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January 15, 2021
Issue No. 91



Dear Readers,

Start off 2021 with a Wellness Tune-Up. Here are some tips for easy self-help ways to feel better physically and emotionally to embrace the new year.

Frankincense Essential Oil can be used to transmute "F--- You", a core emotional issue for Nervous System body types, into Detachment.

Nervous System body types have excellent stamina and focus, and thrive on connecting people. Take the quick quiz to see if you might be a Nervous System body type.

As always, I hope and trust that these newsletters help you enjoy a happier, healthier life.

Health and Happiness,
Dr. Carolyn Mein
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Start off the New Year with a Wellness Tune-up

Are You a Nervous System Body Type?

Oils Lookup Just Got Easier to Use

Frankincense Essential Oil

Start off the New Year with a Wellness Tune-up

The last several months have been trying for many. Why not start 2021 off with a do-it-yourself wellness tune-up? Taking a little time to regroup now can help you reach your greatest potential for 2021.

Strengthen Your Immune System

The best way to avoid a flu or cold this season, including COVID-19, is to strengthen your immune system. For starters, ensure that you are getting enough Vitamin D3, zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A on a daily basis.

Exercise and movement help to activate the immune system, especially for Lymph, Medulla, Nervous System and Thymus body types. For other body types, exercise aids digestion and provides other benefits. Learn more about exercising right for your body type.

Use Essential Oils

Peppermint Essential Oil supports the immune system. It can be inhaled, applied to the throat under the jaw over the parotid gland, and applied to the back of the neck and forehead; or, put a drop in your drinking water. (Stomach body types – use Spearmint Essential Oil instead).

Thieves Essential Oil is another one that supports the immune system, and can be applied to the bottoms of your feet, or inhaled. Oregano (a hot oil which is best when diluted with another oil such as coconut or olive oil) can be diffused to purify the air. RC Essential Oil assists breathing, and can be applied to the chest or inhaled during a bath or shower.

Raven Essential Oil has a cool eucalyptus scent that assists with respiratory congestion. Ravintsara Essential Oil, often used for meditation, can be diffused for an expectorant. And Purification Essential Oil is an excellent, lemony disinfectant that deodorizes when diffused.

Blend a few drops each of Lemongrass and Purification Essential Oils in a water spray bottle for an excellent room freshener.

Detoxify Your Body

We are continuously exposed to toxins, which build up in the body. Toxin buildup can stress our organs’ normal operation and can impair the immune system.

An easy but effective detoxification is the sweat bath. Get in a hot bath (as hot as you can stand it) for 5-10 minutes, then wrap up in sweats, socks and a head covering, and get in bed under the covers for at least 20-30 minutes. It’s okay if you fall asleep for longer. When you get up, rinse off the toxins that have been released through the skin.

Another way to detox with a bath is to add 1 ounce of Miracle II Soap and 1 ounce of Miracle II Neutralizer. Bathe for 10 minutes up to twice a week, to pull toxins out of your system.

An easy passive way to detox is with Kinotox Foot Pads. Wear them to bed, and they work while you sleep.

Rubbing sea salt on your chest and solar plexus in the shower will also help to detoxify.

Also ensure that you are drinking enough good quality water daily. Add a drop of Peppermint Essential oil, or lemon juice, to your drinking water.

Supportive Nutrition

Proper nutrition is key to supporting all your body’s systems and organs. Nourishing your body contributes to maintaining energy, stamina and focus. What to eat, when to eat it, and in what combinations, are all pieces of the nutrition puzzle. These factors are very different for each body type.

The 25 Body Type System is not a diet, it’s a total support plan for your body. The Profile Booklet for each body type provides detailed food lists, meal plans and other nutritional guidelines.

Clearing Emotional Patterns

Emotions can prevent us from fully enjoying and expanding our lives. Emotional patterns can become ruts that keep us from moving forward. Once you have identified the emotions that seem to derail you, they can be transmuted using essential oils.

My self-help technique for this uses essential oils applied to acupressure body alarm points to access the emotion stored in organs and transmute it to its higher vibrational aspect. For example, Anger transmutes into Laughter, and Frustration transmutes into Accomplishment.

This technique is detailed in Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils. Oils Lookup can be used from your smartphone, tablet or computer to easily and quickly lookup the clearing procedure for all the emotions contained in the book.

Are You a Nervous System Body Type?



