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January 13, 2017
Issue No. 43


Dear Readers,

I will be presenting a full-day, hands-on workshop on January 28, 2017 in San Clemente. The workshop includes demonstrations on Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils. More info and tickets are available here.

Men, do you have fitness and physique resolutions for the New Year? Are you trying to improve the results you get from your exercise program? This month we take a look at the most optimal exercises for your body type (for women too).

The Pineal body type is quick-minded and intuitive, but often struggles to get others to understand their great ideas. Read more below about the personality and challenges of being a Pineal.

Sacred Mountain Essential Oil can be used to release "fear of the Unkown." This fear is a core emotional issue for the Pineal body type, although other body types may also experience it. Read below about how to release this limiting fear.

As always, I hope and trust that these newsletters help you enjoy a happier, healthier life.

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Dr. Carolyn Mein
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The Pineal Body Type

MEN: Achieve Your Best Physique!

Sacred Mountain Essential Oil

The Pineal Body Type

Do you find yourself getting depressed when you can’t see the sun? Are you highly visual, sensitive and intuitive? Do you have a quick active mind, quick wit, and excellent verbal skills? Do you have a lot of great ideas that you have difficulty getting other people to understand? Do you find yourself talking to focus or collect your thoughts? Do you have a small head in relation to your body? If this sounds like you, you could be a Pineal body type.


True passion for the Pineal body type occurs through experiencing a sense of Freedom. Freedom to express who they are, to do whatever they feel they want to do without limitation or restriction. Pineals like to work alone so they can focus on the task and let their intuition guide them. Being intuitively connected, Pineals feel they have a direct connection to Source and are able to access information most people are unaware of. They are independent thinkers and expect to direct others, or share their understanding through counseling.


Being highly sensitive and intuitive, Pineals are motivated by their desire for Self-realization. Open-minded, quick and bright, Pineals are usually on the leading edge of new thought and psychology. With their intuitive awareness and clear mental focus, they are able to see how life’s challenges allow them to find their own depth and abilities to understand life more fully. It is through their personal quest to find meaning and understanding that they are able to reach self-realization and experience ultimate freedom.

Core Emotional Issues

The core emotional issue for the Pineal is the fear of the Unknown. It is this fear of the unknown that drives them to learn all they can, particularly in the mental, emotional and spiritual realms. The fear of the unknown will also lead to a need to be in control, since control gives the illusion of being safe. With their strong desire for freedom, the fear of restriction keeps them moving and open to new experiences. This fear can be released using Sacred Mountain Essential Oil.

Life Lesson

The life lesson for the Pineal is “to express wisdom”. It is not enough just to have information or knowledge, wisdom comes from putting knowledge into practice. Self-realization requires implementation of knowledge, particularly in human relations.

Dominant Senses

Dominant senses for the Pineal are mental and spiritual or intuitive. The pineal gland is the receptive point for the intuition, so with the Pineal body type, intuition is the dominant characteristic. The challenge is to learn to accurately listen to their intuition and balance it with their mental acuity.


Celebrities with Pineal body type include Barack Obama, Barbara DeAngelis, Ron Howard, and Louise Hay.

To learn more about the Pineal body type, see the December 2014 Newsletter.

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MEN: Achieve Your Best Physique!

Women aren’t the only ones looking in the mirror – men are increasingly conscious of body image these days. Having well-defined “six-pack” abs, great biceps and pecs, and low body fat are stereotypical ideals suggested by men’s fitness magazines.

Whether your goal is toning, body building, or improved fitness and stamina, you expect a certain result from the time you invest in exercise. It can be frustrating to find that hours spent sweating in the gym or on the track don’t produce the same results for you that others enjoy. So why is it that your body doesn’t respond to exercise like other guys?

The reason is that different body types respond differently to exercise, and to different types of exercise. Even the best time of day to exercise varies by body type. Musculature characteristics also vary by body type, and should be factored into a realistic physique goal. Fortunately, knowing your body type allows you to achieve your most optimal physique.


