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July 17, 2015
Issue No. 25



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This month I address weight gain, why and how it occurs, and some easy solutions to weight gain.

I also describe the Thyroid body type. One of the core emotional issues for Thyroids is Injustice, and I discuss how that emotion can be released by using Sacred Mountain Essential Oil.

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In This Issue:

Weight Problems and Solutions

Sacred Mountain Essential Oil Blend to Release Injustice, Fear of Speaking Out, and Related Emotions

You might be a Thyroid Body Type if …

Weight Problems & Solutions

Body out of Balance
One of the first things that occurs when the body is out of balance is a fluxuation in weight. Sometimes it will be weight loss, but most of the time, for most people, it is weight gain.

Weight gain occurs for different reasons. Sometimes it’s as simple as eating too much for a person’s level of activity. Food is often used as a reward, which can set up a pattern of eating to reward or nurture oneself when under emotional stress. Weight gain can come from stress on the physical body ranging from eating fruit or protein at times when the body doesn’t have the energy to digest it to eating foods that are difficult for the body to process, digest, or eliminate. Because there are so many reasons for weight gain, weight loss is not a simple one size fits all. Here are different solutions for different problems to help you develop a program that is right for you.

The reason I began the research for the 25 Body Type System was because I saw too many patients who had followed a weight loss program, lost weight, went back to eating regular food and put back not only what they had lost, but more to prepare for the next “famine”. This means, simply reducing calories or eating less will not necessarily get you where you need to be. It works when the body is basically healthy and you don’t have a lot of weight to eliminate.

Reward or comfort foods

Foods that are generally used for comfort or as a reward are sweets that contain refined sugar. The biggest problem with refined sugar is its lack of minerals. When refined sugar is ingested, the body has to pull minerals from other areas to process it resulting in a depletion of minerals and empty calories, leading to weight gain. Solutions include choosing healthy supportive foods like fruit or drinking hot tea, finding other ways to nurture or reward yourself like getting out in nature, reading or taking a hot bath. If you are feeling stressed, identify the stress and resolve it. Resolving the emotional stress involves identifying the core emotional issue or issues, realizing the truth about the problem, and releasing the energy that holds it in place. Once the energy is released, a plan of action surfaces. More information on how to do this found in my book, Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils or the video.

Foods that support you

Many people are able to reach and maintain their ideal weight by following their body type diet. Knowing which foods support your body and which ones cause stress empowers you to make healthy choices and work WITH your body rather than fighting against it. Many foods that are healthy foods and great for most people can be stressful for certain body types. A good example is almonds; which are stressful for 2 of the 25 body types, Pineal and Thalamus. Olive oil is stressful if your body type is Blood. Peanut butter is supportive if your body type is Kidney or Spleen, but not if your body type is Balanced, Gonadal or Pineal. If you do not know your body type, you can determine it using my easy online body type test for women or body type test for men.


Gas, bloating, a heavy, full feeling or wanting to take a nap after eating are common symptoms indicating your body is having difficulty digesting what you are eating. The most important element in digesting protein is salt because sodium is essential for the manufacture of hydrochloric acid necessary for protein digestion. While most commercial or prepared foods have salt added to them, the salt that is used is heated, iodized and ground through a nickel screen picking up excess nickel and stressing the body. Better salt choices include sea salt, Himalayan, grey, or specialty salts. My favorite is Pink Salt by Premier Research Labs. Pink Salt is Hawaiian and Mediterranean air dried salt which contains trace minerals along with the naturally occurring sodium. Some people need to supplement with hydrochloric acid HCL. There are a number of very good products on the market and I find it varies from person to person, and will change from time to time, so be aware of what works for you. Designs for Health makes a very good product, Hydrolyzyme which is also excellent for digesting protein powders.

Many people have difficulty digesting fats. Fats contain essential fatty acids essential to life. Good fats include olive oil, coconut oil, fish oils, butter, avocado, nuts and seeds. All too often dieters will go on a low fat diet and end up with a gallbladder attack and gallbladder removal from thick, viscous bile. Bile is essential to digesting fats, if you don’t digest fats, you won’t digest protein or carbohydrates either. When the body can’t digest something, it stores it as fat. My favorite product for digesting fats is Bilemin by Apex.

