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March 14, 2014
Issue No. 9



March brings the beginning of spring, longer days, and a sense of renewal and refreshment.

This month I would like to begin by reminding readers that the price of the online body type test (which includes your body type diet & profile ebook) changes this Monday (March 17) from $9.95 to $19.95. So if you don’t already know your body type, this weekend might be an opportune time to find out – choose the appropriate link:

Body type test for Women
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How do you know what foods are good for you to eat? In this month’s feature article I offer some tips that are easy to follow.

This month I also discuss the White Angelica essential oil blend, which can be used for protection, and to release codependency and addiction.

Finally, I’m offering you a $5.00 coupon towards any products, books or ebooks on the website.

I hope and trust my newsletters help you to enjoy a healthier, happier life.

Health and Happiness,
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In This Issue:

How Do I Know What To Eat?

Essential Oil of the Month: White Angelica

You might be a Hypothalamus Body Type if …

Springtime Refreshment

How Do I Know What To Eat?

How do I know if a food is good for me?

One way to answer this question is to eat a food in question and see how you feel afterwards. This works well if you have a highly reactive system - although it can create discomfort. The downside is that some foods don't produce an immediate response, it can take hours or even days. The stronger your system, the more your body will do to process the food it receives. This is why three people can eat the same meal that contains a food that is a food poison. One will respond immediately by getting rid of the offending food, another will have intestinal pain several hours later, while the third may not have any outward symptoms.

Is there a way to know if a food is good for me before I eat it?

Yes, your body gets the message before your conscious mind. To get the body’s message about a food to your conscious mind, you can learn to listen to your inner sense, your gut feelings, or intuition.

While you are in the process of developing this skill, there is a tool commonly referred to as muscle response testing or muscle testing (kinesiology). There are various muscles that can be used for testing, with or without a partner. When you first get started, it is easier to work with another person, preferably one that is experienced. When testing, pick a muscle or group of muscles that are easy to use. The arm muscles are strong and easy to access, the fingers are readily available and well researched by Dr. Yoshiaki Omura. I have written a booklet with photos demonstrating different methods in Muscle Testing (also available as an ebook which you can read immediately). This is also included as a chapter in my book Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.

How can I use muscle response testing?

The body sway test is a good place to start. Simply stand with your feet flat and knees relaxed, clear your mind, close your eyes and say "Yes" out loud 3 times. Allow your body to move and note the direction - forward, backward, to the side, etc. Repeat the process, but this time, say "No" out loud 3 times and note the direction of movement. This is your baseline indicator. It is wise to establish your baseline before each series of tests.

Now you can ask a question, such as, "Is this food good for me right now?" The most accurate test is to take a bite and hold it in your mouth while you test. For the times when this is not practical, you can hold the food next to your body, like over your solar plexus or chest and ask the question. Focus your mind on the question, rather than the answer you are wanting. If it is too hard to be neutral, do blind testing with another person.

Muscle testing is a tool, use it objectively. Now that you have established your indicators, your direction of movement will give you your answer.

Self testing can also be done using the fingers. This involves opposing muscles and takes a bit of practice, but can also give you a "Maybe" meaning not a definite "Yes" or "No" but somewhere in-between which leads you to more specific questions. There are two versions of this method described in both books, Muscle Testing and Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.

How do I know what foods to eat?

Pay attention to your body - what does your body want? If you know your body type, look at your "Frequently Foods" list and see what sounds good, or go to the market and see what looks good.

The other list to be aware of is the "Rarely Foods", these are only once a month or less and fairly easy to get familiar with. If a food is not on the list, and is basically a healthful food, and not something you know you are sensitive to, then there is a good chance you can eat it. Test the food or food combination to make sure. After you have practiced this technique, you will develop a sense of what works and when.

What do I do when I am hungry and nothing seems to look or sound good?

I have had to go through a series of questions. "Is it something I have in my house?" "Is it in the refrigerator? Freezer? Pantry? Is it a Protein? Fat? Carbohydrate? Combination?” Being able to get a yes or no answer directly from your body is a great tool for learning which foods and food combinations best support you.

Don’t know your body type yet? Start here:

Essential Oil of the Month: White Angelica

Codependency is an emotional issue that many grapple with, and is a core emotional issue of the Hypothalamus Body Type (see below). Codependency and addiction often go hand in hand.

White Angelica is a calming, soothing blend that promotes feelings of protection, security and safety. It is a blend of oils used in ancient times to strengthen the body’s auric field, and its frequency neutralizes negative energy.

Diffuse to use aromatically. For topical use, apply to top of shoulders, along spine, on crown of head, on wrists, behind ears and on back of neck. It’s also excellent in a bath. (Be sure to test for skin sensitivity first.) Or, place 2 drops on a wet cloth and add to the clothes dryer.

White Angelica is also commonly used for protection by sensitive people when working with others – apply to forehead, chest, and the top of both shoulders.

This blend includes bergamot, geranium, myrrh, sandalwood, rosewood, ylang ylang, spruce, hyssop, melissa and rose oils in a base of almond oil.

For more about Abundance Essential Oil, vist the Young Living website.

For more about working with essential oils, see Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils (2014 Edition), also available on in paperback, and available for Amazon Kindle.

The process is also detailed in my video (click below).

Are You a Hypothalamus Body Type?

You might be a Hypothalamus Body Type if:
  • You are drawn to causes – tend to be a crusader
  • You are very tall (6’ 2” or taller for men)
  • You are characterized by extremes
  • You tend to have a pattern of forming or starting something like a project or company, then selling it and starting over
  • You have an intense sense of responsibility for your behavior
  • You feel intuitively aware of the significance of your actions
  • You feel a need for accuracy in all that you do
  • You approach life with a certain caution and carefully consider before taking action

If this sounds like you, you may be a Hypothalamus Body Type!

Heart Body Type celebrities include Christopher Reeve, Meg Ryan, Meredith Baxter-Birney, Anthony Robbins.

Learn more about the Hypothalamus Body Type

Introducing the Body Type Café Dialogues!

Read the Hypothalamus Dialogue

Springtime Refreshment

I have evaluated many different nutritional supplements and have chosen what I consider to be the best ones to offer my patients. This month I am offering a $5.00 coupon good for any products, books or ebooks on my website (excluding the body type test).

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If you would like to use this opportunity to try some of these supplements, here is a mini-guide to a few I recommend:

Nutritional Supplements in the Online Body Type Store
Re-Vita is a “superfood” developed from Spirulina, one of the richest sources of plant protein. It contains all the different mineral amino acids your body needs, a total of over 50 nutrients. It comes in delicious flavors including chocolate, lemon-lime, and butternut. It can be used as a sweetener for coffee, hot cereal or as syrup for pancakes.
Sealogica is a concentrated blend of sea vegetables which contains vital vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It is gluten-free and 100% Vegan. It also provides iodine which protects the thyroid from radiation. Here is a short video I produced about Sealogica.
Tocotriene Ultra is a powdered supplement that tastes great, while providing 100 natural antioxidants including the whole vitamin E complex. It’s a “superfood” rich in nutrients. Add to smoothies, or add a teaspoon with food when eating out to ensure quality nutrition.