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July 14, 2017
Issue No. 49


Dear Readers,

I will be presenting an all-day workshop on "Releasing Emotional Patterns Using Essential Oils" in Loveland, Colorado on Saturday August 19. For tickets or more information, visit the event website.

I recently taped a discussion with John Gray (author, "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"), regarding relationships - and you can watch the video here.

Thymus body types are known for being exceptionally consistent and loyal with high expectations, and tend to end up in leadership positions. This month we look at what drives the Thymus body type.

3 Wise Men Essential Oil can be used to release Inferiority, which is a core emotional issue for the Thymus body type.

As always, I hope and trust that these newsletters help you enjoy a happier, healthier life.

Health and Happiness,
Dr. Carolyn Mein
In This Issue:

Is Body Type Hereditary?

The Thymus Body Type

3 Wise Men Essential Oil for Releasing Inferiority and Despair

Is Body Type Hereditary?

One fascinating aspect of my research with different body types has been family dynamics. We tend to look at genetics (parents and grandparents) to identify where various physical traits come from, looking at things like recessive and dominant genes. Body type actually determines many of these physical characteristics, as well as basic personality differences between family members.

How Early Can Body Type be Determined?

Body type is innate. We are born with it, and it does not change throughout our lives. Knowing the body type of very young children can be extremely helpful especially for feeding them in a way that supports their body type during these years of rapid growth, minimizing digestive and sleeping issues.

I have body typed newborn babies within a day of birth. Body type is determined by your dominant gland, organ or system. Your dominant gland will stand out with certain identifying characteristics, which can be obvious even in very young children. For example the Eye body type which, not surprisingly, has such prominent eyes. The Brain body type’s prominent forehead easily identifies them as well. When physical features aren’t yet developed well enough for identification, testing body response to various foods will determine body type.

As parents well know, personality traits in children show up in infancy. These are also clues to the body type of children. Emotional body types such as Gonadal are easily distinguished from mental body types such as Brain.

Do Families Include Just One or Several Body Types?

When describing a family, I am usually referring to the nucleus family (parent and children), and grandparents (parents’ parents). This is the group that typically has the greatest influence on the children being raised.

Families may include members all sharing the same body type – although when this happens, I find it’s usually either Stomachs or Gonadals. More commonly there will be a handful of body types in the family with some members sharing the same body type. However it’s really not unusual to have families where each individual is a unique body type. So at first glance there doesn’t seem to be a consistent pattern.

However there is an interesting design to body type combinations within families that I have found. It is less about genetics and more about personality and life lessons. We begin working on our life lessons very early in life, and family is usually the primary influence during these years. Parents are learning from children as much as children are learning from parents. The body type born to parents and older siblings fits into the family backdrop in a way that each individual’s life lessons through core emotional issues are supported. (For an explanation of body type core emotional issues see last month’s newsletter.)

For example, one couple that are both Pineal body types gave birth to a Gallbladder child. Gallbladder body types have an opposite polarity compared to Pineal – meaning they are emotional/physical, while Pineals are mental/spiritual. This child would challenge the family to learn to accept and communicate in new and different ways, and they would all grow as a result. (Read more about Points of Connection here.)

Do Couples Often Share the Same Body Type?

There is an adage that we marry someone that reminds us of one of our parents. More specifically, we often are attracted to someone who reminds us of the parent we had the greatest difficulty with.

In fact, we do tend to choose partners with the same or similar body types of our family members, like a Thyroid daughter marrying a Thymus, like her brother and grandparents. The partners we choose are ultimately connected with our life lesson. The life lesson for the Thyroid is “to communicate truth.” Their passion is “to do something worthwhile, make a contribution.” They are motivated by “self-realization.” The life lesson for the Thymus is “to perfect self.” Their passion is “meeting a personal challenge.” They are motivated by “physical pain,” their dominant emotion is the fear of “failure” with the other side being “unfoldment” which comes through “I accept growth” leading to meeting the personal challenge of perfecting self.

The connection between the Thyroid and Thymus is self-realization and the perfecting of self. The Thymus is self-contained, the Thyroid needs to communicate truth, ultimately making a contribution to the world. The Thyroid and Thymus may walk together for certain parts of their journey and separate at times when each needs to follow their own path.

The Eye body type is similar to the Thyroid in that their life lesson is “to make a difference in the world.” Their passion is “to make a difference” and their motivation is “experience,” so it’s not unusual for them to go through difficult experiences. Especially since their core emotional issue is the fear of “seeing” which often manifests as the need for glasses at an early age. The fear of “emotions” will cause them to internalize emotions which can eventually express as cancer. “Struggle” is the way out which leads to “clarity” through “I accept my emotions.”

An Eye could marry a Liver body type whose core emotional issue is “anger.” Anger is a fundamental emotion that arises whenever our path is blocked; in other words, whenever we don’t get what we think we want. The positive polarity or other side of anger is “laughter.” Genuine laughter will transmute anger. Sometimes what we think we want is not always in our best interest, like running out into the street after a ball when a car is coming. The roadblocks we face in life can be our greatest teachers.