Enzymes are the other component in digestion and associated with the pancreas primarily. Enzymes are present in raw foods and killed by heat, so cooked foods take enzymes from your body’s stores to digest. A good all around digestive aid is Digestzymes by Designs for Health. It contains HCL, bile salts and enzymes.

Snacks, Smoothies, Drinks & Protein Powders

Our busy lives and schedules often interfere with our ability to sit down and eat 3 healthy meals per day. Blood sugar problems are becoming more prevalent and require eating smaller meals more often, or including snacks. Good snacks include nuts, seeds, fruit (fresh or dried), and vegetables. Ideally, you would soak raw nuts and/or seeds overnight and add pink salt; preparing only what you will eat the following day and possibly the next. If you don’t like “soggy” nuts, you can put them on a cookie sheet with Pink Salt in a low 200 degree oven to dry. Once nuts and seeds are dried, they can be stored for extended periods of time. Another option is to buy unsalted, dry, roasted nuts and seeds and add Pink Salt. You can mix your favorites together and add dried fruit if you desire. Some nuts and seeds can be eaten raw, your Body Type Profile & Diet Booklet can help you here, along with which fruits and vegetables are good choices. The recently introduced Quick Reference Cards also contain the complete food lists for each body type, and are convenient to carry. Many companies have developed protein or food bars. I am happy to say, they have gotten better over the years. Designs for Health makes nutritious bars that taste like candy bars, particularly their Coccomune and Chocolate Mint Fiber Bars. I find a bar and nuts very satisfying as a snack or even a meal replacement.

Smoothies and protein powders are also good choices. The NutriBullet 900 series makes smoothies quick and practical with minimal cleanup. Greens are available in powder form. One of the best I have found is made by World Health Mall and comes in the Original, Berry, and even Chocolate, which is by far the most popular with my patients. Designs for Health makes a Pure Paleo Protein with clean beef from Sweden, as well as a Paleo Cleanse Plus for a detoxification program. CevaLife makes a Ceva Totale which is a nutritional shake mix containing vitamins, minerals, protein from whey, milk, egg and colostrum, fiber, enzymes and probiotics. This can be mixed with water or liquid of your choice and serves as a meal replacement or snack.

Energy Boost

Coffee is a stimulant used for a lot of people to get them going in the morning. The problem with coffee is that it can also rob the body of nutrients. Many body types can still enjoy their coffee if they will add a small amount of ReVita, approximately 1/8 teaspoon, to their coffee. Green tea contains caffeine and is a powerful antioxidant. CevaLife also makes Ceva Boost, which consists of 2 capsules that can be taken at breakfast to boost your energy, mood, and mental clarity, suppress your appetite, help build lean muscle and burn fat.

Curb the Cravings

Chewing gum can satisfy a need to have something in your mouth. Cevalife makes a third product, Ceva Slim which is a gum designed to chew 10 minutes before a meal to curb appetite. It contains Green Coffee Bean Extract and Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract to help burn fat. These products can be used singularly or together for a complete weight loss program.

Key Supports for the System

Your body type Profile & Diet Booklet contains a section entitled “Key Supports for System”. For the Thyroid body type, these include basmati rice and protein. Almonds as they support the heart. Beets and/or beet greens, as they cleanse the liver and stimulate bowel function. For the Eye body type, variety and rotation are essential, which means eating the same food or food combination no more than 2 times per week. Adequate exercise, particularly when done alone, since Eyes need alone time physical activity. The Gallbladder body type is supported by couscous, white basmati rice, pinto beans, arugula, and chicken soup. Watercress is a liver stimulant. To support the immune system, include at least 3 oz. of dense protein.

Additional Support

“Complementary Glandular Support” gives additional guidance by supporting the two complementary glands of each bodytype. The complementary glands for the Gallbladder type are liver and thymus. The liver is supported through emotional support and the thymus through consuming at least 3 oz. of dense protein daily. The complementary glands for the Thyroid body type are the lungs and nervous system. The lungs are best supported through nurturing self and/or others. The nervous system is supported through connecting with various aspects of self.

You may find yourself drawn to support different aspects of yourself at different times, depending on what is going on with you. Your needs change as you change. Pay attention to your body and do what best supports you.

Don’t know your body type yet?
Determining your body type is easy using my online body type test:

Do you have several different body types in your family? Do you entertain friends with different body types? The body type Quick Reference Cards I introduced recently have become popular as a quick way to compare food lists, ideal meal times, and other key dietary information in a colorful, convenient format. They are laminated for durability, using at restaurants or grocery stores, and of course, spill-proof in the kitchen. They are $9.95 each, 2 for $7.50 each, 3 for $6.00 each, and 4 or more only $5.00 each.

