Carolyn Mein, D.C.
The 25 Body Type SystemTM

January 10, 2014
Issue No. 7



I would like to wish all my readers a Happy New Year!

What are your resolutions for 2014? Health (physical & emotional) as well as fitness are the most common goals. So this issue is dedicated to supporting you in your goals for overall well-being.

Whether it be weight loss goals, increased energy and stamina through exercise, or feeling better emotionally overall, this month’s newsletter offers tips to reach those goals more easily and efficiently.

I hope and trust my newsletters help you to enjoy a healthier, happier life.

Health and Happiness,
Dr. Carolyn Mein
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One Diet Does NOT “Fit” All

Essential Oil of the Month: Release

You might be a Gonadal Body Type if …

The Fitness Fun Ball

One Diet Does NOT “Fit” All

Have you ever wondered why the diet that worked so well for your friend doesn’t work for you?

The answer is simple: there are 25 distinct body types with completely unique nutritional needs, responses to exercise, and even personality profiles.

If you’ve been frustrated trying to achieve weight loss goals in the past, and have fitness resolutions this month, perhaps it’s time to take a look at my 25 Body Type System for a fresh new approach.

The classic diet approach of cutting fats and carbohydrates, while emphasizing protein and vegetables, works well for the majority of body types. However, the Gallbladder Body Type will actually GAIN weight when fats are reduced or cut. Most body types including the Thyroid Body Type will feel experience hunger and sugar cravings if not getting enough protein.

The Pancreas Body Type does best by avoiding protein at breakfast, followed by a heavier lunch and early dinner (by 7:00 PM), whereas the Lung Body Type is better with a protein-heavy breakfast, moderate lunch and light dinner.

The best time of day to eat can also make a significant dietary difference. If an Adrenal Body Type eats a larger breakfast, they will have eating cravings all day - they are best with a light breakfast and a full dinner. By contrast, a Pituitary Body Type eating their larger meal before 2:00 PM will find their overall system functioning best - because they can't digest protein as easily later in the day, and it will be stored as fat.

Optimal types and times of exercise also vary by body type. For an Adrenal Body Type, working out later in the day releases stress built up during the day, and assists with weight maintenance; however a Lymph Body Type gains maximum benefit from an early morning workout which “gets everything moving”. The Intestinal Body Type is best exercising between 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM, which assists with digestion and emotional release.

The Intestinal Body Type benefits most from moderate exercise and avoiding heavy lifting, while the Medulla Body Type benefits from extended exercise sessions over 3 hours long, such as hiking or dancing, once or twice a week as this pulls glucose from the muscles to facilitate weight loss.

Are you the one responsible for preparing meals for the household? Rarely is everyone in the same family the same body type. I recently introduced convenient and durable Quick Reference Cards for each body type. These laminated cards provide a portable reminder of all the essentials – food lists, times of day for meals and snacks, and other handy nutritional information specific to your body type. You are born with your body type, and it does not change throughout your life. When determining body types for children, the body type shows up in their personality first as their bodies are still growing and developing.

Don’t know your body type yet? Start here:

Essential Oil of the Month: Release

This month I felt it appropriate to highlight Young Living’s Release blend. As implied by its name, Release combines a number of calming essential oils to stimulate a sense of peace and well-being, which in turn facilitate the release of anger and frustration.

For those already familiar with Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, Release can be used to address several emotions:
  • Fear of Success
  • Holding Back (Universal Flow)
  • Loss of Identity
  • Love Being Conditional – Agenda
  • Rebellion
  • Wrong

With January being a month of resolutions and forward motion in life, releasing these emotions can be supportive by removing barriers that often hold us back.

The emotions addressed by the Release blend are core emotional issues of these body types:
  • Gonadal
  • Lymph
  • Pancreas
  • Spleen
  • Thymus

Release blend includes Ylang Ylang, lavandin, geranium, sandalwood and blue tansy essential oils. It is intended for aromatic or topical use, although some may experience a skin sensitivity. If skin sensitivity should occur, apply olive oil, butter, coconut oil or shea butter to dilute the essential oil.

For more about Release Essential Oil, vist the Young Living website.

Are You a Gonadal Body Type?

You might be a Gonadal Body Type if:
  • Your strong sexual energy attracts others to you
  • You have a predominantly playful nature that helps you relieve stress
  • You are physically expressive, and enjoy creating beauty and pleasure
  • You thrive on contact with others
  • Your emotional sensitivity often drives you to help others
  • Your recurring core emotional challenges include Finding Your Identity, Repression, and Feeling Not Good Enough

If this sounds like you, you may be a Gonadal Body Type!

Gonadal Body Type celebrities include Marilyn Monroe, Al Pacino, Jennifer Lopez, Robert DeNiro.

Learn more about the Gonadal Body Type

Introducing the Body Type Café Dialogues!

Read the Gonadal Dialogue

The Fitness Fun Ball

Core fitness is essential to any workout program. The Fitness Fun Ball is highly effective for reducing and eliminating lower back pain, improving posture, and increasing energy and stamina.

What I love about the Fitness Fun Ball is that it can be used in two ways:
  • Exercise – I have produced a Core Fitness DVD with a complete core workout program using the Fitness Fun Ball. This is a low impact workout suitable for beginners as well as more advanced exercise buffs, designed to access hard-to-reach muscle groups
  • Desk – even when not “working out”, the Fitness Fun Ball can help to tone your core and strengthen your back and posture – by using it as a chair! As you sit and rock on the Fitness Fun Ball, you are properly aligning and exercising your core muscles – pelvic floor, lower back, and abdominals – while comfortably cushioned on a seat of air!

The Fitness Fun Ball is the perfect exercise companion to help with your New Years goals!

Available in multiple colors. Air pump included. Comes in 3 sizes depending upon your height. Purchase with DVD and save $15.00 compared to purchasing items individually!

If your desk is a bit high, you can order the next larger size than indicated for your height below. For example, if you are under 5’3” and sitting at a normal height desk, you can buy a medium ball and slightly under inflate it. You will have a softer seat and a higher chair to bring your desk and chair height into the ideal range, thereby maximizing your comfort and productivity.

Small Fitness Fun Ball (55cm)

(Persons 4’8” to 5’3” tall)
Small Ball with Air Pump Small Ball, Air Pump, and DVD
Medium Fitness Fun Ball (65cm)

(Persons 5'3” to 6'0" tall)
Medium Ball with Air Pump Medium Ball, Air Pump, and DVD
Large Fitness Fun Ball (75cm)

(Persons over 6'0" tall)
Large Ball with Air Pump Large Ball, Air Pump, and DVD