Carolyn Mein, D.C.
The 25 Body Type SystemTM

July 15, 2016
Issue No. 37


Dear Readers,

Our body types run deeper than just differences in physical appearances. Body type determines our optimal nutrition and exercise. But did you know it also gives insight into our personalities, passion, motivations and life lessons? See below for more.

This month I also look at the Liver body type - the passions and motivations that drive them, as well as their life lessons and core emotional issues - as well as how to navigate them.

Anger is a core emotional issue for the Liver body type, and Purification is the essential oil that can be used to release anger - as described below.

As always, I hope and trust that these newsletters help you enjoy a happier, healthier life.

Health and Happiness,
Dr. Carolyn Mein
In This Issue:

The Liver Body Type

Different Bodies, Different Types

Purification Essential Oil

The Liver Body Type

Are you loyal, consistent and reliable? Are you the one who can always be counted upon to help someone move, repair what is broken, do whatever needs to be done, including be the friend when someone is in need? Is family a high priority for you? Do you own a dog? Do you find yourself putting things together to make them fit into a daily routine or project? Are you basically kind, patient and considerate? If this describes you, you could be a Liver body type.


Livers are motivated by support – either received or deprived. Family and the associated emotional support are important to them. Their loyalty and caring can lead them into co-dependent relationships, especially when alcohol is involved. Growing up with an alcoholic parent without the support they crave, can motivate them to be supportive to others or learn to be supportive of themselves.


Needing to be needed, Liver types enjoy giving of themselves and being there for others. They have a strong need to know how and why things work. Once they learn something, they really know it. It becomes integrated into their being. They also have an intense desire to help others by giving them the guidance they did not receive, which makes them excellent teachers. Liver body types excel at passing knowledge gained by one generation to another. They will combine things so they easily flow and bring different individuals together. What gives Livers the greatest sense of joy and fulfillment is teaching.

Core Emotional Issues and Life Lesson

With a strong emotional nature, Livers laugh easily whenever they feel happy. The other side, anger, comes just as easily. Anger is stored in the liver, and the way to transmute – rather than internalize or express – is with the affirmation, “My direction is clear.” Anger comes when our direction is blocked, when someone or something gets in our way. Anger is an explosion of built up negative energy. An explosion of positive energy is laughter. “My direction is clear” provides the subconscious with a focus point and allows you to listen to the message the road block is presenting and choose the best way out of the situation.

Other core or deeply engrained emotional issues for Liver types are rejection and the fear of failure. Better at nurturing others than taking care of their own needs, Livers can get stuck by shying away from relationships that could offer them the emotional support they were deprived of in early life. This can be by rejecting the other person, or acting in a way that would cause the other person to reject them. To deal with the situation, Livers will often emotionally transfer their need to care for their family to work and become workaholics – which can also be related to the fear of failure. Alcohol abuse is a means of escaping emotional pain.

Life Lesson

The Life Lesson for the Liver body type is to follow the light. Livers often create or find themselves in situations that are less than ideal. Their challenge is to accept support from people around them to understand what life can give. The basic nature of Livers is kind, patient and considerate. They are people-oriented, personable, and function well in most social situations. Their strength lies in letting go of the negative and allowing their true nature to come forth and express – be light.

Dominant Senses

The dominant senses for the Liver type are Emotional and Physical. They are physically strong and sturdy with good stamina and endurance. They enjoy physical activity that involves doing something constructive or accomplishing an objective, as this allows then to put ideas into a physical form that can be seen, felt or experienced. Being emotionally dominant, their emotions are intense, which can lead to substance abuse as a means of escaping the emotional pain. Using essential oils to hold the positive emotional frequencies helps anchor a positive emotional state.

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Different Bodies, Different Types

Why do we have so many differences? Why can’t everyone think the same way? Why can’t we all like the same foods or even have the same values? Wouldn’t life be simpler if we were all the same? Yes, but that would be boring. We would not learn anything new – there would be no need to. It would be like just being by yourself, which is great if you like yourself and don’t have any negative traits that aggravate you when they are reflected back to you by other people. There are however, goals that we all share.

