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March 23, 2018
Issue No. 57


Dear Readers,

Have you heard of the DASH Diet? It was primarily designed to reduce hypertension. This month I offer some improvements to it.

Gonadal body types are known for being playful, and for creating beauty and pleasure. This month we look at what's unique about the Gonadal body type.

Valor Essential Oil is the sixth and final of the 6 oils in the Young Living Feelings Collection, which we are exploring individually.

As always, I hope and trust that these newsletters help you enjoy a happier, healthier life.

Health and Happiness,
Dr. Carolyn Mein
In This Issue:

The DASH Diet (for Your Body Type)

The Gonadal Body Type

Valor Essential Oil

2018 Edition Released

I'm pleased to announce that the 2018 Edition of Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils is now available, featuring 20 new emotions and 15 new oils.

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The DASH Diet (for Your Body Type)


You may have heard of the DASH diet, which was designed about 10 years ago. Primarily conceived to prevent and control hypertension (high blood pressure), many studies have shown it to also reduce the risk of kidney stones and diabetes, and yes, weight loss has also been a benefit. The basics of the DASH diet are good, and here are some modifications that further improve it.

What is the DASH diet?

DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) was introduced by the NIH (National Institutes of Health), and is supported by strong recommendations from the USDA, not just for those with high blood pressure, but for all Americans. It has also been demonstrated to provide necessary macronutrients (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium), which are vital for sustaining life and vitality.

The keys to the DASH diet focus on intake of salt, dairy, and sugars. Salt is linked to hypertension, so the right amount (and type!) of salt are important. With dairy the emphasis is on non- and low- fat dairy consumption. And replacing sugar-sweetened foods with naturally sweet whole foods such as fruit.

A Healthy Approach to Salt

Salt helps food taste better, and is a necessary ingredient in a healthy diet. Salt breaks down into sodium and chlorine. Sodium is a macro nutrient the body requires for survival. Chlorine is used to produce hydrochloric acid, which is essential for the digestion of protein. Salt has gained a bad reputation as contributing to high blood pressure, but the body needs it. So, the right amount and right type of salt are important.

DASH recommends 2300 mg of sodium per day – which is provided by 1 teaspoon of salt daily. This is the standard recommendation for the average person. Low sodium is 1500 mg, which is 3/4 teaspoon, and recommended when you are wanting to reduce your salt intake.

To further improve upon this recommendation, consider the type of salt. Ordinary table salt “iodized salt” is actually stressful to the body – primarily because of the drying process which involves high heat and the grinding process that can introduce nickel, a heavy metal that in quantity can be toxic to the body. Air dried sea salt or Pink Himalayan salt are better choices.

The best salt I have found is Pink Salt. It consists of Alaea Hawaiian and Mediterranean air-dried salt. Its rich pink color indicates a high concentration of macro nutrients as well as other trace minerals. It is darker in color than Pink Himalayan salt and contains more minerals, causing it to have a more robust flavor. Commercial iodized salt is stressful for the body, and is found in almost all processed foods. Choosing unsalted foods and adding your own salt is one option, but not always available. I have found that adding Pink Salt to food that contains iodized salt will supply additional minerals that greatly reduce the negative effects of the iodized salt. It doesn’t take much, so you don’t need to make your food too salty.

Another consideration in salt consumption has to do with the adrenal glands. Salt stimulates them, which is one reason many people crave salt when low in energy. Those with an Adrenal or Liver body type should take care to not over-consume salt, as their adrenals tend to be easily over stimulated and increased stimulation can lead to adrenal exhaustion.

Dairy Without All the Fat

The DASH diet unilaterally recommends low-fat and non-fat dairy. This is one area where the body types vary greatly. This recommendation works well for the Liver body type, which does well with low-fat yogurt and should limit intake of whole or 2% milk and whole milk yogurt.

But for other body types such as the Gallbladder body type, whole milk or higher fat yogurt, and goat milk are highly supportive, while non-fat yogurt and milk are stressful.

Besides the fat content, other aspects of dairy are a consideration. Commercial cattle are generally fed GMO corn, which affects the milk and cheese. If you have a sensitive digestive system, make sure your dairy is from non-GMO sources.

Dairy in general, with the exception of butter, can be a challenge for many body types. The Skin body type will often experience brain fog when consuming dairy, and the Heart body type needs to eliminate dairy, except butter, when wanting to lose weight. If you experience phlegm after eating dairy, you are having difficulty digesting it.


DASH recommends 7-8 servings of grains per day. For most body types this is excessive, especially since most people have some sensitivity to hybrid, processed wheat. Oats, like oatmeal and/or oat flour, are easier to digest. Rye is an excellent grain for the Thymus body type as it is particularly supportive for the thymus gland. Rice, particularly white Basmati and Jasmine, provide an easily digestible carbohydrate.


The DASH diet recommends 4-5 servings of vegetables per day, which is excellent. Vegetables are a good default food and can be the mainstay of your diet. Starchy vegetables will take the place of grains and root vegetables can be made into crunchy snacks. But just because it’s a vegetable doesn’t mean it is safe. Cucumbers are “Rarely” foods for the Adrenal body type, as are cooked cabbage and raw onions for the Balanced body types. To determine your “Frequently” and “Rarely” vegetables, refer to your Body Type Profile and Diet. Don’t know your body type, take the test.


