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August 14, 2020
Issue No. 86



Dear Readers,

Current world events have many feeling uncertain, and many experiencing life changes. Essential Oils offer a path for transmuting negative emotions into positive ones, uplifting us so that we can focus and embrace change with confidence.

Thieves Essential Oil can be used to transmute feeling Uncertain into feeling Focused. It also has an interesting origin story from a historical pandemic, and is highly anti-viral.

Kidney body types are characterized by their tendency to procrastinate - if you can relate, you may be a Kidney body type.

As always, I hope and trust that these newsletters help you enjoy a happier, healthier life.

Health and Happiness,
Dr. Carolyn Mein
In This Issue:

Essential Oils for Uncertain Times

The Kidney Body Type

Thieves Essential Oil for Transmuting Uncertain into Focused

Essential Oils for Uncertain Times

The world is experiencing widespread change, which is manifesting differently for different people. Some are transitioning from one career to another, some are home schooling their own children, some are moving residences. These are all significant life changes, and change always brings opportunity. If we can conquer emotional fears, panic and worry, we can embrace this time of change to create a more harmonious, ideal life for ourselves and our families.

Change can be especially difficult when we aren’t yet certain where it’s headed, what the outcome will be. Fear, panic and worry are understandable, human reactions to such times. But these negative emotions create resistance to accepting the opportunities that times of change can bring. Transmuting these emotions can free us up to attract, recognize and accept different or better life circumstances.

Releasing Negative Emotions with Essential Oils

To embrace positive, expansive life change, we first need to release those lower vibrational emotions which hold us back. Fortunately there are techniques for this, including my Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils. This is based on an ancient technique used by the Egyptians – using the sense of smell to access these emotions through the limbic system of the brain, and then to transmute and release them. Emotions are stored in various organs of the body, and specific essential oils access these.

To release an emotion, the first step is to identify it. What are you feeling? Anxiety? Chaos? Derailed? Limbo? Panic? Shut Down? Uncertain? Worry?

Once you’ve identified the emotion, use the appropriate oil to transmute the negative emotion into its positive counterpart, as described in Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, and demonstrated in this video:


Repeat this process as often as the emotion comes up – and it will begin to fade, and surface less often, until it goes away. There’s a health benefit to releasing these negative emotions as well – they are stored in the organs of the body and make those organs more susceptible to disease.

Individualized Emotions

In addition to these widespread emotions, times of change can also trigger Core Emotional Issues. These are the emotions that each of the 25 body types are more susceptible to. This is one reason why we react differently than our friends that have different body types.

For example, the Core Emotional Issues of the Pineal body type are Control, Unknown (fear of), and Restriction. All of these can be easily triggered by current world events: to some it may feel like things are “out of control”; that the future is “unknown”; and that favorite activities or perhaps even career and social opportunities are currently “restricted.”

Meanwhile, a Heart body type’s core emotional issues are Loneliness, Not Good Enough, and Worry. Social distancing, the masking of smiles, and remote vs. in-person events are especially likely to trigger feelings of “loneliness”; struggling to home school children on difficult topics may trigger them feeling “not good enough”; and the overall upset in their lives can trigger them to “worry”.

If you already know your body type, your Core Emotional Issues are listed in your Profile & Diet booklet (or ebook), or in Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils. For more on resolving Core Emotional Issues, see my May 2020 newsletter.

Discover Your Body Type

If you don’t already know your body type, take my quick and easy online body type test – and immediately receive the Profile & Diet ebook for your body type, including over 60 pages of nutritional information, menu suggestions, exercise, core emotional issues and personality profile.

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Oils Lookup Online
Easy Access to Emotional Clearing
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oils_cover_sm.jpg Now you can lookup emotional clearing patterns quickly & easily from your smartphone, tablet or computer!

Simply search the name of an emotion you’re experiencing, an oil you’re drawn to, or a body point that’s signaling you – and the clearing pattern for that emotion, including body reference charts, appears. It’s that easy!

I found that many people have been carrying around their copy of Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils and thumbing through the reference charts when they experienced an emotion they wanted to clear. I launched Oils Lookup to provide a more convenient way to access these charts. I keep it updated as I discover new oils and emotions.

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Are You a Kidney Body Type?

Kidney Body Types tend to procrastinate, forcing themselves to excel when under the pressure of deadlines


Celebrities with Kidney body type include Alanis Morissette, Brad Pitt, Kathy Rigby, Kristi Yamaguchi, Scott Hamilton, Mary Lou Retton, and Shawn Johnson



More Pictures of Women's Body Types More Pictures of Men's Body Types

Are you an Kidney body type? You might be, if:
  • You are a procrastinator
  • You push yourself to excel under pressure or at the last minute
  • You need a deadline to get things accomplished
  • You function best when you are needed, or pressured by time or performance
  • You find yourself creating pressure if there is little or no pressure from the outside
  • You are fearful by nature, building confidence through success in meeting challenges
  • You experience fulfillment through a variety of challenges

If this describes you, you could be an Kidney body type.

Women's Appearance

Women with the Kidney body type generally have the "hourglass" shape. They are petite-to-average height, shoulders relatively even with hips. Hands are usually broad and square with short-to-average fingers. Thighs are large and muscular. Initial weight gain accrues in upper thighs, lower hips, buttocks and inner knees. Kidney women generally have easy pregnancies.