Our ultimate goals are: Personal freedom and empowerment, health, relationships that work, God realization, spiritual oneness, and essentially, mastery in this lifetime. Yes, it's a tall order, and like every journey, it's taken a step at a time. Everywhere you look, there is myriad of information about these basic goals and concepts, but how do you get from where you are to where you ultimately want to be? Understanding your body type is a significant guidepost that helps you along your journey. Like astrology, it is present at birth and stays with you your entire life. Knowing your strengths and areas of weakness provides a roadmap, points you in the right direction and allows you to make sure you are staying on course.

What is Body Typing?

Body typing is another way of reading the body to gain insight into you uniqueness. It explains the differences and the similarities between people. Physically, body typing identifies which foods and the time of day to eat them to best support your body. It simplifies the search for your optimal diet, exercise program and shows you how to identify potential health problems. Psychologically, body typing identifies your characteristic traits, what motivates you to do what you do, and identifies your strengths as well as how to best express them.

What Determines Your Body Type?

Your body type is determined by your dominant gland, organ or system. This is the gland (like thyroid), organ (like heart), or system (like blood) that is the strongest. For the sake of simplicity, they will all be grouped together and referred to as the dominant gland. It is the dominant gland that is responsible for the differences we see between individuals, such as weight gain patterns, physical characteristics, food preferences, the types of foods you crave when your energy is low, and basic personality differences. Basic personality differences include whether your dominant sense is mental or emotional. We all have both senses, but when we are backed into a corner and push comes to shove, some of us rely more heavily on our minds, while others of us rely on our feelings.

What is the Difference Between Men and Women?

The main difference is in their weight gain patterns. Women gain weight in one of three areas: Upper body, lower body, or all over. Men gain weight in their abdomen and around the waist. The two main factors in identifying body type in men is the shape of their torso: Straight, average or tapered, and the appearance of their musculature. Regarding musculature, some men find it easy to attain muscle definition when working out. Others can achieve it in a reasonable length of time, while still others can spend hours daily lifting weights and never look toned.

Diets, including the foods that support the body, best time of day to eat them, percentage and best sources of fats and protein, as well as the psychological profile, are consistent within the body type, regardless of whether you are male or female. This body type information is also true for children and is apparent from birth. Children may or may not be the same type as their parents and rarely do all children in a family have the same body type. As children, we are naturally in tune with what our bodies need; then our natural desires are suppressed to fit society's. Body typing validates what you intuitively know to be right for you and supports it with scientific evidence.

There are 25 distinct body types. While similarities are present between types, each type is unique. The icons next to the types symbolize a dominant characteristic. These icons are color-coded with yellow representing a dominant mental sense and rose a dominant emotional sense. Of the 25 body types, 15 will ultimately rely on their minds when under stress, while the other 10 rely on their emotions or feeling sense. Blue represents the spiritual or intuitive, and red the physical. People with a dominant physical sense are comfortable in the physical world. When they enter a room, they tend to make their presence known, while those with a dominant spiritual sense are more cautious and usually survey a situation before jumping in.

Ultimately our goal is to strengthen and integrate our recessive sides. One of the ways we do this is by attracting people to us that have dominant traits different from ours. This explains why some people seem to be on different wave lengths, as well as why others are extremely easy to be with.

Two Contrasting Body Types: Pancreas and Pineal

The icon for the Pancreas body type is a champagne glass which characterizes the Pancreas' bubbly nature. Being emotional, they like to express their joy and derive great pleasure in bringing joy to others. Social activities, particularly those centered around food, support their physical as well as their emotional nature.

Pancreas types like all kinds of food and have a tendency toward "rut" eating, meaning they will eat the same food 3 or 4 days in a row, then switch to something else.

The icon for the Pineal body type is the sun. Sunlight activates the pineal gland and the sun is the symbol for light and intuition. While we all like to see the sun, for Pineal types, sunlight is absolutely essential as they will become depressed on cloudy and overcast days.

Dominant senses for the Pineal are mental and spiritual or intuitive, which means they have very quick minds and strong intuitions. Pineal types are sensitive to the unseen energies around them, and will characteristically talk at length to collect, focus and clarify their thoughts.

Pancreases are prone to gaining weight easily. Many have suffered from weight problems most of their lives, with at least one overweight parent.