Women with Nervous System body type have an "hourglass" shape and can range from petite to very tall with elongated musculature. They have a strong, integrated body with high energy and excellent stamina. They have a high forehead and frequently have a square or firm jaw. Weight gain areas are lower abdomen, upper thighs and hips, and middle back and waist.
Men with Nervous System body type can range from average to very tall, with medium bone structure. They have a long-limbed appearance (especially the arms). They may have either an average, proportionate torso, or a long, slender torso. Muscular definition in the torso can be attained with exercise.
Pictures of Women's Body Types Pictures of Men's Body Types

Celebrities with Nervous System Body Type include Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Phelps, Jim Carrey, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sandra Bullock, Don Knotts, Michael Jordan, Snoop Dogg, and Van Jones.

Are You A Nervous System Body Type?
blue_checkbox.png I am well-integrated with both a strong physical presence and a mental focus
blue_checkbox.png I have a direct, intense, take-charge manner that may be somewhat forceful
blue_checkbox.png I thrive on a lot of activity, getting things moving, and connecting people
blue_checkbox.png I am usually gregarious and outgoing
blue_checkbox.png I may appear to have a hard exterior, but actually enjoy providing emotional support and encouragement to others
blue_checkbox.png I am well organized, logical and persistent
blue_checkbox.png I can be forceful and emotional when expressing my viewpoints
blue_checkbox.png I tend to be perfectionistic and overdo things
blue_checkbox.png I thrive on movement, activity, and constantly being on-the-go
blue_checkbox.png I am strong willed and determined – sometimes perceived as abrasive
blue_checkbox.png I have an abundance of nervous energy that I direct to a myriad of activities
blue_checkbox.png Meeting and listening to others is an adventure for me
blue_checkbox.png I am curious about what others know and how they do things
blue_checkbox.png I am happiest when passing information from one person to another, or connecting people based on their needs, desires and interests
If you checked at least 10 boxes, you might be a Nervous System body type

Don’t know your body type yet?
Determining your body type is easy using my online body type test:



Discover your body type to learn what to eat and when, how to manage your weight without unhealthy dieting, how to increase your energy and stamina, and how to end food cravings forever. You’ll also learn the best type and time for exercise, and receive a detailed personality profile.

Women's Body Type Video womens_bt_video.jpg Men's Body Type Video

To learn more about the Nervous System body type, review past newsletter articles about the Nervous System body type.

Oils Lookup - Now Even Easier to Use

Oils Lookup has just become much easier to use.

Based on user feedback, I’ve replaced the search feature with drop-downs. You can now choose an oil, an emotion, or a body alarm point from a list. All oils and emotions from the 2020 Edition of Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils are included in Oils Lookup.

If you know the emotion you wish to clear, choose it. Otherwise, choose an oil you’re drawn to and discover which emotions it clears. Or, if you are experiencing trouble with an organ or system in your body, choose that to see which emotions are stored there. You can also lookup how to clear all the Core Emotional Issues for your body type.

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Frankincense Essential Oil

The job of the ego is to protect and it will protect in one of two ways - either by rolling over and being a victim or standing and fighting - giving rise to the feeling of F-you. Obviously neither one is a good option.

The other side of F-you is Detachment - the way to achieve detachment is with the affirmation - I stand in my power. The emotion is stored in the body in the ego point located one inch below the xyphoid at the bottom of the sternum. The essential oil Frankincense holds the positive frequency and allows you to transmute the negative emotion. F-you is one of the core issues for the Nervous System body type as well as Balanced and Eye body types. The emotions associated with Frankincense are F-you and a feeling of being worthless which is stored in the gums.

Frankincense Essential Oil increases spiritual awareness, promotes meditation, improves attitude, uplifts spirit and centering. Frankincense contains sesquiterpenes which stimulate the limbic system of the brain (the center of memory and emotions) and the hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands. The hypothalamus is the master gland which supports the thyroid and produces many vital hormones.

Other uses for Frankincense include:
  • Inhale, diffuse, or apply topically on the body to deepen breathing and induce calmness
  • Drop onto the skin to minimize or soothe scarring and stretch marks
  • Apply 1-2 drops directly onto a bug bite to help reduce itching and swelling
  • Apply 1-2 drops of frankincense to the face and neck daily to help repair sun damage and renew healthy-looking skin
  • Apply on face to minimize oil production and breakouts
  • Rub on gum, glue, or tough adhesives to remove from skin and household surfaces
  • Rub on the feet or the back of the neck to soothe overactive children
  • Drop onto minor scrapes and bruises to reduce redness and discomfort

oils_book_cover.jpg Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

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