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October 22, 2013
Issue No. 4



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This month I am introducing a new section to the newsletter for Emotional Wellness tips based upon Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, and will be featuring a new essential oil each month.

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In This Issue:

Health Tips - How to Conquer Sugar Cravings!

You Might Be a Brain Body Type if ...

Core Emotional Issues and Life Lessons

Essential Oil of the Month: Lavender

Protecting Yourself from Cell Phone EMFs

Health Tips

Conquering Sugar Cravings!

Sugar cravings can come in a multitude of different forms and for different reasons. When you want something sweet, do you want a piece of chocolate, candy, a cookie, ice cream - or perhaps something salty like a pretzel, chips or nuts? When do you experience the craving - is it after you have eaten what should be a balanced meal, mid-afternoon when your energy drops, after a work-out, before you go to bed, or when you are feeling a little hungry but don't know what you want? Multiple scenarios with multiple solutions.

It would amaze me that I could eat a balanced meal and then immediately crave something sweet. I would find myself eating a little of this and a little of that (grazing) and still not be satisfied. It was as though my body wanted something it wasn't getting. Our bodies have a blood brain barrier which means we need a sugar molecule to act as a transport to take protein across the barrier into the brain. This is why we crave sugar after eating protein. The product ReVita which contains all 22 of the amino acids uses fructose as a transport mechanism. I found that if I put 1/8 teaspoon of ReVita in a spoon and ate that, repeating it until I no longer wanted something sweet, I was generally satisfied after eating only 1/2 teaspoon or less. ReVita gave me the sugar I needed, supplied any of the amino acids I didn't get in my meal, plus trace minerals and enzymes.

Sometimes, I found that I wanted something salty. The body needs hydrochloric acid to break down protein. It manufactures hydrochloric acid from the sodium chloride found in salt. In addition to sodium chloride, Pink Salt contains minerals which strengthen the digestive system. Adding a little Pink Salt to my food, as well as cooking with it, makes a big difference in digestibility, as well as taste. Some people like putting Pink Salt in their hand and licking it, others will add it to water and drink, some gargle and swallow, while others will add it to unsalted nuts and/or seeds.

Another good digestive aid is fresh young coconut and coconut water. I prefer the coconut water directly from the coconut rather than the packaged coconut waters. Many of the health food stores will open the young coconut for you, then you can take it home, pour out the water, scrape out the coconut and store in a glass container for a few days. Young coconut is high in magnesium, as are almonds and chocolate. Sometimes a chocolate craving is actually a cry for magnesium.

Have you ever had the experience of craving ice cream, thinking that a few bites would satisfy, and finding you had eaten a large portion out of the container? Only to realize you still weren't satisfied? When this happened to me, I asked myself what it was that I really wanted. I realized it was cold and sweet. My next step was to think of other foods that were cold and sweet. I came up with frozen cherries and frozen mangoes. I found both of these solutions worked and were even more satisfying than ice cream - as well as being much better for the waist line.

What about cookies or cake, when you want something a bit more chewy? My next step was to look at the ingredients. They both contain flour, butter and sugar - sweet. Since most people have sensitivities to wheat, I decided to use oat flour, melt butter, add salt - which surprisingly makes it sweet, and added fine cut oatmeal for more texture. All of this can be done on the stove and doesn't require baking. With this as a base, multiple variations can be added including sliced almonds, pecans, cashews, coconut flakes, butternut or vanilla ReVita for more sweetness, spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. These are just a few possibilities, you can include your favorites.

Conquering food cravings requires being conscious of what your body is telling you it really wants and needs. Once you have had the experience of giving your body what it needs, you have a reference point. You know when you are in balance, as well as when you are not. Here are some places to start.

Don’t know your body type yet? Start here:

Women's Body Type Test
Men's Body Type Test

Body Type Spotlight

Are You a Brain Body Type?

You might be a Brain Body Type if:
  • You need every last bit of information before you can make a decision
  • Being “right” is very important to you
  • You like being in control because if you’re not, things fall apart
  • You experience “brain fog” if you’re tired or depressed
  • Tofu is an excellent protein source for you

If this sounds like you, you may be a brain body type!

Brain Body Type celebrities include Jerry Seinfeld, Meryl Streep, Andre Agassi, Uma Thurman.

Learn more about the Brain Body Type

Emotional Wellness

Core Emotional Issues
and Life Lessons

Early in my research for the 25 Body Type System, I found that the commonalities among people with the same body type extended beyond physical characteristics and nutritional aspects. Those sharing a body type also share personality traits and characteristics, and are motivated in the same way.

