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March 18, 2022
Issue No. 105



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Is Breakfast Important? This month I look at important factors to consider for this meal.

Ensivision Essential Oil can be used to transmute Overwhelmed into Vision, and Fear of Being Confined into Freedom.

Are you an Eye body type? Take the quick quiz to see if you might be.

As always, I hope and trust that these newsletters help you enjoy a happier, healthier life.

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Is Breakfast Important?

Are You an Eye Body Type?

Envision Essential Oil

Is Breakfast Important?

The Breakfast Conundrum

You have been told it is essential to eat a good breakfast. Your body has been fasting all night and now needs fuel, but what if you are not hungry? You have a busy schedule and don’t have time to fix a big breakfast, let alone sit down and eat it.

Even if you did, the typical breakfast foods, like eggs – raise the question about getting too much cholesterol. Cereal consists of grains, and this brings up gluten sensitivity. Then there is the milk that typically goes on the cereal, and many people are sensitive to dairy. Continental breakfasts – pastries and muffins, which consist primarily of grain and sugar, are guaranteed to add extra inches to the waistline.

The next answer is smoothies. Smoothies consist of fruit juice and a protein powder. The problem with protein powders is a lot of people have difficulty digesting them, especially if they are a soy or milk base.

Does this mean you should just skip breakfast?

Should I Skip Breakfast?

What I have found in testing and working with thousands of patients in over 25 years of clinical practice, is that no one that should totally skip breakfast. However, the most supportive breakfast for one person is often very unsupportive for others. This is certainly a case of “one breakfast does not fit all”. The nutritional needs of each of the 25 body types prescribes very different breakfast recommendations.

The main factors in evaluating your breakfast options are the size of the meal, and what to eat.

Small Breakfast or Large Breakfast?

"Traditional" diet thinking is often based on Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Harvey Diamond's "Fit for Life". This suggests a light breakfast, eaten between 6:00 – 8:00 AM, consisting of a piece of fruit perhaps with cottage cheese, and no dense protein. This is based on the Adrenal body type, which can easily gain, carry and lose large amounts of weight, making them the “star dieters” to promote the success of these programs. Oprah Winfrey is an Adrenal body type and a classic example of this weight struggle. Other body types such as Gonadal also do best with a light breakfast.

However, many of the body types do best with a more substantial breakfast – such as the Nervous System, Lung and Thymus body types. Pituitary body types function best with a large breakfast – it can even be their main meal of the day, as they should consume most of their calories before 2:00 PM.

Some types, like the Eye and Thyroid, have a wide range and can eat a light to heavy breakfast depending on how much they have eaten the day before and the amount of energy required for the activities of the day.

What Should I Eat for Breakfast?

Common breakfast foods frequently are based on grains, introducing GMO’s and gluten that cause digestive issues for many. Dairy is also common at breakfast, which is hard for those with lactose sensitivities, and promotes weight gain among most types. Sweeteners and sugar also frequent breakfast foods.

Aside from those considerations, protein and fruit are two important elements that vary greatly by body type.

Dense protein can be difficult for some types, like the Balanced, Brain, and Pancreas, to digest in the morning. The Brain body type should avoid protein before 11:00 AM. The Balanced body type is most supported with a light-to-moderate breakfast with grain and/or fruit, vegetables, dairy, nuts and/or seeds; emphasizing carbohydrates with moderate fat. The ideal breakfast for the Pancreas is moderate with grain, legumes, nuts, seeds, dairy, eggs, vegetables, and/or fruit.

Lung and Nervous System body types do best with a heavy breakfast including protein. The Pituitary body type in particular should emphasize dense protein at breakfast – treating the first meal more like a traditional dinner – as most of their food for the day should be consumed by 2:00 PM.

While fruit is an excellent breakfast choice for Adrenal and Gonadal body types, it’s problematic for Stomach body types – fruit in the morning puts stress on their digestive system, affects their energy level, and interferes with their ability to lose weight.

Other body types – Medulla and Thymus – should avoid fruit and fruit juice for breakfast. The Medulla body type needs at least a few bites of a vegetable or vegetable juice (tomato, V-8, carrot, or other vegetable) before consuming protein (such as eggs), grain (toast), or fruit.

Eggs are another common breakfast staple. Egg yolks are high in cholesterol, and the Adrenal body type tends to produce a lot of cholesterol, so it is best if they limit them to 2 eggs 2 times per week. Left to their basic indulgences, the Adrenal type would select steak and eggs for breakfast. When they allow themselves to do so, they find themselves eating all day long and putting on large amounts of weight.