Now, I am offering the complete set – all 25 body types – for only $29.95, a savings of $95.

Sacred Mountain Essential Oil Blend to Release Injustice,
Fear of Speaking Out, and Related Emotions

A core emotional issue for the Thyroid body type is Injustice, or not fair. Injustice is stored in the thyroid. The other side of injustice is Resolution, which entails finding a solution or answer, even if it means accepting something as "it is just the way that it is." The way out is "I accept the truth."

Sacred Mountain can also be used to access and release other emotions: Being a Part of Mass Consciousness, Compromising Self, Fear of Hearing, Fear of Speaking Out, and Fear of the Unknown.

Fear of speaking out is stored in the throat, and frequently manifests as the fear of public speaking. The other side is Free Will, and the way out is "Not my will, but Thine". This means letting go of the ego and the need to be right, and replacing it with Divine guidance, trusting you inner knowing.

Being part of mass consciousness relates to the 3rd chakra located at the solar plexus. This is where we connect with the rest of the world, and pick up on others" emotional states. Ideally, we want to raise consciousness, and this is done by transmuting a lower frequency to a higher frequency. In this case, transmuting mass consciousness into Christ Consciousness. How is this done, by being conscious. The affirmation is "I am Conscious."

Compromising self is a form of self-denial that relates to denying the expression of your soul or true essence. The other side is Truth. It is stored in the soul point located on the neck lateral to and between C2 and C3. The affirmation or way out is "I express truth."

Fear of hearing is stored in the inner ear, and relates to hearing the truth. The other side is Acknowledgment and the affirmation is "I have the strength to face reality.

Fear of the unknown relates to the inner journey of self-discovery that shows up in relationships and our outer world. The other side is Knowingness, which is stored in the pineal gland on the back of the head. To get there, "Listen to your heart."

Sacred Mountain instills strength, empowerment, grounding and protection with the sacred feeling of the mountains. It is blend of Spruce, Idaho Balsam Fir, Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang which are noted for their grounding abilities.

Sacred Mountain is useful in clearing the following emotions:
  • Injustice
  • Fear of speaking out
  • Being part of mass consciousness
  • Compromising self
  • Fear of hearing
  • Fear of the unknown

Suggestions for use:
  • May be applied topically for systemic pain
  • Diffuse to kill airborne germs and bacteria
  • May be inhaled directly
  • Add 2 to 4 drops to bath water to increase relaxation
  • Dilute 1:15 with vegetable oil for body massage
  • Put 4 to 8 drops on a cotton ball and put on vents to purify the air
  • Add 2 drops to a wet cloth and put in clothes dryer for a refreshing scent

For a demonstration of how to use essential oils to clear emotional patterns, click below to watch my video:

Are You a Thyroid Body Type?

You might be a Thyroid Body Type if:

  • You are theoretical and practical, and thrive on doing things that are worthwhile
  • You can understand and relate to all types of people
  • You are both intellectual and sensory, with an intense interest in aesthetics, music, theater or art
  • You are gregarious and social, easily fitting in with others
  • Your sense of feeling self-contained leads you to internalize rather than asserting your feelings and attitudes
  • You are extremely responsible and known for going to great lengths to fulfill your obligations, often at your own expense
  • You are able to see both sides of an issue, distill it, and communicate its essence
  • You have a need to share your discoveries

If this sounds like you, you may be a Thyroid Body Type!

Exercising for Thyroids provides muscle tone, endurance, figure control and mind-body connection.

Thyroid body types are best when emphasizing protein and vegetables in their diet, with more cooked than raw vegetables. Fruit, fruit juice or nuts help with digestion after a meal, although Thyroids should limit sweet fruit as it contains too much Thyroid-stimulating simple sugar.

To lose weight: limit fruit to 2 meals a week; avoid breads, refined sugar, and dairy (except butter).

Thyroid Body Type celebrities include Hillary Rodham-Clinton, Richard Chamberlain, Katharine Hepburn, and Leonard Nimoy.

The Core Emotional Issues common among those with the Thyroid body type are Sadness, Injustice, Speaking out, Failure, and Misunderstood.

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