As I delved into working with essential oils to clear emotional patterns, I discovered a connection between body type and common or core emotional issues, as well as life lessons.

For example, since the Brain body type is highlighted this month, the Core Emotional Issues for the Brain body type are: fear of Abandonment, Worry, Addiction, and/or Abuse.

While we all have all the emotional patterns, there are some issues that are more of a problem for some types than others. The emotional issues that create the greatest stress are the basic learning challenges for each body type and are listed here along with the other side of the emotion and the affirmation or way of shifting a negative emotional experience to a positive one.

The emotion I would like to highlight this month is Abandonment. In addition to Brain, it is also a core emotional issue for the Adrenal, Intestinal, Lung, Pituitary, Skin, Spleen, Stomach, and Thymus body types. The other side of the fear of Abandonment is at-one-ment which relates to the feeling of being at one with all that is. The transitional statement which enables one to move from the negative to positive emotional expression is "I learn from all of life's experiences." The feeling of abandonment is stored in the small intestine, located at the waist on both sides, midway between the bottom of the last rib and top of the hip. The essential oil, Lavender, is applied to the small intestinal alarm points and the emotional points on the frontal eminences.

Clearing an emotional pattern is achieved most quickly by connecting and releasing all aspects: the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

Feeling both sides of the emotion provides a focus and gives the blocked emotion a positive direction in which to move. Knowing both sides of the emotion allows for a mental understanding and brings the experience into a conscious awareness.

The spiritual aspect is achieved by the transition statement which provides a means of moving from the negative to the positive side of the emotion.

Essential oils access the limbic system of the brain which is the seat of emotion. When essential oils are applied to the alarm points, the cellular memory stored in the body is released.

To clear an emotion, smell the essential oil, feel both sides of the emotion, say the transition statement and apply the appropriate essential oil to the associated alarm point and the emotional release points on the frontal eminences of the forehead. Repeat as needed -- whenever the emotion arises or you think about it, as well as at night before going to sleep. More information is available in Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.

Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils (Paperback)

Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils (eBook PDF Format)

Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils (Amazon Kindle Version)

Essential Oil of the Month


In addition to the fear of Abandonment, Lavender is also used to release Criticism, which is stored in the skin and is a core emotional issue for the Skin and Intestinal body types. Abandonment is a Core Emotional Issue for the Adrenal, Brain, Intestinal, Lung, Pituitary, Skin, Spleen, Stomach and Thymus body types.

Lavender essential oil is calming, relaxing and balancing – both physically and emotionally. It is the most versatile of all the essential oils and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Examples of topical uses include:
  • Rub on dry, chapped or sunburned skin or lips to soothe
  • Place drop on bee sting or insect bite to reduce pain and swelling
  • Place drop on cut to stop bleeding
  • Place drop on tip of tongue, navel, or behind ears to alleviate symptoms of motion sickness

Aromatic uses include:
  • Rub a drop on palms and on pillow to help you sleep
  • Rub on palms and inhale to alleviate the symptoms of hay fever or allergies
  • Inhale for relaxation (University of Miami research shows this increases brain beta waves)
  • Diffuse in office area for increased concentration

For a more complete list of applications for Lavender Essential Oil, please visit the link below:

Lavender Essential Oil in the Body Type Online Store

Good Health Product Showcase

Protecting Yourself from Cell Phone EMFs

Are cell phones safe?

There are frequent references even in mainstream media about potential long-term health concerns with cell phone usage.

I have produced a short video demonstrating the effects of EMF protectors and cell phone use – you can view this here:

EMF Neutralizers in the Body Type Online Store


All appliances, computers, TV's, cell phones, radio, digital devices, air conditioners, lighting, power lines, communication lines, air waves, and radio waves produce damaging electromagnetic fields. These fields cannot be seen, but may be felt in the form of stress, headaches, sleeplessness, and moodiness. These frequencies interfere with the body's own electromagnetic operating system thus causing abnormal conditions and stress which may cause other more chronic and debilitating symptoms.

Cell phones have been cited as one of the sources of the highest amount of electromagnetic radiation and we carry them around everywhere we go. Therefore, it is of the utmost priority that we have shields from the radiation that these phones emit. Holding the phone right next to your brain can cause the most damage, and if you carry the cell phone in your pocket, it may harm the pelvic area and reproductive system. The terrible effects of these phones are almost unbelievable, and can cause irreparable, long-term damage.

EMF Neutralizers in the Body Type Online Store