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October 15, 2021
Issue No. 100



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In this month's health article I present causes and solutions for weight gain that are nutritious and effective.

New Oils and Emotions are added to Oils Lookup in between releases of the Blue Book. This month I have compiled recent additions for you that have been added since the most recent edition was published.

Thyroid body types are practical people who thrive on doing things that are worthwhile. Take the quick quiz to see if you might be a Thyroid body type.

As always, I hope and trust that these newsletters help you enjoy a happier, healthier life.

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In This Issue:

Weight Gain: Causes & Solutions

Are You a Thyroid Body Type?

New Essential Oils for Clearing Emotions

Weight Gain: Causes & Solutions

Body out of Balance

One of the first things that occurs when the body is out of balance is a fluctuation in weight. Sometimes it will be weight loss, but for most people, it is weight gain.

Weight gain occurs for different reasons. Sometimes it’s as simple as eating too much for a person’s level of activity. Food is often used as a reward, which can set up a pattern of eating to reward or nurture oneself when under emotional stress.

Weight gain can result from eating foods that are difficult for the body to process, digest or eliminate. Even foods that are supportive for the body can be stressful to process if they are consumed at times when the body doesn’t have the energy to digest or assimilate them.

Some popular diet programs are a form of starvation, such as drastic reduction of caloric intake. While this may temporarily work for some body types in producing weight loss, once the diet ends and normal consumption resumes, the body will gain back what it lost and then some extra, preparing for the expectation that there will be another “famine” cycle.

Seeing this pattern in my patients is why I researched and developed the 25 Body Type System. My goal was to provide a practical nutrition program which addressed these sources of weight gain without harsh dieting. I realized that people have different nutritional needs and digestive patterns and that this would not be a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Ultimately, the ideal program for losing or managing weight requires a multi-faceted approach.

The Pitfalls of Comfort Food or Eating as a Reward

Emotion is often a factor in weight gain. Stress produces cortisol, warning the body that we don’t feel safe, and causing the body to retain fat in preparation for difficulty ahead. When we don’t know how to resolve those emotions, we tend to feed the problem with comfort eating.

Foods that are used for comfort, or as a reward, are usually sweets that contain refined sugar. The biggest problem with refined sugar is its lack of minerals. When refined sugar is ingested, the body has to pull minerals from other areas to process the sugar, resulting in a depletion of minerals and empty calories, leading to weight gain. Solutions include choosing healthy supportive foods like fruit, or drinking hot tea, as your comfort or reward. When something crunchy is desired, choose a low calorie snack such as popcorn, or make chips from vegetables.

You can also find other ways to nurture or reward yourself like getting out in nature, reading or taking a hot bath.

Ultimately, identifying and releasing the sources of stress will help reduce weight gain from comfort eating. Resolving emotional stress involves identifying the core emotional issues, realizing the truth about the problem, and releasing the energy that holds it in place. Once the energy is released, a plan of action surfaces. My technique for this is detailed in Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils or my demonstration video.

Finding Foods that Support You

Individualized nutrition is the sustainable way to support the body while maintaining an ideal weight. It involves eating the right foods at the right times of day. These two factors can be very different for people with different body types. Knowing which foods support you and which are stressful to your digestive system empowers you to make healthy choices and work WITH your body instead of fighting against it.

Many foods that are generally considered healthy and supportive can actually be stressful for certain body types. Almonds can be very stressful for Pineal and Thalamus body types, while olive oil is stressful for those having a Blood body type. Peanut butter is supportive for Kidney and Spleen body types, but not for Balanced, Gonadal or Pineal body types.

Time of day can make even supportive foods stressful to digest for certain body types. Those with a Pituitary body type are better off consuming most of the day’s protein before 2:00 PM when their body has the energy to assimilate it, while those with an Adrenal body type do very well having most of their protein at dinner. The best time of day to eat fruit is also a major consideration for each body type, as fruit is high in glucose, which is a sugar.

If you don’t already know your body type, I have an online test for women and test for men. The test provides a detailed, 60-page ebook for your body type including sample menus, food lists, and much more.

Supporting and Improving Digestion

Gas, bloating, a heavy, full feeling or wanting to take a nap after eating are common symptoms indicating your body is having difficulty digesting what you have eaten. The most important element in digesting protein is salt because sodium is essential for the manufacture of hydrochloric acid necessary for protein digestion. However, the salt used in most prepared or commercial foods has been heated, iodized, and ground through a nickel screen. This nickel stresses the body, even in trace amounts.

Better choices are sea salt, Himalayan, grey, or specialty salts. My favorite is Pink Salt by Premier Research Labs. It contains Hawaiian and Mediterranean air dried sea salt which includes supportive trace minerals. Designs for Health makes a very good product, Hydrolyzyme which is also excellent for digesting protein powders.

Many people have difficulty digesting fats. Fats contain essential fatty acids essential to life. Fats are needed in order to digest protein and carbohydrates. “Good fats” are found in olive oil, coconut oil, fish oils, butter, avocado, nuts and seeds. Bile is needed for digesting fats. This is important not only for nutrition, but also because the body stores what it can’t digest as fat. Bile is produced in the gallbladder, and low-fat diets can result in a gallbladder attack and gallbladder removal. My favorite product for digesting fats is Bilemin by Apex.

Enzymes are the other component in digestion. Enzymes are present in raw foods and are killed by heat, so cooked foods require enzymes from your body’s stores to digest. A good all- around digestive aid is Digestzymes by Designs for Health. It contains hydrochloric acid, bile, salts and enzymes.

