Carolyn Mein, D.C.
The 25 Body Type SystemTM

November 20, 2015
Issue No. 29


Dear Readers,

My 25 Body Type System is sometimes mis-characterized as simply another diet program. So I find that people are invariably surprised when they read the personality profile for their body type for the first time. This month I look at what motivates a Brain body type, and what their core emotional issues and life lessons are. As a refresher, in October 2013 we reviewed several other defining characteristics of this body type.

Addiction and Abuse are two core emotional issues for the Brain body type. SARA and Peace and Calming are the essential oils to release these emotions, as discussed below.

With the holidays approaching, I receive lots of questions relating to healthy eating. In past newsletters, I addressed How to Conquer Sugar Cravings, and 7 Tips for Enjoying the Holidays without Compromising your Diet.

Ever since I added the Body Type Test to my website it has been very popular. Thousands have now determined their own body type and received the 60-page ebook for their body type. I have just updated the website to allow a Body Type Test to be purchased as a gift! Your recipient will receive a personalized email from you which includes the link to take their test, and when finished they will immediately receive an email with their Body Type Profile and Diet Booklet attached as an ebook. This makes an ideal birthday or holiday gift for anyone interested in understanding themselves better, physically and emotionally.

Gift - Body Type Test and ebook for Women

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As always, I hope and trust that these newsletters help you enjoy a happier, healthier life.

Health and Happiness,
Dr. Carolyn Mein
In This Issue:

The Brain Body Type

Chakra Harmony DVD

SARA Essential Oil

Peace and Calming Essential Oil

The Brain Body Type

Do you find yourself wanting to know all there is to know about a subject before you make a decision? Do you find yourself collecting so much information during the day that when you get home at night, the last thing you want to do is make a decision as to what to eat for dinner? Is being right a high priority for you? If this describes you, you could be a Brain body type.

Core Emotional Issues and Life Lessons

A sense of DIRECTION is essential for the Brain body type to feel safe and secure. It provides them with a sense of well-being and allows them to relax and feel comfortable. Direction is so important, it is a PASSION for the Brain body type.

The LIFE LESSON for the Brain, is “to be free in the physical world.” Brains are very comfortable in the mental and spiritual worlds, but the physical world can feel unsafe, especially since the majority have experienced physical or emotional abuse before the age of 5. The abuse imprints the challenge to learn how to be safe outside the “ivory tower” of the intellectual world. It forces them to learn how to interact with people in ways that are supportive to both themselves and others.

This need to be safe creates a drive to be exceptionally well prepared to go out into the world – wanting to thoroughly research something before making a decision, and cautiousness about entering into new situations or making plans. To break this cycle, some Brains will throw caution to the wind and be spontaneous, trust life and live by their wits like taking off to travel with friends with limited plans and financial resources. Facing these fears allows them to strengthen their spiritual connection and become more comfortable in the physical world.


The motivation for change is HOPELESSNESS. It is this hopelessness that propels the Brain body type to change the situations they find themselves in. They will often create difficult situations to force themselves to figure out a positive direction. It is the direction that gives life meaning.

Core Emotional Issues

The core emotional issue for the Brain body type is ADDICTION. The addiction may be to drugs, alcohol, sex, work or emotional abuse. It may also manifest as OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), often expressed as “a clean freak” or the opposite - being extremely messy. The other side of addiction is FREEDOM. It is by embracing and embodying freedom that the Brain body type becomes “free in the physical world.”

The essential oil for Addiction is Peace & Calming. The way to move from addiction to freedom is “I am wanted and lovable.” Addiction is stored in the brain and the point is located midline at the hairline. The other side of addiction is Freedom.

For this technique, see the demonstration video.

The essential oil for any or all forms of Abuse is SARA. The other side is Nurtured and the way to get there is “I deserve to be loved.” The emotion is deep; it is stored in cellular memory which is located 2” above the belly button (umbilicus). Nurtured is ultimately about learning to nurture and pamper one’s self which is a means of connecting one’s feelings with one’s intellect. It is important to let go of rigid restrictive rules to connect with, integrate and balance the emotional, playful side. Satisfying the “little kid” with something nourishing provides an emotional fix allowing one to feel loved. Learning to love yourself makes it possible to believe that someone else can love you.