Pineals often have difficulty gaining or maintaining their weight. With sensitive digestive systems, they will often forget or choose not to eat. Characteristically, Pineals have a small head in relation to their body.

Ideal Diet for Pancreas

Dietary Emphasis: Rotation of foods (ideally, 4-day) as it reduces pancreatic stress. Eat recommended foods at specified times including a moderate, early dinner.

Fats: 10-15% to lose weight, 25% for maintenance. Will gain weight if fats fall below 10%. Best sources are olive oil, nuts, seeds, butter, cheese, and dense protein (chicken, turkey, fish).

Protein: Consuming 10% dense protein such as fish or turkey helps maintain energy levels. To lose weight, consume 10-20% protein.

Ideal Diet for Pineal

Dietary Emphasis: Need at least 8 oz. of protein per day, preferably at lunch. Frequent small meals are often better than large. Fats: 20-25 of calories with best sources being olive and canola oils, nuts (roasted cashews, filberts), seeds (sunflower, pumpkin), dense protein (fish, eggs, chicken, turkey) and cheese.

Protein: Require 10-20% of calories from dense protein-particularly fish, eggs, chicken, turkey-which is best assimilated at lunch, but difficult at dinner.

Psychological Essence of The Pancreas

Just as the pancreas, by breaking down carbohydrates or sugars, releases energy, Pancreas body types release energy, bringing joy. They love socializing especially around food, and are usually the life of a party. Food, particularly sugar, produces energy. Likewise, Pancreases, in their exuberance, produce joy. Conscientious and reliable, when their energy is channeled into a particular area, Pancreases can be quite dynamic. They are the ones that continually release the energy that keeps an organization running. With their genuine concern for people and their ability to use laughter to burst out of the most uncomfortable situations, they are known for bringing joy to their environment.

Psychological Essence of The Pineal

Just as the pineal gland is sensitive to light and regulates the sleep cycle, Pineal body types listen to their intuition. The pineal gland is derived from a third eye that begins to develop early in the embryo and later degenerates. Likewise our intuition is present early in life and can be developed or suppressed. Pineals tend to retain their intuition longer and stronger than most types. Generally sensitive on all levels, their challenge is to learn to accurately listen to their intuition and balance it with their mental acuity. Being highly susceptible to a barrage of internal information, talking is a way of collecting or focusing, as well as a means of sorting out what is most appropriate.

Knowing your body type gives you the specific information you need to use food to give your body what it needs for optimal health. It isn't enough just to eat healthy food, you need to know when to eat it. You also need to know how much protein and fat to eat and from which sources. These requirements are different from type to type. Knowing your body type validates what you intuitively know, fills in the gaps, makes menu planning easy and allows you to reconnect with your body, activating and strengthening an important link to awareness.

Your psychological profile gives you valuable insights into understanding yourself, recognizing your strengths, emphasizing them, and building self-esteem. Knowing the body types of your friends and family improves relationships through understanding, compassion and realistic expectations.

Don’t know your body type yet?
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Purification Essential Oil
The essential oil blend known as Purification holds the frequency of Laughter and is the oil used to transmute Anger into Laughter. While everyone has experienced anger, the other body types that share anger as a core issue with the Liver are Nervous System and Thymus. Rejection is another emotional issue that many grapple with, and is a core emotional issue of the Liver body type, as well as Balanced, Intestinal and Lung types.

The fear of being alone, fear of seeing, negative or erroneous thoughts, fear of recognition and violence are additional emotions that can be transmuted with Purification.

Releasing an emotional pattern that limits you requires understanding the issue and how it affects your life. A core emotional issue is a recurring theme in your life that impulses you to grow as a person. These are the emotions that show up as recurrent themes, trip you up more frequently, and require more understanding and attention. The other side – positive quality – is often your greatest strength.

Purification is an essential oil blend of Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Lavandin, and Myrtle.

Purification was formulated for diffusing to purify and cleanse the air, neutralizing mildew, cigarette smoke, and disagreeable odors.

For a demonstration of how to use essential oils to clear emotional patterns, click below to watch my video:

For more information on the use of Essential Oils to release emotions, refer to Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.