Ideas for Snacks, Bars, & Protein Drinks

Our busy lives and schedules often interfere with our ability to sit down and eat 3 healthy meals per day. Blood sugar problems are becoming more prevalent and require eating smaller meals more often, or including snacks. Good snacks include nuts, seeds, fruit (fresh or dried), and vegetables. Ideally, soak raw nuts or seeds overnight and add Pink Salt, preparing only what you will eat the following day and possibly the next. If you don’t like soggy nuts, you can dry them in the oven on a cookie sheet with Pink Salt at 200 degrees. Once nuts and seeds are dried, they can be stored for extended periods of time. Another option is to buy unsalted, dry, roasted nuts and seeds and add Pink Salt. You can mix your favorites together and add dried fruit if you desire. Some nuts and seeds can be eaten raw – refer to your food lists in your Body Type Profile & Diet booklet to see which are most supportive for your body type, as well as which fruits and vegetables best support your system. Quick Reference Cards summarize the food lists for your body type on one convenient card.

Designs for Health makes nutritious bars that taste like candy bars, particularly their Coccomune, Chocomint DF, and MochaNRG DF. These have been popular among my patients and they test well for them. I find a bar and nuts very satisfying as a snack or even a meal replacement.

Drink and protein powders are also good choices. The NutriBullet 900 series blenders makes smoothies quick and practical with minimal cleanup. Greens are available in powder form. One of the best I have found is made by World Health Mall and comes in the Original, Berry, and even Chocolate, which is by far the most popular with my patients. Designs for Health makes a high quality Pure Paleo Protein with clean beef from Sweden which comes in Chocolate or Vanilla flavors.

Getting an Energy Boost

A key benefit from proper nutrition is steady, consistent energy throughout the day. Coffee is a popular stimulant many use to “get going” in the morning. The problem with coffee is that it can also rob the body of nutrients. Many body types can still enjoy their coffee if they add coconut oil or butter. A popular alternative is green tea which contains caffeine and is a powerful antioxidant.

Re-Vita can provide an energy boost – mix lemon-lime Re-Vita with water as a lemonade, or mix Berry with unsweetened cranberry concentrate as a tasty beverage.

You may find yourself drawn to support different aspects of yourself at different times, depending on what is going on with you. Your needs change as you change. Pay attention to your body and do what best supports you.

Are You a Thyroid Body Type?



Women with Thyroid body type can range from petite to tall, with small to medium bone structure. They have well-proportioned bodies with a defined to well-defined waist, and shoulders relatively even with hips. They have a delicate appearance, with slender hands, long tapered fingers, and narrow feet. Initial weight gain occurs in lower abdomen, waist, upper hips and thighs, inner knees, and middle back.
Men with Thyroid body type can range from average to tall, with small to medium bone structure. They have a proportionate or slender torso, often with a slight or slender build, and small-to-average hands and narrow feet, thin-to-average thighs and calves, and shoulders relatively even with hips. Able to achieve muscular definition in torso with exercise.
Pictures of Women's Body Types Pictures of Men's Body Types

Celebrities with Thyroid Body Type include J.K. Rowling, Matthew McConaughey, Richard Chamberlain, Katharine Hepburn, Leonard Nimoy, Hillary Rodham-Clinton, Nancy Reagan, Adam Levine, Ashton Kutcher, Russell Brand, Johnny Depp, Shaun White, and Chris Martin.

Are You A Thyroid Body Type?
blue_checkbox.png I am theoretical and practical
blue_checkbox.png I thrive on doing things that are worthwhile
blue_checkbox.png I can understand and relate to all types of people
blue_checkbox.png • I am both intellectual and sensory, with an intense interest in aesthetics, music, theater or art
blue_checkbox.png I am gregarious and social, easily fitting in with others
blue_checkbox.png My sense of feeling self-contained leads you to internalize rather than asserting your feelings and attitudes
blue_checkbox.png I am independent and relatively private
blue_checkbox.png I am extremely responsible and known for going to great lengths to fulfill your obligations, often at my own expense
blue_checkbox.png I am able to see both sides of an issue, distill it, and communicate its essence
blue_checkbox.png I have a need to share my discoveries
blue_checkbox.png I don’t have a need to share what’s happening in my life with others
blue_checkbox.png I have slender fingers and narrow feet
blue_checkbox.png I avoid conflict, then approach it gingerly and indirectly

Don’t know your body type yet?
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Discover your body type to learn what to eat and when, how to manage your weight without unhealthy dieting, how to increase your energy and stamina, and how to end food cravings forever. You’ll also learn the best type and time for exercise, and receive a detailed personality profile.

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To learn more about the Thyroid body type, see past newsletter articles about the Thyroid body type.

New Essential Oils for Clearing Emotions

Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils currently (2020 Edition) includes over 160 oils and over 550 emotions. Updates occur when oils I’ve referenced are discontinued, or when patients ask for a clearing pattern for an emotion not already in the book. I typically provide such updates in these newsletters.

Here I’ve compiled a few of the more recent updates since the latest edition of the book for your convenience. As a reminder, all updates are immediately added to Oils Lookup. They will also appear in the next edition of the book.

When an oil is discontinued, I test for a replacement oil with a similar vibration that will access and clear the emotion through the limbic system. Here are some recent updates:
  • Live with Passion – discontinued; use Relieve It to release “Trauma” and “Hurt”; if you don't have Relieve It, Orange essential oil can be used; use Magnify Your Purpose for “Pushing”; use Live Your Passion for “Self-Betrayal”
  • Inspiration – discontinued; use Freedom for “Fatigue”

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