The Thymus body type needs protein early in the day and can eat up to 4 eggs per day, 6 days per week, along with bacon, steak or lamb for breakfast. Thymus body type needs protein early in the day and can eat up to 4 eggs per day, 6 days per week, along with bacon, steak or lamb for breakfast.

There are body types where combinations are important – the Kidney body type assimilates eggs best when combined with salsa, ketchup or tomato.

The Medulla body type is unusual – they need veggies, even just a few bites, before eating anything else in the morning.

Discovering the Best Breakfast for You

The reason I wrote, "Different Bodies, Different Diets" is I saw a number of patients who followed a diet, lost weight, and then put back not only what they had lost, but extra to prepare for the next "famine". Too many diets are based on starvation, so when the dieter goes back to a normal lifestyle, they regain the weight. Most people eat the foods their parents ate and what they learned when they were growing up.

With 25 different body types, not everyone in the same family is the same body type, so your dietary requirements can be different than those of your parents. My focus is on the foods, frequency and best time to eat them, to optimize your health and wellness, regardless of whether you want to lose weight, build your body or simply maintain a healthy eating pattern.

So. as you can see, there isn't a universal answer to the question of Breakfast. The most supportive breakfast choices for you are determined by the unique aspects of your body type.

When you determine your body type using my Online Body Type Test for Women or Men, you receive a 60-page ebook for your specific body type. It includes food lists divided into three categories: Ultra Support foods that you can eat 3 to 7 times per week, Basic Support foods that you would naturally eat 1 to 2 times per week, and Stressful foods that are best eaten once a month or less. There are 20 to 50 menu suggestions for each meal, snacks, and a week sample menu, plus a cleanse program. Ideal exercise and best restaurant choices for your body type. The most profound part is the personality profile that identifies your characteristic strengths and motivation, as well as how to identify and deal with your challenges to turn them into your unique strengths.

Don’t know your body type yet?
Determining your body type is easy using my online body type test:

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Are You an Eye Body Type?

Women with Eye body type have dominant eyes; small to average bone structure; narrow shoulders compared to hips; and thin calves. Have difficulty gaining weight. Women have characteristic protrusion on upper outer thighs. Weight gain begins with lower abdomen and upper thighs (women).
Men with Eye body type have dominant eyes; small to average bone structure; narrow shoulders compared to hips; and thin calves. Have difficulty gaining weight. Men have layer of fat in upper body, making torso muscular definition difficult. Weight gain begins with entire waist (men).
Pictures of Women's Body Types Pictures of Men's Body Types

Celebrities with Eye Body Type include Tina Fey, Will Smith, Calista Flockhart, Patrick Stewart, Jessica Tandy, Keira Knightly, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lawrence, Heidi Klum, and Rachel McAdams.

You might be
An Eye Body Type if ...
blue_checkbox.png You have an ability to see what others don't notice
blue_checkbox.png You can see the whole picture as well as the details
blue_checkbox.png You have a dry sense of humor
blue_checkbox.png You have a witty, rebellious side just underneath the surface
blue_checkbox.png You choose your own way of doing things differently
blue_checkbox.png In your baby pictures you are "all eyes"

Don’t know your body type yet?
Determining your body type is easy using my online body type test:

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Discover your body type to learn what to eat and when, how to manage your weight without unhealthy dieting, how to increase your energy and stamina, and how to end food cravings forever. You’ll also learn the best type and time for exercise, and receive a detailed personality profile.

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To learn more about the Eye body type, see past newsletter articles about the Eye body type.

Envision Essential Oil

Envision Essential Oil helps reawaken internal drive and independence. It helps overcome the fear of experiencing new dimensions by opening and elevating the mind. It helps renew faith in the future and stimulates creative and intuitive abilities.

The emotions associated with Envision Essential oil are Overwhelmed and the fear of being Confined. The other side of Confined is Freedom and the way to get to freedom is, “I allow myself to see.” Confined is often a state of mind where we hold ourselves in bondage. Breaking free requires letting go of our self-imposed limitations.

Overwhelmed occurs when there are too many things in front of us and we don’t know what to do first. Vision requires getting above the mess and looking at it from a higher perspective. “I focus my energy” directs you into the action of cleaning up the mess. Overwhelmed is a Core Emotional Issue for the Eye body type.

Envision contains six powerful essential oils that help you amplify emotional fortitude to achieve your goals and dreams: Sage, Geranium, Orange, Rose (creates magnetic energy that attracts love and brings joy to the heart), Lavender, and Spruce.

Application points: 1 to 2 drops on forehead, edge of ears, wrists, neck, temples and feet Envision may also be diffused, directly inhaled, or you may add 2-4 drops to bath water.

Put 2 drops on a wet cloth and put in clothes dryer.

Put 4-8 drops on cotton ball and locate on vents.

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