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The 25 Body Type System TM


July 20, 2018
Issue No. 61


Dear Readers,

Many of you are already aware that essential oils assist the emotional and physical bodies, then filter into the mental and spiritual bodies. Vibrationals start with the mental and spiritual bodies. This month I introduce Chakra Vibrationals.

Kidney body types have the typical "swimmer's build", and need continual variety, or they procrastinate. This month we look at what's unique about the Kidney body type.

Sandalwood Essential Oil can be used to release Fear, Dread, (lack of) Faith, Terror, and Co-dependency. This month we take a close look at its various uses.

As always, I hope and trust that these newsletters help you enjoy a happier, healthier life.

Health and Happiness,
Dr. Carolyn Mein
In This Issue:

Chakra Vibrationals

The Kidney Body Type

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Save the Date

I am pleased to announce that I will be presenting in New York City on Saturday September 30, as part of the Life Illuminated Series. My topic will be Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.

More details regarding this event to follow in future emails.

Save the Date

I am pleased to announce that I will be presenting in Minneapolis Minnesota on Saturday October 13. I will be presenting Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils as well as The 25 Body Type System.

More details regarding this event to follow in future emails.

Chakra Vibrationals

In May’s newsletter I introduced Vibrationals, and discussed the Body Type Vibrationals. In June’s newsletter I discussed the Quadrant Vibrationals and the Acuity Vibrationals.

While Essential Oils assist the emotional and physical bodies, then filter into the mental and spiritual bodies, Vibrationals begin with the mental and spiritual, then filter into the emotional and physical. So while Essential Oils address specific emotions and Core Emotional Issues, choosing a Vibrational that would be beneficial is based on non-emotional factors. This series of discussions on Vibrationals serves to help choose a beneficial Vibrational. This month we examine the Chakra Vibrationals.

Chakra Vibrationals

Chakras are energy centers along the midline of the body that connect us with our world. Emotions can come into the body via the chakras and travel through the meridian system to lodge in the organ with their corresponding frequency.

Our bodies have an energy field commonly known as the Aura. It consists of seven layers each of which is associated with a chakra. The seven major chakras correspond to the major nerve plexuses of the physical body along the midline of the body. Each major chakra on the front of the body is paired with its counterpart on the back of the body.

The vibrationals for this chakra system are from Wheels of Light, A Study of the Chakras, by Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere.

1st Chakra (root, or Muladhara) is Snake. It is Physical, is associated with physical functioning and physical sensation-feeling physical pain or pleasure. The organ location is the Gonads, and relates to traditional root relationships including parents and grandparents. It is your base, your foundation, and related to Survival.

2nd Chakra (sacral, or Svadhishana) is Aquatic Animals and Dolphin Energy. It is Emotional, and associated with our emotional life and feelings. The area of the body is the immune system and is concentrated in Peyer’s Patches and the Lymphatics. It relates to those who teach us feelings and those we have feelings for like children and spouses. It is our emotional connection and related to Expectations.

3rd Chakra (solar plexus, or Manipura) is Birds of Prey and Birds. It is Mental, associated with the Adrenals or Spleen, and related to friends, classmates, and Intellectuals. It is mental, connected with opinions, and being a part of Mass Consciousness.

4th Chakra (heart, or Anahata) is Large 4-Legged and Small 4-Legged Mammals. It is Astral, associated with the Thymus or high Heart, and relates to Heart-chakra teachers, Jesus, Yogananda, Mother Teresa. Astral relates to a second feeling which is usually contrary to the first feeling, and relates to Greed.

5th Chakra (throat, or Vishuddha) is Merlin and Rainbow Maiden. It is Etheric, associated with the Thyroid, and relates to human legends, religious leaders and Divine rulers. Etheric relates to expression and Possessiveness.

6th Chakra (3rd eye, or Ajna) is Gryphon, Pele, and Wild Woman Archetype. It is Celestial, associated with the Pineal, and relates to archetypes, spirit teachers and spiritual friends. Celestial relates to inspiration and insight and relates to Conceit.

7th Chakra (crown, or Sahaswara) is Kachina. It is Ketheric, the 7th level of the aura that is associated with the Divine or Universal Consciousness. It is the strongest and most resilient layer of the auric field, and is associated with the development of personal resilience: the development of Body, Emotions, Mind and Accountability of our actions. It is associated with the Pituitary and relates to Prophets, Gurus and Saints. Kachina relates to immortal beings that teach and support life through controlling aspects of the natural world and society. Ketheric relates to release and surrender, and is associated with Rebellion. The other side of which is Oneness and is accessed through, “I am one with all that is.”