Men's Appearance

Men with the Kidney body type have a swimmer's build - strong and athletic, with a slender, muscular appearance. They have broad shoulders and a long, slender torso. They range in height from average-to-tall. Muscular definition is easy for them to attain.

Personality, Relationships & Career

Kidney body types are characterized by procrastination. If they don't feel they can do something perfectly, they put it off until a deadline looms. Pressure produces the stimulation to complete a task.

They are in touch with their emotions, sensitive, and expressive, and are exceptionally good at helping others become more aware of their feelings and effectively communicate them. Being good listeners, they typically respond to the words of others accurately and objectively, rather than emotionally.

Being generally optimistic and positive, they are usually nonjudgmental and look for the good qualities in people. Kidneys excel when working with others, particularly in a service or “teaching” capacity and find it extremely rewarding. Highly creative, they are stimulated by variety, and need a wide range of choices to choose from, especially when confronted with life’s challenges. Easily bored with conventional, routine, or repetitive activities, they are often drawn toward new, unproven ideas and technology.

The primary nature of Kidney body types is Emotional / Physical. (Read more about the Points of Connection.)


Kidney body types have strong, athletic bodies with good muscle tone. Exercise is good for movement, once they get motivated. Yoga, tennis, running or walking are good choices. Exercise 4 times per week is important for alleving stress.

For more on exercising specifically for your body type, see the August 2017 Newsletter.

Nutrition, Diet & Weight Management

Kidney types do best with lunch as the largest meal. Include protein for lunch, then have a light dinner without dense protein. Rotate foods. Olive oil daily builds immune system. Salsa and spicy foods stimulate lymphatic system. When eating eggs, add tomato, salsa or ketchup; add lettuce to tuna; and have cranberry sauce with turkey. Emphasize bananas and vegetables, especially tomatoes, broccoli, green beans and spinach.

To lose weight, rotate foods, and make breakfast a light meal. Reduce carbohydrates and increase proteins. Plan 4-6 hours between breakfast and lunch, and 5-7 hours between lunch and dinner. Use visualization to create and hold a mental picture of you at your ideal weight.

Kidney is one of the body types that can thrive on a vegetarian diet. For more about body type and vegetarianism, see the February 2018 Newsletter.

qrc_fan.jpg Complete nutritional information including food lists for the Kidney body type can be found on the Kidney Quick Reference Card, also available in ebook format.

Core Emotional Issues

Each of the 25 body types encounters certain core emotional issues or lessons to overcome in life. For Kidney body type, these are:
  • Love - released with 3 Wise Men Essential Oil, "I allow myself to be real", transmutes to Detachment
  • Fear - released using Sandalwood or Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil, "I face the unknown", transmutes to Awareness / Faith
  • Misunderstood - released using Idaho Tansy or Idaho Blue Tansy Essential Oil, "The truth supports me", transmutes to Supported

To learn more about the Kidney body type, review past newsletter articles about the Kidney body type.

Don’t know your body type yet?
Determining your body type is easy using my online body type test:



Thieves Essential Oil
For Transmuting Uncertain into Focused

Thieves is an essential oils blend that’s particularly applicable today. The name, and the blend itself, has a very interesting history. During the second outbreak of the bubonic plague (“Black Death”) over 600 years ago, the fear of contagion was so high that people would avoid the sick and dying.

Four men, however, would confidently approach the dying and the dead, and rob them of any valuables. They were arrested and sentenced to being burned alive, the price for their crime in those days. The judge was so curious about how they had avoided catching the plague during all their close contact with victims, that he offered to pardon them from the fire if they shared their secret for avoiding the disease.

The men, who were spice and perfume merchants, eagerly shared that they had concocted an essential oil blend to protect them, applying it to their hands, feet, temples, ears, and face mask. The judge kept his word, sparing the men from the fire, and sending them to be hanged instead. Centuries later, their essential oil recipe would be named “Thieves” in their honor.

Thieves is an essential oil blend including clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary. Besides its rich and spicy aroma, which is refreshing as a deodorant when diffused, Thieves is also at the heart of many cleaning products, sanitizers and disinfectants.

Thieves is highly anti-viral, anti-septic, anti-bacterial, and anti-infections. I won’t say that it prevents any infections or disease, it does provide a natural, non-toxic way to clean and sanitize – unlike the more popular hand sanitizers that contain methanol, which is toxic even when absorbed through the skin.

Thieves can be used to release the emotions Different, Sneaky, and Uncertain. Feeling Uncertain is a common and natural response to current world events. As government imposed restrictions continue to keep many schools, businesses, and activities shut down, with no definitive end in sight, many are affected with job changes, residence changes, and upended routines and schedules. Uncertain transmutes into Focused, and the affirmation is “I am clear and focused.” Transmuting Uncertain into Released is one way to help embrace the opportunities brought by changes that may feel unwelcome and forced upon us.

Demonstration Video
For Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils


oils_book_cover.jpg Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils
Is Now Online!

Oils Lookup Online


To learn more about the use of Essential Oils to release emotions, refer to Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.

Or, for quick access to clear a specific emotion from your computer, tablet or smart phone, try the recently launched Oils Lookup.