Carolyn Mein, D.C.
The 25 Body Type SystemTM

May 15, 2015
Issue No. 23



I have been seeing patients with increased problems due to environmental toxins. This month, I am sharing some tips for mitigating or neutralizing the effects of environmental toxins on the body.

I also present some of the health and emotional benefits of Peppermint essential oil, which is used to release Failure, a core emotional issue for the Thalamus body type - which I also review in depth.

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In This Issue:

How to Cope with Environmental Toxins

Peppermint Essential Oil to Release Fear of Failure

You might be a Thalamus Body Type if …

How to Cope with Environmental Toxins
Now that the days are long and summer is upon us, there is an impelling desire to spend more time outdoors. Plants and trees are blooming which can trigger allergies. Allergies come from the immune system, particularly the thymus gland, being over-active and hyper-vigilant. Applying Peppermint essential oil or Thieves can help by calming down and supporting the immune system. Cleaning the sinuses with Pink Salt water helps heal irritated mucous membranes. In the shower, apply sea salt to the chest and solar plexus.

Inhalation of toxins from a polluted environment is another outdoor hazard. In addition to sinus or respiratory congestion, you may be aware of eye irritation - runny eyes, blurry vision, redness or fatigue. One of the best remedies I have found for eyes is doing an eyewash using Dr. Christopher's Eyebright.

Drinking at least one-half your weight (one-half ounce per pound of body weight) in good quality water is essential to clearing the toxins out of the body. Adding fresh lemon juice, mint leaves or a drop of peppermint oil to your water can improve the taste and quality of the water.

Noticing fatigue or headaches? The kidneys are the largest elimination system in the body. They are responsible for eliminating 50% of all waste, which is why drinking plain water - not juices or tea, which the body registers as food - is critical. The second largest elimination system is the skin, responsible for 28%. Next are the lungs at 20% which eliminate carbon dioxide, and the bowels are responsible for eliminating the remaining 2% which is solid waste.

Skin brushing moves the lymphatics and removes dead skin. The simplest and most gentle way to pull the toxins out of the skin is to do a Sweat Bath. A Sweat Bath consists of getting in a tub of hot water, as hot as you can stand it for 5 - 10 minutes, enough to heat up your body, get out, dry off, and wrap up - put sweats on, socks and cover your head. Then lie down, get under the covers and allow your body to sweat for 20 - 30 minutes. If you fall asleep, that is great. When you get up, shower all the toxins off your skin.

Protecting your skin from burning is essential. 3rd Rock Sunblock is an excellent sunblock containing zinc oxide, Frankincense, and Rosemary. Healthy Home also makes an excellent non-toxic sunblock.

Repel is an excellent all-natural insect repellant by Healthy Home. A patient of mine, Myke W., recently had this to say: "When I go hiking in the mountains, insects are always an issue. I recently switched to Repel and I love it. It sprays on clean, not sticky. Instead of smelling like chemicals, it has a fresh fragrance. And it works much better than the major national brands of repellents that I've tried."

Peppermint Essential Oil: Releasing Fear of Failure
The emotion of Failure (fear of) is stored in the thymus, and is a core emotional issue for the Thalamus body type. Failure is a core emotional issue for several body types - Adrenal, Brain, Liver, Medulla, Thymus, and Thyroid.

The positive side of Failure is Unfoldment. The lesson, or way out of Failure, is "I accept growth". Once you learn what you need from an experience, it shifts to where you are able to receive the good you deserve.

Dependence is the other core emotional issue for the Thalamus body type. This is the fear of being dependent on someone else. The other side is Freedom which can often show up as a need or fierce desire for freedom. As a child, a common theme is: "I can do it myself." The affirmation or lesson is "I am self-sufficient."

Fear of Restriction is also cleared with Peppermint oil and is inter-related with the emotions of Failure, Dependence and Rigidity. Working with all the emotions associated with an oil allows you to approach the emotions from different aspects and clear the triggering aspects of the dominant emotion. Other body types where Restriction is a core issue are Medulla, Pineal and Pituitary. The other side is Mobility and the way to get there is "I am open to new experiences." Rigidity is accessed in the body via the heavy metal alarm point on the front of the hip bone.


Peppermint (mentha piperita) is one of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs for health, digestion and respiration. The fresh, energizing aroma helps to combat mental and physical fatigue, giving a renewed feeling of vigor and vitality.

Peppermint essential oil is a "must" for traveling. Add 1 drop to your drinking water to improve the taste, or even make tap water drinkable. On airplanes, adding a drop to a cup of water, insures that you are inhaling it - giving you protection against airborne bacteria, fungus and virus. Drinking the peppermint water coats and soothes your throat. It also acts as a digestive aid and breath freshener. If you have had the misfortune of being bitten by an insect, applying peppermint oil will stop the itching and enhance healing.

Suggestions for use include:
  • add a drop of Peppermint essential oil to herbal tea to relieve heartburn and aid digestion
  • massage several drops on injury to relieve inflammation
  • rub several drops on bottom of feet to reduce fever
  • inhale the fragrance to curb the appetite and lessen the impulse to overeat
  • drink a drop of Peppermint essential oil in a glass of cold water to cool off on a hot day
  • place a drop on tongue to freshen breath
  • inhale into nose and sinuses to relieve congestion from a cold

For a demonstration of how to use essential oils to clear emotional patterns, click below to watch my video:

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Are You a Thalamus Body Type?

You might be a Thalamus Body Type if:

  • You are known for collecting and evaluating information
  • You like to be effective, and tend to be a perfectionist
  • You are open minded and willing to change, when new information is presented
  • You are very sensitive to your physical and emotional surroundings
  • You have a strong, inquiring mind and a need to understand how and why things are
  • You retain information well, and like your environment to be well organized
  • You prefer situations to be black-and-white, and procrastinate or deliberate when they are vague or complicated
  • You learn easily, and research is second nature to you
  • Your greatest satisfaction comes from being effective or worthwhile

If this sounds like you, you may be a Thalamus Body Type!

Thalamus Body Type celebrities include Prince Charles, Nicole Kidman, Helen Hunt, and Patrick Swayze.

The Core Emotional Issues common among those with the Thalamus body type are Dependence (fear of), and Failure (fear of). Peppermint is the essential oil used to release both Dependence, which is stored in the thalamus, and Failure, which is stored in the thymus.

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