You've noticed that for certain Chakra Vibrationals there are multiple choices (such as Merlin or Rainbow Maiden for the 5th chakra). These embody different polarities, such as masculine/feminine. When choosing a Vibrational, go with the one that you feel most drawn to, or the one that embodies the characteristics you seek to integrate.

A good sequence for taking Vibrationals is to start with Mother or Father Genetics – begin with the parent you had the greatest difficulty with when you were growing up. Once you have finished the first one – which takes about a month – you are ready for the other parent. You could then do the Vibrational for your body type.

Next you can take the Vibrational for your quadrant. If you have an Eye body type, your quadrant is Mental & Spiritual. Once you have finished Mental & Spiritual, take either Physical & Mental or Spiritual & Emotional, then follow it with the other one. Finish with your non-dominant traits, the quadrant diagonal from your body type – Physical & Emotional, for the Eye – this allows you to integrate these traits into your being, enabling you to be more compassionate and understanding of people who are opposite you.

Vibrationals are a gentle way to make profound cellular changes, allowing you to bring more harmony into your life. Life is fun, so make the most of it and enjoy.

Don’t know your body type yet?
Determining your body type is easy using my online body type test:


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Are You a Kidney Body Type?

Do you tend to procrastinate until the last moment, forcing yourself to excel under pressure? Do you function best when you feel needed, or pressured by a deadline? Do you create pressure on yourself when there is little or no pressure from the outside? Then you may be a Kidney body type.


Celebrities with Kidney body type include Alanis Morissette, Brad Pitt, Kathy Rigby, Kristi Yamaguchi, Scott Hamilton, Mary Lou Retton, and Shawn Johnson.

Are you a Kidney body type? You might be, if:
  • You are a procrastinator
  • You push yourself to excel under pressure or at the last minute
  • You need a deadline to get things accomplished
  • You function best when you are needed, or pressured by time or performance
  • You find yourself creating pressure if there is little or no pressure from the outside
  • You are fearful by nature, building confidence through success in meeting challenges
  • You experience fulfillment through a variety of challenges

If this describes you, you could be a Kidney body type.


Women having the Kidney body type are usually petite-to-average in height, with a defined waist, and shoulders relately even with hips. They display a long, oval face with V-shaped chin and high forehead. Initial weight gain gathers in entire upper thighs, extending to knees, inner knees, lower hips and buttocks - with little if any gain in the abdomen. This body type is prone to developing cellulite.

Kidney body type men have a "swimmer's build" - broad shoulders, long slender torso, and a muscular appearance. They are strong and athletic, with a long, oval face with V-shaped chin and high forehead. They often have striking or energetic eyes. Initial weight gain occurs as a solid thickening around the waist, with minimal gain in the abdomen, except as solid musculature.


Just as the kidneys regulate body fluid levels and are responsive to arterial pressure, Kidney body types rise to the occasion when under pressure. They respond and function best when they are needed, particularly i funder time or performance pressure. If sufficient outside pressure doesn't exist, they will create it, procrastinating until they get behind in their projects to the point of discomfort, which forces them to excel and move beyond their previous limits. Fearful by nature, their success in meeting challenges builds confidence and prepares them for their next experience, allowing them to move further than they had ever dreamed.

Personality, Relationships & Career

Kidney body types are sensitive and expressive, and good listeners. Relationships are of paramount importance to them. They can respond to others objectively instead of emotionally. They enjoy being helpful to others, and are generally optimistic and non-judgmental.

They are highly creative, stimulated by variety, and have a continual need for new experiences, options and challenges. With an extreme enthusiasm for new ventures, they will work in energetic spurts until exhausted. They have a hard time letting go and won’t back down, and will dwell on a situation for days on end until they feel thoroughly complete with it. Although innately unsure of themselves, they push through challenges and excel, expanding their own limits. Unknowns can be unnerving for them, by triggering a fear that they won’t know how to perfectly handle them. Leadership roles minimize unknowns, and adds to their sense of power and feeling important. They are known procrastinators, and deadlines force them to make decisions.

The primary nature of Kidney body types is Emotional / Physical, although they are relatively balanced towards Mental and Spiritual as well. (Read more about these Points of Connection here.)


The primary benefit of exercise for Kidney body types is physical, as well as the alleviation of stress. For Kidneys, exercise allows movement in life, and gets energy moving through the body – so beneficial exercise includes Yoga, stretching, callanetics, tennis, swimming, running, and walking. Although they may have trouble getting motivated, exercise 4 times weekly is helpful for stress relief.

For more on exercising specifically for your body type, see the August 2017 Newsletter.