Are you getting the results you want from your current exercise routines? What kinds of exercise are optimal for you?

Traditional gym exercises and machines repetitively work one muscle group at a time, to tone and build muscle. The more weight and reps, the more you gain, right? Sure – as long as you’re a Medulla, Nervous System, Pituitary, Stomach or Thymus body type. However, these repetitive, high impact exercises are counter-productive for certain body types. Blood and Intestinal body types can become exhausted from heavy exercise, leading to digestive or other issues. Other body types will also achieve different levels of result from conventional gym activities.

Aerobic exercises and full-body activities come in many forms, and target multiple muscle groups. They can provide cardiac and metabolism benefits in addition to muscle toning, with less emphasis on muscle building. Low impact exercises, such as walking or swimming, are the most beneficial form of exercise for Blood and Intestinal types, which can easily be physically stressed by intense workouts. Vigorous exercises targeting specific areas of the body are especially beneficial to some. Kick boxing can be great for Eye and Lung body types, as they benefit well from vigorous lower-body activities, both physically and through the release of stressful emotions.

Activities such as dancing or tennis are great for fluidity and hand/eye coordination, which especially benefit Liver and Medulla body types. Hypothalamus body types also benefit from activities which aid in physical integration.

Exercise should feel good to you, or you’re less likely to be consistent. Know what you enjoy, and what feels good to you. Do you prefer interactive forms of exercise – such as classes, team sports, or group activities? Then you might be a Heart, Nervous System or Skin body type – which need interaction and connections with others in nearly every aspect of their lives in order for it to appeal to them.

Do you prefer exercising outdoors? Adrenal body types benefit from exercise involving geographic movement, such as biking, running or swimming, because it releases pent-up energies in the body, while stationary exercises (such as gym machines) can have the opposite effect. Other body types gain a specific benefit from sunlight while exercising – including Balanced, Gonadal and Thymus. Don’t overlook hiking as a great form of exercise - if you enjoy it then you’re more likely to do it.

Do you get easily bored with an exercise routine? Variety is especially important for certain body types – such as Balanced and Lymph – in order to keep them interested.


It may not surprise you that there’s an optimal time of day to exercise; but it may surprise you to learn that it varies by body type. Each body type has a different metabolism pattern, and has enough reserve energy for productive exercise at different times of the day.

Medulla body types are better off exercising later in the day, as morning exercise results in fatigue by mid-afternoon. Pineals are the opposite, as they have more energy for productive exercise before 3:00 PM. Intestinals are more easily exhausted by morning or evening exercise, so 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM is the best exercise time in order to leave them with energy for the rest of their day.

For some body types, exercise serves other benefits such as the release of stress, clearing the mind, or activating the immune or lymph systems. Lymph body types are best exercising first thing in the morning to get everything moving, while Adrenals benefit more from exercising after 5:00 PM as this releases the stress built up throughout the day. For Thalamus body types, the key benefit to exercise is clearing the mind, so brief activities scattered throughout the day are best for them.


When toning, and especially building, muscle, conventions say that a 24-48 hour rest is important for muscle building and recovery between workouts. Physical trainers typically suggest a 5-day routine with specific muscle groups targeted every other day. While this is true for many or most, there are exceptions.

Sometimes the best frequency for exercise has nothing to do with muscle building. For example, while Adrenal body types do get physical results from exercise, their greatest benefit is that it helps them release stress. So exercising at least 40 minutes daily will help them emotionally as much as physically. And while Eye body types are recommended to exercise every other day, during times of higher stress they will benefit from daily workouts to help release pent up emotion.

For some, steady exercise is essential. Lymphs should exercise at least every other day or they can easily become depressed. Nervous System body types should also exercise every other day, as this activates their immune system.


The success of any workout program is measured by setting realistic goals. Despite best efforts, not all men can achieve that Adonis physique – for more than one reason.

