Carolyn Mein, D.C.
The 25 Body Type SystemTM

March 20, 2015
Issue No. 21



Happy Spring Equinox (first day of Spring).

We are saturated with news and research on what is and isn't good for us to eat or drink, and the effects of gluten, GMOs, and many other health-related topics. Have you noticed that some people seem affected by these factors more than others? Or that some people never need to diet? This month I explain why our bodies respond differently to what we eat.

I also review the Clarity Essential Oil blend, and how it can be used to release the emotion of guilt. Guilt is a core emotional issue for the Spleen body type, which I also review in detail.

Want whiter teeth? I have found two all-natural products which can safely be used together to keep your teeth white.

I hope and trust that all topics I present this month will help you enjoy a healthier, happier life.

Health and Happiness,
Dr. Carolyn Mein
In This Issue:

How Important is Diet?

Clarity Essential Oil to Release Guilt

You might be a Spleen Body Type if …

Whiten Your Teeth

How Important is Diet?
For years you have been told to avoid refined sugar, wheat and dairy. Lately there has been a lot of talk about the effect of GMO foods. The sensitive people are able to notice a difference in their health and well-being when they avoid these foods, but the ones who are strong and healthy often are not able to see much of a difference. It is not that the strong ones are not affected, it's just that their bodies are strong enough to compensate for now.

Some of the 25 body types are just naturally sensitive, like Thyroid and Pineal, knowing early on they needed to pay attention to their diets. Others, like the Lymph and Medulla, learn later on how sensitive they are to chemicals and additives. There are still other body types, like Adrenal, Stomach and Liver, who seem to be able to eat anything. It isn't until they have a health challenge and need to rebuild their bodies that diet becomes important.

There is a video by a medical doctor, D. Terry Wahls, who relates her experience with MS and the effect nutrition played in her recovery. Her talk is "Minding Your Mitochondria" and is found on:

Once you have made the decision to eat healthy foods, the next questions are:
  • Which foods are right for me to eat?
  • When do I eat them?
  • How do I combine them?
  • What time of day do I eat them?
  • How do I incorporate eating healthy into my busy lifestyle?
  • How do I prepare them and make them taste good?

There is a wonderful website that will help you with recipes, ideas and food preparation - it's called Amy's Gluten Free Pantry, and can be found here on my website along with other good, clean food sources. It is well suited for the beginner as well as the most advanced cooks and meal planners. When you are preparing meals for people with multiple different body types, you want to be aware of the foods on the "Rarely" list for each type and preferably avoid them. The other item to be aware of is the time of day to avoid fruit.

There are only a few types - Kidney, Medulla, Pancreas, Pineal, Pituitary and occasionally Brain and Skin - that need to avoid protein at certain meals. Vegetables are universally good for all body types, and are essential for the Medulla as the first food of the day. The only exception is the Lymph body type who should avoid or at least minimize vegetables for lunch and have them for breakfast and dinner. The Nutritional Quick Reference Guide was developed to make meal planning for multiple body types easy.

Don’t know your body type yet? Start here:

Clarity to Release Guilt
The emotion of Guilt is stored in the spleen and is a core emotional issue for the Spleen body type. Guilt has notoriously been used to control behavior and is generally associated with reward and punishment. How many times were you told as a child that if you didn't do what you were told, "you would get what you deserved" which usually meant punishment?

The positive side of Guilt is Deserve, which means getting what you deserve. The message/lesson/way out is "I learn from all of life's experiences". Once you learn what you need from an experience, it shifts to where you are able to receive the good you deserve. The other two emotions associated with the oil Clarity are Repression and Emotional Stress.

Clarity promotes a clear mind and amplifies mental alertness, improves mental activity and vitality, and increases energy when overly tired. It also brings the spirit and mind back into focus. It is a blend containing stimulating essential oils including peppermint and rosemary.

For a demonstration of how to use essential oils to clear emotional patterns, click below to watch my video:

To use, mix Clarity with equal parts of vegetable oil. Then diffuse, inhale, or add 2-4 drops to bath water. Apply 1-2 drops on edge of ears, or on wrists, neck, forehead, temples, or foot Vita Flex points (the brain point on the large toe). Combine with Brain Power, Palo Santo, Lemon or Peppermint essential oils to enhance the effects of Clarity essential oil. Some may experience sun or skin sensitivity.

Are You a Spleen Body Type?

You might be a Spleen Body Type if:

  • You have a strong ability to organize and delegate
  • You are noted for your tenacity to stick with something until you get the desired result
  • You are known for providing the sustaining energy to get something done properly
  • You prefer to solve problems in a logical, step-by-step fashion
  • You thrive on helping others
  • You are fulfilled by social interaction, and like being the center of attention
  • Your passion and intensity tend to overwhelm others
  • You feel most secure with details, structure and organization

If this sounds like you, you may be a Spleen Body Type!

Spleen Body Type celebrities include include Jack LaLanne, Drew Carey, Christina Onassis, and Maria Callas.

The Core Emotional Issues common among those with the Spleen body type are Guilt, Abandonment (fear of), and Wrong. Guilt is stored in the spleen. Clarity is the essential oil blend used to release guilt (see above).

Learn more about the Spleen Body Type

Introducing the Body Type Café Dialogues!

Read the Spleen Body Type Dialogue

Whiten Your Teeth

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