Health Concerns

Kidney body types have a strong, solid body with good muscle tone. Unlike many other types, they generally have easy pregnancies. Prone to mood swings, emotional volatility, and excess nervous energy. As children, prone to attention deficits and hyperactivity (which often subside at puberty). Muscle tension and sensitivity. Digestive distress – diarrhea, gas. Chronic tooth plaquing. May be sensitive to dairy foods, and prone to skin rashes.

Nutrition, Diet & Weight

Kidney body types do best with lunch being the largest meal. Breakfast and dinner should be light, and dinner should exclude dense proteins. Food rotation is important. When eating eggs, include salsa, tomato or ketchup; have lettuce with tuna; and include cranberries with turkey. Emphasize bananas and vegetables – especially tomatoes, broccoli, green beans and spinach.

The Kidney body type is one of the body types that can successfully follow a vegetarian diet. For more about body type and vegetarianism, see the February 2018 Newsletter.

To lose weight: increase food rotations; give 4-6 hours between breakfast and lunch, and 5-7 hours between lunch and dinner; decrease carbohydrates and increase proteins; and use visualization to hold a picture of yourself at your ideal weight.

Complete nutritional information including food lists for the Kideny body type can be found on the Kidney Quick Reference Card.

Core Emotional Issues

Each of the 25 body types encounters certain core emotional issues or lessons to overcome in life. For Kidney, these are:
  • Love - released with 3 Wise Men essential oil, "I allow myself to be real", transmutes to Detachment
  • Fear - released with Sandalwood essential oil, "I face the unknown", transmutes to Awareness or Faith
  • Misunderstood - released with Idaho Tansy essential oil, "The truth supports me", transmutes to Supported

To learn more about the Kidney body type, visit the Newsletter Archives.

Don’t know your body type yet?
Determining your body type is easy using my online body type test:
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Sandalwood Essential Oil
Sacred Sandalwood & Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood

Sandalwood is traditionally used in meditation. Its sweet, woodsy aroma fosters a space for clarity and relaxation when inhaled directly. Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood helps create a sense of focus and clarity when diffused. Sacred Sandalwood from Australia inspires passion and promotes feelings of confidence and clarity during yoga and meditation.

Inhaling Sandalwood enhances deep sleep, and may help remove negative programming from the cells. It is high in sesquiterpenes that stimulate the pineal gland and the limbic region of the brain, the center of emotions. The pineal gland is responsible for releasing melatonin, a powerful immune stimulant and antitumoral agent. Can be grounding and stabilizing.

Applied topically, Sandalwood can help enhance the natural radiance of healthy-looking skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffiness. When added to your daily moisturizer, this nurturing oil can reduce the appearance of blemishes and promote youthful-looking skin.

All emotions can be divided into 2 categories, either Love or Fear. Anything that is not Love is Fear based. Most of the emotions are fear of _______. For the Hypothalamus and Kidney body types, Fear itself is a core emotional issue. A good definition of FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. The other side of Fear is Awareness or Faith. To have Faith is to Face It. Awareness is turning the light on it – seeing what is real. The way out is, “I face the unknown.” Sandalwood is the oil that holds the Awareness or Faith frequency and is applied to the 3rd Eye.

Other emotions Sandalwood is used for are: Co-dependency, Dread, Faith (lack of), and Terror. For details on how to clear these emotions, refer to Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.

  • Apply 2-4 drops on location, chakras, and/or Vita Flex points
  • Apply to shoulders and back of neck to unwind after a long day
  • Apply to your wrists or over your heart as a peaceful companion during meditation
  • Diffuse during meditation to promote feelings of spirituality
  • Add a couple of drops to a cotton ball and place in your car’s vents to inspire a relaxing environment when caught in traffic
  • Diffuse at home for a spa-like atmosphere that is gentle and uplifting
  • Mix 2-3 drops with V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex for a relaxing massage
  • Add to daily moisturizer to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and to promote the appearance of radiant, younger-looking skin

One of the core emotional issues for the Kidney body type that Sandalwood essential oil transmutes is the fear of Love. The fear of Love includes the fear to love – giving or receiving, the fear of being or not being loved, and the fear of not being lovable; anything that has to do with fears around love. The other side of the fear of Love is Detachment. Detachment is letting go of the outcome, releasing control of how love should look or feel; being in a receptive state of allowance. The way you get there is, “I allow myself to be real.” Fear is commonly said to be stored in the kidneys, it is actually the fear of Love rather than fear itself that is stored in the kidneys.

oils_book_cover.jpg The 2018 Edition of Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils contains 12 new oils and 18 new emotions. If you have the 2017 Edition, these additions are available as the 2018 Addendum to bring you current.

Demonstration Video of Technique in
Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils