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February 8, 2019
Issue No. 68



Dear Readers,

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, this month we look at Attracting Your Ideal Relationship.

Peace & Calming Essential Oil can be used to transmute Control - as described below.

Pineal body types are known for talking to collect or focus their thoughts. This month we take a closer look at the Pineal body type.

As always, I hope and trust that these newsletters help you enjoy a happier, healthier life.

Health and Happiness,
Dr. Carolyn Mein
In This Issue:

Webinar - Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

Attracting Your Ideal Relationship

The Pineal Body Type

Peace & Calming Essential Oil

Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils
An In-Depth 4-Part Webinar Series

Are you interested in learning more about Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils? Learn directly from the author, Dr. Carolyn Mein, all about how this fascinating system works and why it is uniquely powerful in helping others to heal.

In this 4-Part Webinar Series, we also learn how advances in biofeedback can help you to implement this system in a simplified system to get fast results.

Begins Monday February 11, 2019 @ 7:00 PM PST
Continues for 4 consecutive Mondays

Hosted by Dr. Ariel Policano, Naturopath


Attracting Your Ideal Relationship

One of the most common questions I hear is, "What body type is best for me?" The answer is, "What do you want in a relationship?"

All too often, our relationships are by default. First relationships (generally first marriages) are to someone who is very similar to the parent we had the greatest difficulty with when we were growing up. For those who were able to work through the challenges, the marriage survives; for those who weren't, the marriage ends in divorce. The problem is that when the challenges have not been met and resolved, the next relationship (marriage) is simply the same person with a different face - and generally the same body type.

So, where do you start to change the pattern? First is with yourself and your own personality profile (found in the Body Type Diet and Profile Book or in the Women’s Edition or the Men’s Edition). Once you understand yourself by knowing what is most important to you, what motivates you, and your characteristic traits - the ones that make up the essence of who you are – then read at the "At Worst" characteristics to see if you identify with any of them and if so, are you willing to change? You cannot attract and maintain that which you do not possess yourself. In other words, if you want a loving, understanding, compassionate person in your life, you have to be that person. Vibrationals and Essential Oils are useful tools (see below).

Now that we have the basics out of the way, who do you want in your life? This can change as you go through different stages of your life. Do you want a playmate, someone who is a good provider for your children, someone who supports you in your career, someone with similar beliefs, someone who forces you to grow, or someone who is nurturing? What are your priorities, what is important to you?

Do you want someone whose dominant characteristic is Mental or Emotional? This means when push comes to shove, and you have an important decision to make, what do you rely on, your head - and it's not the same as your intuition, although that can be another factor - or your gut? When differences arise, can you rationally talk about them, or do you need time to cool off and approach it when you are fresh and rested?

The Quadrants chart (below) will show you the 4 dominant traits and the body types that fall into each group. Locate your bodytype and the Quadrant you are in. Do you want someone like you? If so, pick someone who is in the same Quadrant as you; for example, if you are an Eye body type, you are Mental/Spiritual, so select someone who is also Mental/Spiritual. Do you want someone you connect with on one trait? Then select someone who is Mental/Physical or Spiritual/Emotional, like Heart or Intestinal. Or do you want someone who is opposite of you? This would be a Physical/Emotional type. The value of having people in your life who have opposite strengths than you is that it allows you to learn how these traits are expressed and integrate them into yourself.


Once you have an idea of what you want, read the one paragraph "Essence" of the body types. You can start with a narrowed down list, or simply read them all. Pick the ones that interest you and hopefully have some of the characteristics you are looking for. Next read the "Characteristic Traits" and the "At Worst". If you find any body types you know you cannot live with, and they are friends, don't marry them, just keep them as friends.

Your choices should now be narrowed down to a manageable list. You can now look at the photographs to see the physical identifying characteristics, and read the rest of the profile to know where to find them by looking at their interests and "Motivation". Now you can fill in the gaps by getting to know them and exploring your connections.

What about the relationship you are currently in? Reading each other's "Psychological Profile" will go a long way in understanding each other. It also provides a lot of material for discussion and understanding another's point of view. The common belief is that "everyone thinks like I think, and if I explain it well enough, they will understand it." Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Knowing a person's strengths "At Best" allows you to let go of unrealistic expectations and appreciate them for who they are.

Discover Your Body Type:

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Are You a Pineal Body Type?

Do you become depressed without sunlight? Is your head small compared to your body? Are you known for talking to focus or collect your thoughts? Then you may be a Pineal body type.


Celebrities with Pineal body type include Ron Howard, Barbara DeAngelis, Louise Hay, Barack Obama, Don Cheadle, Gisele DeAngelis, and Tyra Banks.

Are you a Pineal body type? You might be, if:
  • You need sunlight or will get depressed
  • You have a quick wit, active mind, and excellent verbal skills
  • You are highly visual, sensitive and intuitive
  • You need a sense of freedom to feel fulfilled
  • You have great ideas that you have difficulty getting other people to understand
  • You talk out loud to focus or collect your thoughts
  • You have a small head in relation to your body

If this describes you, you could be a Pineal body type.


Pineal body types have small-to-medium bone structure, may have difficulty gaining weight, and may be chronically underweight. Pineals characteristically have small heads in relation to their bodies.

Pineal women have an "hourglass" shape with a defined waist. They either have a long waist with small breasts, or a short waist with large breasts. Weight gain is lower body, beginning in the lower abdomen, buttocks and upper thighs.

Men with Pineal body type are able to achieve moderate muscular defintion in the abdomen. Weight gain begins as a thickening of the entire waist (excluding the abdomen).


Just as the pineal gland is sensitive to light and regulates the sleep cycle, Pineal body types listen to their intuition. The pineal gland is derived from a third eye that begins to develop early in the embryo and later degenerates. Similarly, our intuition is present early in life but is too often later suppressed. Pineal types tend to retain their intuition longer and more strongly than most types. Generally sensitive on all levels, they must learn to listen to their intuition accurately and balance it with their mental acuity. Being highly susceptible to a barrage of internal information, they use talking as a way of focusing and as a means of sorting out what is most appropriate.

Personality, Relationships & Career

The primary nature of Pineal body types is Mental / Spiritual. (Read more about the Points of Connection.)


Exercise for Pineal body types is optional, the primary benefit being emotional - it stops mind chatter and helps to overcome depression. Exercise 5 times weekly, best before 3:00 PM. Biking, walking, and callanetics are most beneficial. Swimming, weight training, stairmaster or aerobics are also helpful.

For more on exercising specifically for your body type, see the August 2017 Newsletter.

Nutrition, Diet & Weight

Pineal body types do best with lunch as the largest meal - with an emphasis on protein. Consume majority of protein before 2:00 PM. Seeds and adzuki beans are supportive, almonds are not. Frequent small meals with snacks are best. Rotation is important. At dinner, avoid fruit and minimize protein.

Pineal is one of the body types that can thrive on a vegetarian diet. For more about body type and vegetarianism, see the February 2018 Newsletter.

To lose weight, consume majority of food before 2:00 PM.

Complete nutritional information including food lists for the Pancreas body type can be found on the Pineal Quick Reference Card.

Core Emotional Issues

Each of the 25 body types encounters certain core emotional issues or lessons to overcome in life. For Pineal, these are:
  • Control (fear of losing) - released with Peace & Calming Essential Oil, "I am content and blessed", transmutes to Balance
  • Restriction - released using Legacy or Peppermint Essential Oil, "I am open to new experiences", transmutes to Mobility
  • Unknown (fear of the) - released using Sacred Mountain Essential Oil, "Listen to your heart", transmutes to Knowingness

To learn more about the Pineal body type, review past newsletter articles about the Pineal body type.

Don’t know your body type yet?
Determining your body type is easy using my online body type test:


Women - Click below for Video: womens_bt_video.jpg

Men - Click below for Video: mens_bt_video.jpg

Peace & Calming Essential Oil

I have found Peace & Calming and Peace & Calming II to be interchangeable, so for the sake of simplicity, I will refer to both as Peace & Calming.

Control is an emotion everyone deals with to one degree or another. It can show up as being overly controlling, being overly sensitive to someone else being controlling or needing to be in control, or even being out of control. The reality is Control is a protective mechanism the ego uses to feel safe. We usually think of control issues as someone who controls other people, however there are two additional ways of being controlling. These are by controlling the environment – often expressed as “walking on eggshells” around certain people so nothing triggers them, and by controlling one’s self. Most people control in two of these ways with one being stronger.

The reality is all control is fear based. The other side of control is not being out of control, but Balance. The way to move from Control to Balance, the “Way Out” is with the affirmation, “I am content and blessed.” This allows you to get out of the situation, rise above it, and look at it from a spiritual perspective. The oils hold the positive frequency and the body points – in this case stomach – release the energy that is held in the body in specific areas of resonating frequency. The emotional points on the forehead connect with the emotional body. I like to add the point on the top of the head for the Crown chakra, the Release point on the back of the head where the head and neck join, and the Filter points on either side of the occiput which allow you to process the energy in your energy field rather than take it in.

Control is a core emotional issue for the Pineal body type, as well as the Balanced, Brain, Nervous System and Stomach. Core emotional issues run deep and are generally at the base of a myriad of other emotions.

Peace & Calming is also useful in shifting the fear of being a Victim to being Self-responsible, which is a core issue for both the Stomach and Nervous System body types. Other emotions Peace & Calming is useful in transmuting are: addiction, argumentiveness, depression, indecisiveness, moodiness and scared.

Peace & Calming also promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace, helping to calm tensions and uplift spirits. It is a gentle, fragrant blend of Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy with an aroma that’s comforting and freshens the air.

Suggestions for use include:
  • Rub 2 drops on the bottoms of the feet and on the shoulders before bedtime to help you get good quality sleep
  • Diffuse to calm overactive or hard to manage children
  • Mix with massage oil for a relaxing massage
  • Mix with bath gel in warm water for a relaxing bath
  • Diffuse while sleeping to help stop nocturnal teeth grinding
  • Rub on the stomach for soothing effect when upset or under stress
  • Diffuse to help calm animals: rub on the paws of pets to help them remain calm when traveling

For more about Peace & Calming Essential Oil, see all past newsletters that featured it.

For more information on the use of Essential Oils to release emotions, refer to Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.

oils_book_cover.jpg The 2018 Edition of Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils contains 12 new oils and 18 new emotions.

If you have the 2017 Edition, these additions are available as the 2018 Addendum to bring you current. (Addendums for older editions are still availabile as well.)

Demonstration Video of Technique in
Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils