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June 19, 2020
Issue No. 84



Dear Readers,

Are you looking for more results from exercise? Whether it's physique, improved health and fitness, or weight loss that you seek, your optimal exercise plan depends heavily on your body type - and this month I present how to Exercise Right for your Body Type.

Idaho Grand Fir Essential Oil (formerly called Idaho Balsam Fir) can support your exercise by supporting your ligaments. It also transmutes Feeling Unsupported into Feeling Secure.

Hypothalamus body types are often very tall (many are basketball players), and are characterized by extremes.

As always, I hope and trust that these newsletters help you enjoy a happier, healthier life.

Health and Happiness,
Dr. Carolyn Mein
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Exercise Right for your Body Type

The Hypothalamus Body Type

Idaho Grand Fir Essential Oil for Transmuting Unsupported to Secure

Exercise Right for your Body Type

Are you satisfied with the results of your exercise regime? Do you feel your exercise is optimal for you? Does your body respond the way you want?

Whether your goal is toning, body building, weight loss, or improved fitness and stamina, you expect a certain result from the time you invest in exercise. It can be frustrating to find that hours spent sweating in the gym or on the track don’t produce the same results for you that others enjoy. So why does your body respond to exercise differently from others?

Much like diet, the optimal exercise plan for you depends on your body type. The type of exercise, frequency, and best time of day to exercise all vary by body type. The physical results that can be realistically expected are also dependent upon which body type you have.


Choose Your Exercise Goals

What are your exercise goals? Exercise can serve a variety of purposes – and having realistic, achievable goals will support a successful exercise plan.

Weight Management – exercise is traditionally associated with weight loss or management, which is generally true for most body types.

Health & Fitness – the health benefits of exercise vary significantly by body type. For Eye and Intestinal types, exercise aids digestion. Exercise activates the immune system – especially for Lymph, Medulla, Nervous System and Thymus types. For Blood body types, it increases vascular integrity.

Physique & Toning – If you’re a Lymph, Adrenal or Stomach body type, you’ll find that your muscular system easily responds to traditional exercise plans to produce a proportioned, athletic physique. Hypothalamus and Thymus types are tall and slender with long, lean muscles that easily tone but don’t bulk up – especially the calves.

Others have a naturally soft musculature that makes muscle definition difficult to attain – including Eye, Heart, Intestinal, Skin and Spleen. Even with toned muscles, some body types have a persistent soft layer that hides torso definition and abs. This is most prevalent with Gallbladder, Pancreas, Pituitary and Skin body types.

Emotional / Social – for most body types, physical activity helps to release stress and clear the mind – especially for Adrenal, Blood, Eye, Intestinal, Kidney, Medulla, Nervous System, Spleen and Thalamus body types. Social or group activities are the best type of exercise for Heart, Skin and Nervous System body types. Heavy exercise or weight lifting is contra indicated for them, and the primary benefit of exercise for them is emotional.

Best Time of Day to Exercise

It may not surprise you that there’s an optimal time of day to exercise; but it may surprise you to learn that it varies by body type. Each body type has a different metabolism pattern, and has enough reserve energy for productive exercise at different times of the day.

Adrenal body types do best exercising after 5:00 PM, as this helps them to release the extra adrenaline built up from the stress of the day. Lymph body types are best exercising first thing in the morning, to get everything moving. Intestinal body types do best exercising between 11 AM – 4 PM when their energy is highest, or they may become exhausted. Pineal types exercise best before 3:00 PM for the same reason.

For Thalamus and Gallbladder types, normal chores and activities throughout the day provide sufficient exercise as well as a sense of accomplishment. Medulla body types are better off exercising later in the day, as morning exercise results in fatigue by mid-afternoon. Pineals are the opposite, as they have more energy for productive exercise before 3:00 PM.

Best Type of Exercise

More pain = more gain, right? Not necessarily. Not all body types are built for heavy, high impact exercise and weight lifting programs. Adrenal, Gonadal, Lymph and Stomach types can handle heavy exercise.

Low impact exercises, such as walking or swimming, are the most beneficial form of exercise for Blood and Intestinal types, which can easily be physically stressed by intense workouts, leading to digestive or other issues.

Vigorous exercises targeting specific areas of the body are especially beneficial to some. Kick boxing can be great for Eye and Lung body types, as they benefit well from vigorous lower-body activities, both physically and through the release of stressful emotions.

Other important considerations vary by body type. Balanced, Gonadal, Pineal and Thymus types have a strong need for sunlight, so outdoors exercise is best for them. Movement is important for Adrenal and Lymph types, so stationary exercise is not optimal. Hypothalamus is best using recreational activities or sports for exercise, because if it’s not fun they won’t make it a priority.

Optimizing Your Exercise Program

Planning the best exercise program starts with your personal goals and your body type. When you set your own standards based upon your body type, success becomes realistic and achievable!

Discover Your Body Type

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Women's Body Type Video womens_bt_video.jpg

Men's Body Type Video

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Are You a Hypothalamus Body Type?