SARA is also used for the fear of Acceptance, which can manifest as “what will I do if I am accepted into this group or position”. Many times there is fear around what would normally be considered a positive emotion or experience because of unresolved fears. The other side of Acceptance is Rejection which can feel like a more comfortable place. The “way out” is, “I can be accepted.”

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Chakra Harmony DVD

The 2nd Chakra is associated with Relationships. This includes relationships with one’s self, as well as with others. The problem with relationships is expectations – expectations we have of others and expectations they have of us. Expectations set us up for failure because there is no way to fulfill them all of the time, especially if they are unrealistic. The other side of EXPECTATIONS is APPRECIATING. Freedom comes from letting go of your expectations of others, expecting nothing and appreciating everything you receive from them. The way to achieve this by being complete within yourself; so the affirmation is “I am complete within myself.”

Toning along with the use of the oils, feeling the emotions and embodying the affirmations provides another level of clearing. The musical note for the 2nd chakra is D and D#. The vowel sound is “O”. Toning for the 2nd chakra, the Creative Chakra, consists of applying the essential oil SARA on the Bladder alarm point, the emotional points on the forehead, top of head, spinal cord or release point, and both filter points. Then smell the oil, feel both sides of the emotion, and say the statement or “way out”. Play the note D, and tone the vowel sound “O”. Breathe in a deep clearing breath and exhale, releasing any held energies. Smell the oil, feel both sides of the emotion and say the statement. Play the note and tone the vowel sound ending with a releasing, cleansing breath. Repeat a third time to clear all three layers in the front of the body.

These three layers correspond to three energy layers that extend from the physical body. The 1st layer relates to health, or the physical energy body, it contains the energy reserves you hold for yourself. This layer is usually best felt at approximately four inches away from the body. The 2nd layer is primarily emotional and contains the energy we have for other people. It is approximately eight inches away from the body. The 3rd layer is associated with the mental body and extends about twelve inches and beyond from the body. The three aspects of toning, sound, hearing and release, correspond to the mind, body and spirit, thus supporting and enhancing function, growth and development.

To clear all three layers in the back of the body, repeat the procedure toning D# (sharp) instead of D three times. At the beginning of the day, clearing all the chakras with oils and toning is a great way to align your energy fields or to recap and unwind before retiring for the night. The Chakra Harmony DVD was designed to be used either actively to enhance your experience, or passively as background to soothe and balance your energy field and your environment.

For a quick pickup, test each chakra and treat only the one or ones that are out of balance. The most powerful is the eighth chakra which affects the third layer or outermost energy field and ties all the chakras and the energies they carry together. Tone three times to correct, running your hand from the top of your head down your sides, back, and front of your body, clearing your field and sealing your aura with your intention. Retest to confirm correction and determine if anything else needs to be enhanced. Enhancing the 8th chakra will balance your energy for the day, allowing you to approach the world with a clear field and attract your hearts desire.

SARA Essential Oil

SARA Essential Oil helps unlock traumatic experiences such as physical and emotional abuse. Applying SARA over energy centers and areas of abuse - lower navel, lower abdomen, temples, nose, and feet - enables one to relax into a mental state that facilitates the release of the trauma of sexual and/or ritual abuse. SARA contains Geranium, Lavender, Rose, Blue Tansy, Orange, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, and White Lotus which help release negative trauma. The combination of essential oils In SARA may help bring a sense of comfort, ease, confidence, and restore equilibrium.

For a demonstration of how to use essential oils to clear emotional patterns, click below to watch my video:

Peace & Calming Essential Oil

Peace & Calming Essential Oil helps create a deep sense of peace and emotional well-being. The oil helps dampen tensions, uplift spirits, combat depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia. When massaged on the bottom of the feet, it can be a wonderful prelude to a peaceful night's sleep. Peace & Calming is a gentle, fragrant blend of Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouly, and Blue Tansy essential oils. The blend is specifically designed for diffusing.

Other applications:
  • Diffusing in the room may calm overactive or hard to manage children
  • Dilute 1:15 with vegetable oil for a relaxing massage
  • Mix several drops with bath gel in warm water for a relaxing bath.
  • Diffusing Peace & Calming while sleeping may help in stopping nocturnal teeth grinding
  • Rubbing on the stomach may be soothing when upset or under stress
  • Diffusing may be calming to animals. Rubbing on the paws of animals helps them remain calm when traveling