Carolyn Mein, D.C.
The 25 Body Type SystemTM

December 9, 2016
Issue No. 42


Dear Readers,

We all experience stress - along with the physical and emotional affects it can produce. This month I share what causes stress, why it happens - and how to release it.

This month we also look at the Pancreas body type. Betrayal is the core emotional issue for Pancreas body types, and Sage is the essential oil used to release Betrayal.

With the Holidays arriving this month, I offer some gift ideas that are helpful and healthful, and you may find more gift ideas for those you care about on my website.

As always, I hope and trust that these newsletters help you enjoy a happier, healthier life.

Health and Happiness,
Dr. Carolyn Mein
In This Issue:

The Pancreas Body Type

Stress - What Causes It and How To Release It

Sage Essential Oil

Holiday Gift Ideas

The Pancreas Body Type

Are you generally bubbly and joyful? Do you love socializing, especially around food? Do you tend to be the life of the party? Do you find yourself using humor or laughter to burst out of uncomfortable or stressful situations? Do you use others as a sounding board for your ideas, and speak openly without editing? Do you tend to gain weight easily unless very active? Do you tend towards “rut eating” – eating the same foods several days in a row? If this sounds like you, you could be a Pancreas body type.


The essence of the Pancreas body type is Joy. Their passion is evident, whether it is in bringing joy to others, expressing their personal joy, or simply doing daily activities in a joyful manner. Pancreases tend to be able to maintain a certain joyous childlike quality that gives them a positive nature. With their delightful attitude, Pancreas types energetically transmit joy to those around them.


While Pancreas types are socially oriented and genuinely like people, they often experience problems in their relationships due to limitations in their communication skills. Focusing on accomplishing their agenda, they often come across as being short or abrasive. Because of their inability to edit before they speak and in their haste to get their thoughts and feelings out, they can make a request sound more like an order or demand. Being extremely zealous or emotionally excitable, Pancreases tend to speak about things with such animation and force that they come across as curt, manipulative, abrasive, or controlling. When the other person seems upset or angry, Pancreas types become hurt and insecure. It is this Insecurity that motivates Pancreases to learn new things and move beyond their perceived limitations.

Core Emotional Issues

The core emotional issue for the Pancreas body type is Betrayal. The childlike trusting nature of Pancreases often sets them up for a rude awakening when someone they have put their faith in betrays their confidence. Because of their general innocence and lack of discernment, they may have difficulty evaluating the integrity of others, assuming honesty in another that’s just not there. Not wanting to speak, act or express their own truth for fear of rejection or hurting someone else’s feelings, truth and honesty become major issues. The challenge is to learn to trust their own inner knowing, to be faithful to themselves and to what they know to be true, rather than giving their power away to an outside source.

Life Lesson

The life lesson for the Pancreas is “to face the truth”. It takes courage to accept the truth and learn from life’s experiences. Facing the truth requires letting go of being a victim and taking personal responsibility for one’s own thoughts and actions. It means growing up, stepping out of co-dependent relationships or bad situations to evolve and find their truth, learning to accept themselves for who they are and the unique gifts they bring, rather than measuring themselves against others.

Dominant Senses

Dominant senses for the Pancreas are physical and emotional. Their physical bodies are very resourceful and will hang on to everything, getting the maximum benefit from every morsel. If the body is unable to process something it has taken in, it will store it as fat. Being highly emotional and physically expressive, they like to touch, nurture, and help others. Their emotional nature is infectious and will bring joy to everyone they’re around.


Celebrities with Pancreas body type include Rosie O’Donnell, Roseanne Barr, Dom DeLuise and John Goodman.

To learn more about the Pancreas body type, see the November 2014 Newsletter.

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Read a Typical Pancreas Body Type Conversation ...
... to better understand how Pancreas body types Communicate

Introducing the Body Type Café Dialogues!

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Stress – What Causes It and How to Release It

Stress is the other side of Calm and Relaxed. Stress is connected to the Sympathetic, active, energetic part of the nervous system, the part that mobilizes energy for quick action – the fight/flight response. It’s the Parasympathetic part of the nervous system that is connected with the feeling of being calm and relaxed. The Paratympanic nervous system is responsible for bodily functions like digestion and elimination, as well as the cranial nerves that involve the senses including hearing and seeing. Obviously, both sides of the nervous system and the emotions are essential. The question is how do we maintain balance, or come back into balance once we recognize we are off or stuck.

What causes us to get out of balance?

Getting stuck in the sympathetic, over-drive state. Being stuck can come from feeling like we have too much to do, being emotionally overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, or worrying which is focusing on a possible negative outcome for a situation that has not yet occurred.

There can also be physical stress due to your body being out of balance from things you have control of like the lack of enough good quality sleep, blood sugar fluxuations from skipping meals or eating too much sugar, getting cold with the seasonal temperature changes, or excess electromagnetic stress from cell phones, computers and wifi. Physical stresses you would have less control of are things like air pollution, freeway noise, injuries, and chronic physical conditions you have not found solutions for. We can generally handle a few of these things, but the more we add the more the adrenal glands have to work until finally the body is not able to balance the excess cortisol production and we become hyperactive and irritable. This is what is typically known as stress.

How do we deal with this mess?

The obvious answer is one step at a time, starting with the easiest, most apparent things first. Things that make a big difference include:

Limit the sugar and alcohol. It is a challenge, especially during the holidays, because this is a time when we typically give ourselves permission to indulge in foods we only eat once a year, like those special, traditional holiday treats. It is not necessary to totally abstain, but indulge in moderation, like eat a few bites of different deserts rather than large pieces of everything.

Make sure your other meals are as clean as possible, emphasizing the vegetables and foods that support your particular body type. Beets top the list of liver cleansing foods and can be consumed in a variety of ways. You could do a cleanse day once a week, or even once a month, consisting primarily of fruits and vegetables. Refer to the Sample Cleanse Menu for your particular body type (Profile & Diet booklet for your body type) for the foods that will best support you.

Sea salt in the shower. Using sea salt in your shower is like going to the ocean, except it is quick, warm, and fresh water. Simply get wet and put a little bit of sea salt on your chest and solar plexus and rinse it off. This will do more for clearing your energy field than anything else I have found. It is most profound when you have had an emotional encounter you have not been able to release. When do you use the sea salt in the shower? Whenever you are going though anything emotional or are around anyone else who is going through anything emotional, which is essentially all the time. I keep a plastic cup with sea salt in my shower, and make it a standard part of my daily routine. Whenever I shampoo my hair, I put sea salt on the back of my head.

Essential oils to deal with unresolved emotional issues

Ever wonder why you seem to pick up and take on other people’s unresolved emotional issues? It is because you still have an element of that unresolved emotion in you. We are all aware of the negative side of emotions, and the positive side is some vague thing out there somewhere. How can you ever expect to change a negative emotion if you do not know what you want to change it to, or why you are attracting it? I wrote “Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils” to address this very problem.

For example, we are all aware of how it feels when someone is angry at us, or even being around someone who is angry about something else, and how it feels when we are angry. We learn early on that it is not safe for us to express our anger, so we need to figure out how to deal with our anger. Physical activity like exercise is one way, but it does not resolve the issue, and it is not always practical at the time, especially in the moment of being triggered. Another option is to internalize your anger, but research has shown that internalized anger is directly associated with cancer, so this obviously is not a viable solution. Well, if you are not going to express your anger and you are not going to internalize it, what are you going to do? Since everything on this planet has a negative and a positive polarity, what is the positive polarity of anger?

You have heard many times, “If you want a marriage to survive, you need to learn to laugh.” Anger occurs when an energy path is blocked, like a child not getting what he wants or you being stuck in a traffic jam. Being blocked is not also bad, sometimes it can be a warning that would keep us from driving off a cliff and injuring ourselves. What needs to happen, is we need to get out of the situation and look at it from a higher perspective, like a traffic helicopter to determine the best route to take. This is what occurs in meditation. We are able to look at the situation from a higher or spiritual perspective. Affirmations affirm a positive solution; often what you want to incorporate into your consciousness. In the case of anger, the positive affirmation is, “My direction is clear.” The positive polarity of anger is laughter. Anger is stored in the body in the liver and can be accessed through the acupuncture alarm points on the body, hands or feet. Essential oils access the limbic system of the brain which is the seat of emotion and hold the positive vibrational frequency. Applying the appropriate oil on the acupuncture point and the emotional points, smelling it, feeling both sides of the emotion and saying the affirmation allows you to transmute a negative emotion into its positive polarity. This is a way to deal with unresolved emotional issues that keep resurfacing and intensifying year after year.

Videos are available on how to use essential oils for emotional release and the book.

Essential oils that are great for stress include Peppermint, Lavender and a number of blends including Stress Away, Peace & Calming, Sacred Mountain, Envision and RutaVaLa.

Peppermint is great for supporting and soothing the digestive system, bad breath, inflammation, insect bites, respiratory infections, sore throats and mental clarity. Use peppermint to release the fear of failure or restriction.

Lavender was initially discovered to promote tissue regeneration in the case of burns. It is good for skin conditions, insomnia and nervous tension. Lavender is used for criticism and abandonment.

Stress Away is uniquely relaxing and comforting.

Peace & Calming promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace and emotional well-being, helping to dampen tensions and uplift spirits. It may calm overactive and hard-to-manage children. It reduces depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Stress often arises from trying to control people and situations as a means of keeping everyone safe and getting things done. Life has a way of showing us that there are things we can’t control. The problem with control is that it is fear based. The positive side of control is balance and Peace & Calming holds this frequency.

Sacred Mountain promotes feelings or strength, empowerment, grounding and protection. Use it on your solar plexus to transmute mass consciousness, your throat for the fear of speaking out, or on the back of your neck if you are compromising yourself.

Envision is used when you are feeling overwhelmed and need to focus your energy.

RutaVaLa is a blend of Ruta, Valerian and Lavender. It promotes feelings of relaxation and relieves stress. Use when feeling frightened to shift into a peaceful state.

Sage Essential Oil

The fear of Letting Go is a core emotional issue for the Gallbladder and Pancreas body types. The other side of Letting Go is Happiness. Sage has traditionally been used for cleansing and clearing of both people and spaces. To release the emotion of the fear of letting go, apply sage to the bladder point and emotional points on the forehead. The way to shift into Happiness is to use the affirmation, “Let go and let God” or “Let go and let live”.

Sage has been considered a sacred herb since ancient times, and has been recognized for its benefits in strengthening the vital centers of the body while balancing the pelvic chakra where negative emotions from denial and abuse are stored. It is mentally stimulating and helps combat mental fatigue and despair. Sage has been used for oral infections, skin conditions, and liver problems. It has been found to help menstrual problems/PMS, and to balance deficiencies of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Dilute 1 part Sage to 1 part vegetable oil, apply 2-4 drops on location and on chakras, diffuse, directly inhale.

For a demonstration of how to use essential oils to clear emotional patterns, click below to watch my video:

For more information on the use of Essential Oils to release emotions, refer to Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.

Holiday Gifts
Give the Gift of Body Typing

Knowing your body type provides valuable nutritional information that is specific to you. It also gives a glimpse into personality traits including motivations.

Determing your own body type is now quick and easy thanks to my online body type test.

The 25 Body Type Test makes a thoughtful, invaluable gift. You can now order the body type test for a friend, co-worker, partner, or relative. Your recipient will receive an email including a personalized message from you, and a link to take their test. When finished, they will immediately receive the 60-page ebook for their body type by email.

Just click the appropriate button to the left based upon your recipient's gender to send the gift of body typing.

Chakra Harmony DVD

Dr. Carolyn Mein and toning instructor Alana Bogaarde present this Chakra Harmony DVD which combines toning and the use of essential oils to balance the chakras. Each chakra has a corresponding musical note. When combined with specific essential oils applied to alarm points, and affirmation statements, toning is a powerful and effective way to achieve harmony.

For a quick pickup, test each chakra and treat only the one or ones that are out of balance. The most powerful is the eighth chakra which ties all the chakras and the energies they carry together. Tone three times to correct, running your hand from the top of your head down your sides, back, and front of your body, clearing your field and sealing your aura with your intention. Retest to confirm correction and determine if anything else needs to be enhanced. Enhancing the 8th chakra with Idaho Balsam Fir essential oil will balance your energy for the day, allowing you to approach the world with a clear field and attract your hearts desire.

The DVD references the use of several essential oils, so for a more complete gift these assortments are also available:

Chakra Harmony DVD with carrying case containing 8 essential oils - Joy, SARA, Sacred Mountain, White Angelica, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Release, Idaho Balsam Fir

Chakra Harmony DVD with carrying case containing 12 essential oils - those listed above plus Frankincense, Peace & Calming, Peppermint, and Purification

Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

Emotions are stored at a cellular level in different organs of the body. Essential oils access these emotional patterns on their deepest level -- the limbic portion of your brain. By applying the appropriate essential oil to the appropriate acupuncture alarm point and sniffing the fragrance, you will access your memories and allow the release of the negative feeling.

This practical, step-by-step guide provides a natural remedy for emotional cleansing. You'll discover how to identify your patterns, understand the opposite side of your emotion and discover a powerful "way out." Over 100 emotions, from fear of abandonment to stress and anxiety to anger are listed, along with the organ where the emotion is stored and the essential oil needed to release it.

Body Type Quick Reference Cards

The perfect gift for the nutrition-conscious person on the go!

The Quick Reference Card organizes all the food lists and key information for meals, snacks, exercise, and other body type specific nutritional details onto this colorful 8.5x11 inch, 2-sided, laminated card. Especially useful when planning meals or ordering at restaurants, and a must for households with different body types.

Affix to the refrigerator with a magnet, then grab-and-go when heading out to the market!

Or for even greater convenience, the ebook version of the Quick Reference Card can be on your smartphone when grocery shopping or dining out.