Hypothalamus Body Types are characterized by extremes, completely immersing themselves in a project or endeavor, then transferring their energy to something else


Celebrities with Hypothalamus body type include Christopher Reeve, Meg Ryan, Meredith Baxter-Birney, Tony Robbins, Meg Whitman, Tom Brady, Ben Affleck, Vince Vaughn, Shaquille O'Neal, Prince William, Steve Harvey, Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs, Dennis Rodman, and Samuel L. Jackson



More Pictures of Women's Body Types More Pictures of Men's Body Types

Are you a Hypothalamus body type? You might be, if:
  • You are very tall
  • You are characterized by extremes
  • You are drawn to causes – tend to be a crusader
  • You find yourself constantly going through “phases”
  • You tend to start something, then scrap or sell it and start all over
  • You find shifting gears (particularly from mental to emotional) to be difficult
  • You feel intuitively aware of the significance of your actions

If this describes you, you could be a Hypothalamus body type.

Women's Appearance

Women with the Hypothalamus body type are generally tall or very tall, with medium bone structure and relatively narrow shoulders. They have long arms and legs with a long, defined waist. They generally aren't prone to excees weight, but when they do gain it begins in the lower abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips and waist.

Men's Appearance

Men with the Hypothalamus body type are usually tall to very tall, making their head look proportionately small. Their thick torso is offset by thin thighs and calves. Shoulders are narrow or even with hips. Torso musculature is solid, although a natural paunch over the entire abdomen makes muscular definitiion difficult to attain.

Personality, Relationships & Career

Hypothalamus body types are characterized by extremes - for example, alternating residences between very hot and very cold climates. They are very aware of the impact of their actions and take accuracy very seriously, which causes them to approach life with a certain caution.

Being single-minded, they prefer to continue with a task until it's done or until they reach a saturation point. Shifting gears, such as from mental to emotional, can be difficult for them, so they prefer not to be interrupted. They are also characterized by phases, immersing themselves in something to the point of becoming a crusader, before entirely switching focus. They do this in career, relationships, and most other aspects of their lives.

Gifted with logic, decisiveness, commitment and determination, they often succeed in business when they are able to delegate the intermediate tasks to others.

The primary nature of Heart body types is Mental / Spiritual. (Read more about the Points of Connection.)


Exercise for Hypothalamus types gives the mind a rest to allow centering. It also facilitates physical integration. 20 minutes every other day is ideal, with good choices including walking, dancing, tennis, basketball, biking and low-impact aerobics. Exercise should be fun or recreational, or it won't become a priority.

For more on exercising specifically for your body type, see the August 2017 Newsletter.

Nutrition, Diet & Weight Management

Hypothalamus types do best with a light breakfast, and moderate lunch and dinner. Raw vegetables are best at lunch, and cooked for dinner. Broccoli, zucchini and yellow squash should always be eaten raw. Emphasize cheese, nuts, seeds, and vegetables at lunch. Avoid fruit for lunch and dinner. Rotate foods.

To lose weight, keep meals on a regular schedule, although lunch can be replaced with a snack. Include protein and fruit at breakfast at least twice a week. Limit dairy, fried foods, caffeine, sodas, alcohol, and breads with yeast.

Hypothalamus is one of the body types that can thrive on a vegetarian diet. For more about body type and vegetarianism, see the February 2018 Newsletter.

qrc_fan.jpg Complete nutritional information including food lists for the Hypothalamus body type can be found on the Hypothalamus Quick Reference Card, also available in ebook format.

Core Emotional Issues

Each of the 25 body types encounters certain core emotional issues or lessons to overcome in life. For Heart body type, these are:
  • Betrayal - released with Forgiveness Essential Oil, "I have the courage to accept the truth", transmutes to Trust
  • Fear - released using Sandalwood or Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil, "I face the unknown", transmutes to Awareness / Faith
  • Shame - released using White Angelica Essential Oil, "I learn from all of life's experiences", transmutes to Understanding

To learn more about the Hypothalamus body type, review past newsletter articles about the Hypothalamus body type.

Don’t know your body type yet?
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Idaho Grand Fir Essential Oil
For Transmuting Unsupported into Secure

The emotion of Feeling Unsupported is stored in the ligaments, which connect bones and cartilage. Releasing this emotion is supportive of the ligaments, which helps with exercise and physical movement.

Idaho Grand Fir (formerly called Idaho Balsam Fir) essential oil can be used to release the emotion of Feeling Unsupported, using the affirmation “I take personal responsibility” to transmute Unsupported into Feeling Secure.

The emotion of Inadequate can also be released with Idaho Grand Fir, transmuting into Empowered with the affirmation “I am divinely directed”. It also facilitates transmuting Scattered into Centered with “I am centered”, and Separate into Complete using “I am connected to ____”.

Grand Fir trees are native to the northwestern United States. For centuries, Native Americans have used the woodsy, refreshing aroma to promote well-being and deeper breathing.

Other uses:
  • Soothes tired, fatigued muscles when used in massage
  • Soothes the skin and smooths imperfections when combined with Lavender essential oil and applied topically
  • Increases spirituality when used during meditation
  • Offers an aroma that creates a relaxing and stress-free environment
  • Contains the naturally occurring constituents beta pinene, alpha pinene, camphene, and beta phellandrene
  • Diffuse to enjoy the cleansing aroma, and for a grounding, relaxing, and calming atmosphere
  • Apply or diffuse during yoga or breathwork practices

Demonstration Video
For Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils


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To learn more about the use of Essential Oils to release emotions, refer to Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.

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