Some body types enjoy a naturally solid musculature that’s easy to maintain. This is most obvious with Adrenal, Brain, Kidney, Liver, Lymph, Stomach and Thymus body types. Most of the other 25 body types can attain at least a moderate musculature with some work.

The typical football linebacker will be an Adrenal or a Stomach body type. Many basketball players are Hypothalamus or Thymus body types, tall and slender with long, lean muscles. Bodybuilders are often Lymph or Adrenal – they have the proportions as well as the musculature. Lymph and Kidney body types are the most likely to be personal trainers or teach an exercise class.

Others have a naturally soft musculature that makes muscle definition difficult – including Eye, Heart, Intestinal, Skin and Spleen. Even with toned muscles, some body types have a persistent soft layer that hides torso definition and abs. This is most prevalent with Gallbladder, Pancreas, Pituitary and Skin body types.

While Adrenal body types have broad shoulders and solid musculature which responds well to exercise, they have a tendency to easily develop a fat layer or even a “beer gut” quite easily. Thymus body types are tall with solid musculature but they are very lean and seldom can “bulk up” with muscle mass – emphasis on muscle toning is more productive for them, and they find it especially difficult to develop muscle mass in their calves.

As described in many examples above, exercise has many benefits beyond muscular definition – including weight management, stress release, social interaction, and even digestion. Knowing your body type allows you to set a realistic goal for your own physique and enjoy the many benefits of exercise without frustration or disappointment. When you set your own standards based upon your body type, success becomes realistic and achievable!


Sacred Mountain Essential Oil

Do you have a fear of the Unknown?

A fear of the unknown is the need to know what is going to happen; a need to have a fully structured plan; you want all the details before you make a decision. While it is good to have a plan, ideally, you want to leave some space for spontaneity - for those unexpected experiences that can add spice to your life.

How do you know if your life success is limited by the fear of the unknown? Do you hold yourself back from experiencing life or from going for your dream because you don't know what the future will bring? Are you the one who always wants to play it safe rather than listening to your heart and doing something new, just because you feel like it?

While experiences are vital to our growth and development, we also have a need to be safe to maintain our life experience. The challenge is to find and maintain balance. One way to maintain the illusion of being safe is to be in control, whether it is control of self, control of others, or control of your environment. The problem with control, is inevitably, life brings us situations that we can't control - giving us the opportunity to learn balance. So, how do we increase our odds of having positive experiences while maintaining our balance?

We all come equipped with an internal guidance system, also known as our inner knowingness. The key is to learn to discern what is true - that still small voice - and what is our thoughts or outside influences. One way to access your inner knowingness is to "Listen to your heart". You can use "Listen to you heart" as an affirmation, apply the essential oil Sacred Mountain to the emotional points on the forehead and the Pineal point on the back or the head, to shift the fear of the unknown to knowingness.

In addition to the fear of the Unknown, Sacred Mountain is also used to release the fear of Speaking Out, Hearing, Injustice, Compromising Self and Being a part of Mass Consciousness.

Being a part of Mass Consciousness is the emotion that is stored in the Solar Plexus or 3rd Chakra. It is through the Solar Plexus that we connect with people and our surroundings. A simple thing you can do to clear your energy field is to take sea salt into your shower – it is like going down to the ocean, except the water is fresh and warm. Get wet and rub some sea salt onto your chest and solar plexus, then rinse it off. This is beneficial whenever you are going through emotional stress or are around anyone else who is, which is generally daily if you are around people.

Sacred Mountain is used on the Solar Plexus to transmute Mass Consciousness into Christ Consciousness. The way to make the transition is by being conscious, so the affirmation is, “I am Conscious”.

(Note from Dr. Mein: Sacred Mountain can also be used to release Injustice and Fear of Reaching Out, as described in my July 2015 Newsletter.)

For a demonstration of how to use essential oils to clear emotional patterns, click below to watch my video:

For more information on the use of Essential Oils to release emotions, refer to Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.