The DASH diet recommends 4-5 servings of fruit a day. Just eating fruit is not that simple. The biggest difference I have found among the 25 different body types is the time of day they can eat fruit. For some types, like the Adrenal, Eye, and Thyroid, it does not matter when they eat fruit, but the type of fruit makes a difference. The Thyroid body type should avoid really sweet fruits and stay with the ones that are relatively tart, while the Adrenal is just the opposite. Other body types like the Stomach should avoid fruit in the morning, but can eat it from lunch until bedtime. Hypothalamus can have fruit for breakfast, but not lunch or dinner.

The DASH diet in principle is a good diet plan and with a little tweaking can be implemented by any body type. Knowing your body type will allow you to personalize this diet – or any other diet plan to fit your unique body type.

Don’t know your body type yet?
Determining your body type is easy using my online body type test:

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Are You a Gonadal Body Type?

Gonadal Body Types are playful, creating beauty and pleasure


Celebrities with Gonadal body type include Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Marilyn Monroe, Al Pacino, Jennifer Lopez, Robert DeNiro, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Scarlett Johansson, Eminem, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Ryan Gosling, Justin Bieber, John Legend, Nicki Minaj, Janet Jackson, Salma Hayek, and Jennifer Lopez.

Are you a Gonadal body type? You might be, if:
  • You are physically expressive and enjoy creating beauty and pleasure
  • Your strong sexual energy attracts others to you
  • You thrive on contact with others
  • You have a predominantly playful nature that helps you to relieve stress
  • You seek “no-brainer” tasks – routine things that can be done physically, requiring little thought, but giving a visual result (cleaning, shopping, decorating, etc.)

If this describes you, you could be a Gonadal body type.


Gonadal body types are generally attractive with fine features and well-proportioned bodies. Women typically have long legs, an hourglass figure, rounded buttocks and a flat stomach. Weight gain occurs in buttocks, lower hips and thighs, but not the waist.

Gonadal men also have a flat stomach and rounded buttocks, and are able to achieve muscular definition in the torso. Balding may start in the front as early as age 20. Weight gain begins as a solid thickening around the waist, and as solid musculature over the abdomen.

Personality, Relationships & Career

Gonadal body types are predominantly light, playful and spontaneous. Beauty is important - both in personal appearance, and in their environment. They carry a strong sexual energy which attracts others to them.

Gonadals are driven by their emotions - when they are stressed or tired, they find it hard to concentrate or focus. Highly emotional and physically expressive, they openly display their emotional reactions.

Many popular actors and actresses are Gonadals, as this career is a very natural fit for them.

The primary nature of Gallbladder body types is Emotional / Physical. Read more about these Points of Connection here.


Gonadal body types can handle vigorous exercise. Dancing, walking or jogging twice a week is adequate. Exercises that develop the upper body are helpful. Gonadals need sunlight, so outdoors exercise is more beneficial.

Nutrition, Diet & Weight

Gallbladder body types do best with a lighter breakfast and lunch, and a larger dinner. They generally don't gain weight as easily as other body types, but are quicker to notice and address it.

For weight loss, reduce fats and be selective about fat sources (nuts, seeds and butter). Avoid spices, avoid breads at lunch and grains at dinner.

Complete nutritional information including food lists for the Gonadal body type can be found on the Gonadal Quick Reference Card.

Core Emotional Issues

The core emotional issues for Gallbladder body types are Identity (loss of), Repression, and Not Good Enough.

The other side of Identity (loss of) is Purpose, and is released using Release Essential Oil and the affirmation "I am in touch with my purpose". Repression can be transmuted into Creativity, using Clarity Essential Oil and "I change my perception". Not Good Enough can be turned into Acceptance, using Present Time Essential Oil and "I express my best".

To learn more about the Gonadal body type, see the Newsletter Archives.

Don’t know your body type yet?
Determining your body type is easy using my online body type test:

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Valor Essential Oil

The last oil in the Feelings Collection is Valor. Valor connects you with your Inner Strength. It is your Inner Strength that carries you through, that enables you to reach your goals.

The Feelings Collection takes us step by step along the path of healing emotional wounds. The first step and the first oil is Forgiveness, which allows us to connect with the Truth, enabling us to learn from all of life’s experiences. The second oil Harmony, brings about Elevation giving us the opportunity to rise above the hurts to value life. The third oil Inner Child, brings about our Inner Connection which is our connection with our inner self that is at the core of who we are. The fourth oil Release, assists us to be On Purpose, enabling us to progress in a positive way. The fifth oil Present Time, assists us to be Present, as being in present time is key to progressing and moving forward. To go into the clearing process in more depth, see the October, November, December 2017, and January, February 2018 newsletters.

The emotions that interfere with your ability to connect with your Inner Strength are: Aggression, Defensiveness, fear of Conflict, Inability to Cope, fear of Losing a Battle, Persecuted, Resignation, and Withdrawn. The other side: Respect, Receptive, Peace, Live, Growth, Revered, Inner Directed, and Detachment allow you to connect with your Inner Strength.

Valor is a blend of rosewood, blue tansy, frankincense and spruce. In ancient times it was used to prepare soldiers for battle. Valor essential oil balances energies to instill courage, confidence, and self-esteem. It helps the body self-correct its balance and alignment.

Valor may be applied to the bottoms of the feet, wrists, chest, base of neck or along the spine in raindrop technique. It may be directly inhaled, or 2-4 drops added to bath water.

For more information on the use of Essential Oils to release emotions, refer to Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.