The passion for the Liver body type is “teaching” and they are motivated by “support – either received or deprived.” Their life lesson is “to follow the light” which would cause them to be attracted to an Eye – a visionary who sees. An Eye could be attracted to a Liver, as the Liver expresses the unmanifested emotional/physical part of the mental/spiritual Eye. The emotional Liver would force the Eye to connect with their emotions. Once the Eye is able to transmute their emotions into their positive expression, moving from fear to love, the Eye is able to truly “make a difference in the world” by simply expressing their essence.

Is Body Type Hereditary?

So no, Body Type is not genetically hereditary. The body types of children are specific to the family dynamics of life lessons. It’s fascinating to see and understand the purpose of different body types in family units, and to see how body type is related to the growth of each other.

Learning the body types of your children while young also helps to understand why they behave differently, and how to successfully motivate and develop them. Understanding and supporting their challenges, and effectively communicating with them, increases their likelihood of happiness and success in life.

Don’t know your body type yet?
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The Thymus Body Type
thalamus body type

Do you have a strong sense of loyalty and responsibility causing you to be highly protective of your own? Are you steady, consistent, and capable with high expectations of yourself and those you care about? Do you have good leadership qualities, with a natural “take charge” attitude enabling you to meet challenges and direct others to effective action? Do you prefer to be in control to keep your environment stable and constant? Are you physically tall with tall expectations? If this describes you, you could be a Thymus body type.


It is meeting a personal challenge that gives the Thymus the greatest since of fulfillment. While they are extremely capable and able to accomplish whatever they set out to do, it needs to be on their terms. They have a strong sense of knowing what is right and wrong and feel compelled to maintain high standards. They are often idealistic perfectionists and like to be in charge, often controlling through their energy or presence.


Physical pain is the motivation to change for the Thymus body type. Because they are inclined to suppress their emotions, they will often only realize a change is needed because of their physical condition. Unresolved emotional turmoil causes increasing irritability, intensifies areas of negativity, and results in injury to one’s self – anything from inadvertent self- inflicted injury to self-sabotage.

Core Emotional Issues

The core emotional issue for Thymuses is the fear of failure. The other side is not success, but Unfoldment, which translates into “what did I learn from this experience?” The way out is “I accept growth.” The alarm point is the thymus, located just below the medial collar bones, and the essential oil is Peppermint. Other core emotional issues for the Thymus include: anger, abandonment, inferiority, fear of being wrong and losing.

Life Lesson

“To perfect self” is the life lesson for the Thymus. The other side of judgement and control is unconditional love and perfection in this lifetime. This is a tall order, for tall people. Ultimately, the Thymus body type is a completion body type, offering the opportunity to balance the most masculine polarity with the feminine into the manifestation of unconditional love and perfection.

Points of Connection

Dominant senses for the Thymus are mental and physical. With a strong, commanding physical presence and “take charge” attitude, people naturally tend to look to Thymuses for leadership. Naturally endowed with practical, analytical minds, judgement and control come easy for them.


Thymus body type celebrities include Clint Eastwood, Sharon Stone, Jerry Hall, James Cameron, Omarosa Manigault, and George Bush, Sr. Clint Eastwood’s movie Grand Torino is a fantastic example of the successful completion of the Thymus lifetime.

To learn more about the Thymus body type, see the June 2015 Newsletter.

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3 Wise Men Essential Oil for Releasing Inferiority and Despair
peppermint essential oil

Three Wise Men was formulated to open the Subconscious mind through Pineal stimulation to help release deep-seated trauma.

The highly spiritual nature of the oils in this bland allows the opening of the Crown chakra and facilitates releasing of negative emotions. Use this oil blend to create a sense of grounding and uplifting through emotional release and elevated consciousness.

When any of the Companion oils, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Juniper or Spruce, are combined with 3 Wise Men, a sense of Grounding and Upliftment comes through the Release of Memory Recall.

How to use: Apply to the crown of the head, behind the ears, over the eyebrows, on the chest, and at the base of the neck. It is highly effective when diffused, and may be worn as a perfume.

3 Wise Men is a blend containing Sandalwood, Juniper, Frankincense, Spruce, Angelica and Myrrh.

One of the core emotional issues for the Thymus body type is Inferiority. The other side is Conscientious, and the way out is “I express my value.” The oil that holds the vibrational frequency of being conscientious is 3 Wise Men.

Other emotions 3 Wise Men is used to transmute are Despair and fear around Love, whether it is the fear of love, fear to love, inability to love, or not being lovable – essentially any fear around love.

For a demonstration of how to use essential oils to clear emotional patterns, click below to watch my video: video_oils.jpg

For more information on the use of Essential Oils to release emotions, refer to Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.