celebrities with Intestinal body type include Martha Stewart, Bill Gates, Tom Hanks, Cybill Shepherd, Matthew Perry, Suzanne Somers, Angela Merkel, Winston Churchill, Amy Schumer, Jonah Hill, and Seth Rogan.

Are you an Intestinal body type? You might be, if:
  • You are constantly looking for new experiences
  • You have a strong desire to do everything right
  • Your basic nature is gentle and very emotional, but you can be outspoken and direct
  • You internalize uncomfortable - situations but have a strong need to “clear the air”
  • New experiences are vital to your growth – if you don’t expand mentally, emotionally or spiritually, you expand physically (weight gain)
  • Your primary response to life is emotional – but you don’t always trust your emotions

If this describes you, you could be an Intestinal body type.


Intestinal body types have solid bodies with a soft, spongy layer between the skin and musculature that conceals muscular definition. They often have a muscle weakness under the chin which frequently develops into a double chin later in life.

Women having the Intestinal body type are usually of average height, with a small-to-medium bone structure. Shoulders are typically more narrow than hips. Initial weight gain accumulates over the abdomen, upper hips, waist, thighs, breasts and inner knees - more in front of body than back.

Intestinal men have a thick, straight torso, and range from average to very tall in height, with medium-to-large bone structure. Shoulders are even with, or slightly wider than, hips. A soft layer of fat beneath the skin extends over the entire body and accumulates around the middle, concealing most muscular definition. Initial weight gain is a softer, relaxed musculature over the abdomen, and a soft thickening or soft rolls at the waist.


Just as the intestines openly accept everything that comes in, then discern what to keep (nutrients) or release (waste), Intestinal body types approach life with an openness - taking everything in, then letting go of whatever isn't appropriate. While their initial response to life is emotional, they generally don't trust their emotions, so they gather information to make logical decisions. Expansion is essential - so if not growing emotionally, mentally or spiritually through new experiences, will grow physically (weight gain).

Personality, Relationships & Career

Intestinal body types are sensitive and extremely emotional. They are typically loving, gentle and compassionate, placing a very high priority on close relationships with friends and family.

They are extremely concerned with feelings. When unsure how to react to an uncomfortable situation, Intestinals will internalize their feelings - but have a strong need to clear the air, and will bring it up later.

Intestinals have very high self-expectations and standards. Combined with a strong desire to do everything right, they are responsible, methodical and detail-oriented, and will usually achieve whatever they set out to accomplish.

Being free spirits, and highly imaginative, Intestinals are unconventional in their thinking, and rarely bound by tradition. They can work alone but enjoy working with others, particularly for the creative exchange of new ideas. They genuinely enjoy others and easily get along with most people. Combined with their natural curiosity and analytical approach, they are well suited for a variety of careers or endeavors.

The primary nature of Intestinal body types is Emotional / Spiritual. (Read more about these Points of Connection here.) Of the 25 body types, only the Heart body type shares this quadrant.


Exercise helps to relieve emotional stress, and aids digestion. However, morning or evening exercise can exhaust Intestinals - the best time for exercise is 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Exercise 5 days per week for 20 - 60 minutes is ideal. They are best limiting themselves to moderate exercise, with no heavy weight lifting.

For more on exercising specifically for your body type, see the August 2017 Newsletter.

Health Concerns

Intestinal body types have a strong, sturdy body with good stamina. They can carry large amounts of weight, and are more prone to weight gain when not having enough new experiences in life. They can be prone to digestive issues and slow metabolism.

Nutrition, Diet & Weight

Intestinal body types do best with a light breakfast, and lunch as the largest meal of the day. Vegetables at lunch should be cooked (raw ok if combined with protein), and dinner vegetables are best raw. Food combinations such as casseroles, and food rotation, are helpful. Insufficient protein will result in sugar cravings. Avoid breads with yeast.

The Intestinal body type is one of the body types that can successfully follow a vegetarian diet. For more about body type and vegetarianism, see the February 2018 Newsletter.

To lose weight, Intestinal body types can limit carbohydrates, fruit and fruit juice; and eliminate alcohol, bread, yeast, mayonnaise and caffeine. Snacks are ok if string cheese, protein bars, seeds, turkey or chicken.

Complete nutritional information including food lists for the Intestinal body type can be found on the Intestinal Quick Reference Card.

Core Emotional Issues

Each of the 25 body types encounters certain core emotional issues or lessons to overcome in life. For Intestinal, these are:
  • Fear of Abandonment - released with Lavender essential oil, "I learn from all of life's experiences", transmutes to at-one-ment
  • Fear of Not Being Good Enough - released with Humility essential oil, "I express my best", transmutes to Acceptance
  • Fear of Being Rejected - released with Purification essential oil, "I accept all that I am", transmutes to Acceptance
  • Despair - released with 3 Wise Men essential oil, "I am open to guidance", transmutes to Dignity
  • Criticism - released with Lavender essential oil, "I receive", transmutes to Unconditional Love and Acceptance

To learn more about the Intestinal body type, visit the Newsletter Archives.

Don’t know your body type yet?
Determining your body type is easy using my online body type test:
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3 Wise Men Essential Oil

3 Wise Men was formulated to open the subconscious, promoting feelings of reverence and spiritual awareness. It enhances emotional equilibrium, soothing and uplifting the heart.

One of the core emotional issues for the Intestinal body type is Despair. Despair is the feeling that all is lost, the situation is hopeless; it is the depths of discouragement and hopelessness, leaving the mind apathetic or numb. The other side of Despair is Dignity. Dignity relates to your inherent quality or state of being excellent, worthy, or honorable. The Way Out or way to move from despair to dignity is the affirmation, “I am open to guidance.” Despair is stored in the diaphragm and the location of the point is illustrated in Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils (see demonstration video below).

While we all have all of the emotions, and relate to all the emotions to a degree, when an emotion is a core emotional issue for you, the experience is deeper and plays out as a central theme in your life. Dealing with your core emotional issues causes major positive changes in your life experiences.

One of the core emotional issues for the Kidney body type that 3 Wise Men transmutes is the fear of Love. The fear of Love includes the fear to love – giving or receiving, the fear of being or not being loved, and the fear of not being lovable; anything that has to do with fears around love. The other side of the fear of Love is Detachment. Detachment is letting go of the outcome, releasing control of how love should look or feel; being in a receptive state of allowance. The way you get there is, “I allow myself to be real.” Fear is commonly said to be stored in the kidneys, it is actually the fear of Love rather than fear itself that is stored in the kidneys.

The other emotion 3 Wise Men is used to release is the fear of Inferiority. The fear of Inferiority is a core emotional issue for 3 body types: Brain, Stomach, and Thymus. The other side of Inferiority is Conscientious – being conscientious. The way to transmute Inferiority into being Conscientious is, “I express my value.”

3 Wise Men is for topical or aromatic use. This blend contains sandalwood, juniper, frankincense, spruce and myrrh in a base of almond oil.

The 2018 Edition of Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils contains 12 new oils and 18 new emotions. If you have the 2017 Edition, these additions are available as the 2018 Addendum to bring you current.

Demonstration Video of Technique in
Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils